1. medshousing

    Roommate Boston, Mass-Bedroom for rent in great South End loft

    Check the link: www.Medshousing.com Couple looking for roommate to share two-bedroom loft in South End, 1140 Washington St. – ‘Hub Building’ at corner of Washington & E. Berkeley, across from Peter’s Park and Myers & Chang, adjacent to Laconia and Gateway Lofts. 0.9 miles walk to Boston...
  2. T

    Tufts or CU Denver MSTP

    Hi all, I'm having a tough time deciding between these two MSTP programs. Maybe you can help? Maybe this will be a way to clear up my thoughts on the matter. Tufts: Pros-------------- -Near many of my good friends (I currently work at MIT but I am from Seattle) -Excellent walkable city. The...
  3. W

    Tufts vs. Einstein

    Hi all, I’m trying to decide between Tufts and Einstein. I'm currently accepted at Tufts but received a high-priority waitlist at Einstein. I’ve also been accepted at a state school, and WL at BU and Case as well but I have narrowed it down to these schools based on location and preference...
  4. stilltryingtogetintoMD

    SMP Decision Help!

    Hi all, I am applying to both MD and SMPs this cycle and need help deciding between SMPs. I want to stress that if not accepted into an MD program this cycle, I will reapply next cycle before starting a SMP. I have been accepted to: Tufts Biomedical Science Tulane Biochemistry Tulane Anatomy...
  5. medshousing

    Renting Boston-Furnished 2 bed 1 bath apartment near Tufts Medical Center and downtown Boston*march-may* flexible

    Recently renovated, fully furnished penthouse apartment that overlooks Carson Beach in South Boston. Conveniently located 1/2 block from the beach, a short (~20 minute) commute to Tufts Medical Center or downtown Boston, and a short walk to all the great shops and restaurants in South Boston...
  6. K

    Tufts vs Minnesota? (dual degree)

    I'm set on doing an MD/MBA program, and I have been fortunate enough to have two great options in terms of schools. I'm IS for Minnesota but am hoping to be on the east coast. My biggest question is, will it be worth the cost? Tufts +Heart of Boston (my dream city and I'd like to stay around...
  7. medshousing

    Renting Boston- Jamaica Plains sublet New Listing!

    Boston www.MedsHousing.com listing #44744 as listed on www.MedsHousing.com Beautiful Jamaica Plain Apartment! *Flexible lease terms beginning 2/1/2020* -2 Bedrooms -1 Bath -beautiful hardwood floors throughout bedrooms and living room -3rd floor unit of a 3-flat – lots of natural light...
  8. Moogla

    ** Tufts 2020 **

    The interview cycle is coming up soon! Please share if you know anything about the Tufts interview process.
  9. phishvet

    Tufts vs UF (Aquatic Med)

    I am currently planning to pursue aquatic med. UF was always my top choice and when I was waitlisted I did a lot of research into the schools that accepted me and Tufts became the clear choice. I already have long-standing relationships with the New England Aquarium and the Mystic Aquarium and...
  10. S

    Pitt vs Tufts

    Anyone have opinions on these two schools? I loved both schools but Tufts is very close to home. Is there any validity in going to Tufts for a good support network? I don't know anyone in Pittsburgh but recognize that it is a higher ranked school. Thanks!
  11. A

    Tufts MBS vs. Rush Biotechnology MS (can anyone give pros and cons on either)?

    Tufts MBS or Rush MS in Biotechnology? Why?
  12. F

    [Interview] Pitt vs. Tufts

    Hi guys. I put my deposit down for Tufts in December. I recently just interviewed at my state school which is my number 1. However, I just received an invite to Pitt. I realize that, although I love Tufts and the school is gorgeous, it's class size is a turn off for me. Pitt's class size is...
  13. D

    [HPSP] Maryland (OOS) vs. Tufts

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide between Maryland and Tufts. I know most of this thread talks about cost, but I was selected for the HPSP, so the only factor is the cost of living above $2,200 per month. I already put in my deposit for Maryland, but recently interviewed at Tufts. I'm from...
  14. T

    Tufts scholarships

    Hello, Does anyone know about Tufts scholarships? I saw that they give small merit scholarship. On their website they say that financial aid will mostly be loans. Thank you
  15. Eastface

    Tufts Field Service Internship

    Hi there, I am a 4th year veterinary student and was just curious if anyone had been through Tufts Field Service ambulatory internship in Woodstock, CT before? Would also love someone to bounce ideas off in terms of large animal internships. Thanks so much!
  16. Hazel-Smize

    BU AS versus Tufts IS? Which one would you guys choose and why? Need some serious advice!!!

    So I got the offer from Tufts and interviewed at BU and still waiting. Trying to pick one. Here's some of the information about these two programs. 1. Tufts program is 29 months long. Starts in Jan 2019 and you graduate in May 2021. BU program is 24 months long. Starts in late July 2019 and you...
  17. D

    International applicants

    Greetings everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank all of you guys for helping each other. Secondly, As I am an international applicant who have not received any interview invitation yet, I would like to ask is there any international applicant received an interview invitation? Please answer...
  18. P

    About Prereqs- was an international student abroad but attending 4 year university in the US

    Here's a quick summary of my situation: US citizen, attended school for 1 semester in an American university Moved abroad and attended school as a full-time international student in a different country for 3 years Transferred back to America to finish Bachelor's degree and apply to dental...
  19. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  20. J

    Am I doing this Right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  21. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  22. H

    Tufts MBS/MPH vs Drexel MBS

    Hello all, I am in quite a predicament between schools right now because I have to choose last minute between these two schools. A decision has to be made by June 8th. Cumulative GPA: 5.6, Science GPA: Around 3.3(?, maybe lower), MCAT: First try 499, Second try 498, with pretty minimal...
  23. Y

    Tufts c/o 2023

    Anyone else thinking about applying to Tufts c/o 2023?? This is my second time applying, and I really loved the school when I visited this year!
  24. S

    Post-grad asking profs for ELORs

    I graduated in May 2017, and i will be applying to vet schools this cycle. I have a very reserved personality, I keep to myself especially in large classes. My major had around 100 people in it, so our classes for our major had everyone in them. There were 2 classes i can think of that were...
  25. K

    Tufts vs. Case

    Luckily, I was accepted at Tufts University last month. Thinking it would be my only acceptance and wasn't sure what would happen next year if I reapplied, I accepted the offer. I am very excited about moving to Boston and living there for a period of time. I am originally from Cleveland and...
  26. D

    Post Bacc - Tufts or Wash U

    I'm trying to decide between the Tufts Pre-Med Post Bacc and the University College Wash U St.Louis Post Bacc programs. Does anyone have personal experience with either of these programs or advice for choosing between programs in general?
  27. S

    Einstein vs Tufts

    TUFTS Pros: I have taken a bunch of the first year classes here so I am very familiar with the professors and still have all the notes which will make the transition to med school easier, being in downtown Boston is better than being in the Bronx even though I prefer Manhattan to Boston, the...
  28. LoveForAllThingsFurry

    Cummings School of Vet Med Schedule

    Hey guys! I'm going to be applying for vet school this year and Tufts is my dream school! I was just wondering what your course schedule is like (for all years!) and a description of each course, what they allow you to do, etc... Just want to know what I'm getting myself into :) thanks!
  29. R

    cornell vs tufts vet school

    So i have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to Cornell (IS) and Penn and 5 other veterinary schools that i would not consider over Cornell or penn. I have an interview at Tufts next week and would have to take off two days of work to go to the interview. Is it worth it to go to the...
  30. R

    Tufts vs UMass(OOS)

    Blessed to have been accepted to both of these schools and loved both when I interviewed. Most of the threads I've seen choose UMass due to cost (understandably) but I was accepted to UMass as an out-of-state applicant (RI resident) so the price difference is now negligible. I would greatly...
  31. P

    WESTERN U vs Tufts vs Indiana

    Hello! Im trying to decided between westernU and Tufts can anyone help. Im also waitlisted in Indiana University which is a lot cheaper WesternU Pros: No time wasted on WAXING The board exam stats are amazing semi block style curriculum from student panel is seems the curriculum is single...
  32. S

    What are my chances at Brown and Tufts?

    Hi! I have a 512 MCAT 128/126/130/128 and my undergrad GPA is 3.58/3.33 (science) Psychology/Biology double major I did a one year masters of biomedical sciences program and finished with a 3.73 gpa. I have extensive clinical and volunteer experience, specifically with underserved populations...
  33. H

    Renting Newly Remodeled Studio Apartment Near Tufts Veterinary

    Hi! I have a private, freshly renovated studio apartment available for rent near the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton. About a 5 minute drive or a 15 minute bike ride from campus. Message me for details.
  34. Mainiac

    Competitiveness of Maine Track Program

    Born and raised Mainer here. Went to undergrad in PA, but my family is in Maine and I am a Maine resident. I know the intent of the Maine Track program is for it to be a surrogate 'state' medical program for Maine, but is this truly analogous to having in-state status at a state medical school...
  35. A

    Tufts Advanced standing 2017-2018 admission cycle

    Hi! This thread is for Tufts Advanced standing program 2017-2018 admission cycle. Please everyone who is applying or applied for the 2018 cycle should please post their comments, queries and status updates under this thread. Thank you and good luck!
  36. B

    Chance me: where to apply to dental school

    Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle! I am a rising senior at University of Michigan Michigan resident AA DAT: 21 TS DAT: 20 PAT: 23 GPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.59 150+ hours dental shadowing 200+ hours hospital volunteering research in UM dental school dental mission trip was...
  37. W

    Tufts vs. BU

    BU: Pros School seems mission-driven, strong commitment to the underserved BMC is a safety net hospital, has level I trauma center More research funding Cons Hard to reach via public transportation Very expensive Tufts: Pros Student body very happy, good balance of school and other...
  38. Gold_Toof

    School decision help

    I've been fortunate enough to be accepted to several schools and have narrowed it down to Tufts and UCSF (unless I get off UF waitlist). I have a feeling everyone will rush to say UCSF but first let me give some background information. UCSF tuition is approx $90,000 cheaper which is significant...
  39. DrRickJames

    Deciding between BU and Tufts

    Hello all, I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I am deciding between these two schools and am looking for any information that the good people of SDN feel is important to consider when making this decision. I liked both schools when visiting and think I would feel comfortable at...