medical school application

  1. Z

    Does prestige of post-bacc matter?

    Hi everyone! I have been applying to post-bacc programs for grade-enhancement (I did my pre-med prerequisites in my undergrad) and was wondering if prestige of the post-bacc matters at all for future medical school applications. I'm curious because I was accepted into a post-bacc at a really...
  2. S

    Taking Major Course at Community College

    I'm a freshman currently enrolled as a bioengineering major at UCLA. I was wondering if it would matter on a medical school application if I took one of my pre-major courses, Differential Equations, at a community college this summer rather than at my institution. My departmental advisor...
  3. R

    International student with American citizenship: which degree should I pursue

    I'm an American citizen living abroad in Israel. I want to complete a first degree in Israel that still leaves me the option of pursuing med school in America later on. Can I be accepted directly to med school with a first degree from a foreign country or would I still have to do a pre-med...
  4. C

    Pre-Med Education in Trauma Counseling or Disaster Medicine

    Thanks for Reading! A little bit of Background: I'm an EMT, and I want to eventually be an ER Physician. In December 2018 I'll have a BS in Behavioral Health Psychology, and in December 2020 I'll have a BS in Nursing. The way my BSN is structured, I have a significant amount of space left over...
  5. A

    What should I start on as a Sophomore?

    Hi! I am very new here and I know I need to get started on Medical requirements. Here are my stats so far: College: NYU GPA: 3.1 Volunteer Work: 0 Shadowing: 0 Interns: 0 MCAT: Didn't take yet. Race: Egyptian and Japanese (Does it count for affirmative action? I am put as black on my birth...
  6. J

    2017-2018 OU College of Medicine Application Cycle

    Hello everyone! I have been scouring forums from past years, trying to get an understanding of OU's timeline for interview offers and other application dates. I thought I would start a thread where people can discuss their information and personal experience from this application cycle (for...
  7. J

    Pre Med Student wanting advice

    Hello everyone, I am a Junior at a small liberal arts school in SC. While we are a small school, we take pride in our academics and typically people find our courses to be very difficult. I am really excited to apply to medical school. I have already started building a relationship with the...
  8. _NM_

    What happens if you don't get a LOR from supervisor during gap year?

    I'm taking two years off and working at a university before going to medical school. I'm applying this cycle and am torn on whether or not to get a letter or recommendation from my boss. She's always so hot and cold toward me that I'm not sure that I trust her to give me a strong letter (she...
  9. D

    BSc to MD??

    I was just wondering if I did my BSc in Canada or USA , what countries other than the US, Canada or Australia can I go to for medical school to do MD.I am an international student and I think that chances of getting into medical school into the US or Canada are very low, other than its expensive.
  10. J

    Direct Primary Care, a Controversial Topic on Personal Statement?

    Hello, I am a senior currently writing my personal statement for medical school (I will not be applying until next summer), and have read time and time again that you should not include controversial topics in your personal statement. I am curious if wanting to go into Direct Primary Care...
  11. M

    MedicineGoal - Guarantee an Interview or Your Money Back!

    Dear Pre-Medical Students, MedicineGoal is an Ivy League AMCAS application editing and consulting service that can get you into your dream Medical School. Not only do we take pride in our work, our customers can attest to the high level of quality and satisfaction they receive from using our...
  12. S

    Does Coursera/ edX Credit verified courses count toward med app GPA?

    Hi, I alreday graduated from my university but decided to continue taking courses during my summer. I found some credit-verified courses on edX and Coursera and was wondering if those will count toward my GPA when I apply. Any help will be great appreciated. Thank you!
  13. OneWayTrack

    Personal Statement Review?

    Hi all! I am applying for osteopathic school this cycle, is there anyone that would be kind enough to offer some constructive criticism on mine? If you've already gone through the process and got accepted already that would be a huge help as well. :) Thank you!
  14. I

    Feedback on personal statement

    Hi guys can someone please give me some feed back on my personal statement for medical school? Thank you so much in advance!
  15. Pursuingmydream

    Do medical school care where i take human anatomy?

    Hi I have already graduated from University and i've been wondering if medical schools care about prerequisite courses/recommendation courses from community college because i am not able to take the followings: - Microbiology - Human Anatomy and Physiology - Biology of Cancer - Endocrinology -...
  16. mackwell

    Third time applicant needs advice!

    So as the title states I'm a third time applicant and really looking for some input for what will hopefully be my last application cycle. The first time I applied I had to withdraw my application before doing any secondaries because I didn't feel I had an adequate amount of clinical exposure...
  17. M

    For Sale Great Deal on MCAT Notes & Sample Personal Statement!

    Notes: I took all of these notes myself, and they helped me score in the top 7% of scorers! They were crucial in helping me do well enough to obtain a seat at NYU School of Medicine. Four packs of notes, usually sold separately but sold here at a discount! This deal includes Examkrackers Audio...
  18. Jamdalf

    Volunteer Hours Concern

    I am applying for medical schools this summer. I have a reasonable MCAT (514) and strong GPA (4.0), I have research experience, and I was fairly involved on campus in my undergad (various club officer positions and tutoring science). I shadowed quite a lot as well (over 100 hours). My volunteer...
  19. I

    Which schools to apply to??

    Almost ready to submit my AACOMAS application and wondering which schools I should apply to for the best chance: GPA: 3.3 (science 3.0) MCAT: 501 Tons of volunteering, healthcare experience, and good LORs I would prefer to stay in the midwest but in terms of medical school admission, I can't be...
  20. futurephysicianlife

    3.31 cGPA 3.17 sGPA 510MCAT

    BS. in Biomedical Engineering (Concentration: Neuroengineering) cGPA = 3.31 sGPA = 3.17 (this is MD not DO) with DO scaling = 3.33 Graduated in 2013 Employment: (Current - Past): Current: a health devices research company (3 years) possibly going to get journal publication on one study...
  21. N

    Do I even have a chance?

  22. D

    Advertisement Painless Personal Statement ebook

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  23. C

    Getting into Med School after being Suspended in undergrad

    Hi, I am about to be applying to medical school starting in June 2016 and I was wondering if anyone has applied with a major disciplinary record and could shed light. I was suspended after hitting another girl (EDIT: I am also female) who had pushed me into a wall at a party I was only 18 at the...
  24. D

    Free (Giving away) Ebook: Successful Interviewing

    The admissions interview is a vital portion of your medical school application. This book can help. Frequently asked interview questions Tips and secrets to make a positive impression Proven techniques for medical school admission Order Now! Limited time: Get it for FREE
  25. missrv

    When do you usually apply for med school and take mcats?

    I know i have a very long road ahead of me. but i was wondering, if I plan to graduate spring 2018 and hope to enter med school fall 2018, should i take the mcat spring 2017 and do my med school applications summer 2o17? so something like this spring 2017: MCAT summer 2017: amcas application...
  26. F

    Applying to medical school 2016

    Okay so this is the first time I'm using SDN please bare with me. I have multiple questions and my pre-health advisor seems to know less than me, therefore I am using this network to obtain some information. I am applying to Medical Schools in June 2016. I will be taking the MCAT in May 2016...
  27. U

    Chances for getting into Texas Medical Schools

    Hello everyone! I am like many other pre-med students struggling and waiting to hear back from any med school. 3.89 GPA with a 27 on the MCAT (Verbal 6, English is not my first language and I have not lived in the US for long, moved here for college and I am considered IS) 100+Volunteer hours...
  28. WhiteHatMD

    Top 3 burning interview questions?

    Hi folks! My name is Sam. In the distant past, I had previously matched into a competitive surgical subspecialty. Halfway through residency, I decided to change careers. I currently work with the Veterans Affairs in a non-clinical role. I also have a passion for mentorship, especially because I...
  29. robin911

    discrepancy between med school admission and residency admission?

    Yesterday my PI, boss, mentor, an MD-PhD was speaking to a current MS Y4 student who is applying for residencies and me. The MS Y4 stated that she had the exact same application for medical school that she did for residency. For both, she discussed a love for research and passion to become an...
  30. hy201

    Pakistani Medical Schools?

    Hi, I am a 2nd year community college student here in the US. I had to resort to community college due to financial reasons. After this semester however, I plan to transfer to a four-year university. The question I had was if I attend a Pakistani medical school, will residency matching in the...
  31. venecia

    Need some enlightenment

    Here is my story- I apologize for the length in advance. I have an A.A. degree from a Community College. I used this degree to transfer to a 4 year University. The goal, at the time, was to obtain a degree in Special Education with hopes on later pursuing a degree in Behavior Analysis and...
  32. aklvkk

    LGBT Activities on Application

    I've read through threads about mentioning one's sexual identity (LGBTQ+) on an application, and a lot of people seemed against it. More specifically they seemed against casually mentioning their identity in the application. That said, I'm currently heavily invested in a few activities...
  33. L

    Studying Medicine and/or Practicing in Spain

    Hello, I am currently an undergraduate student, my major is in Biotechnology. I study in Puerto Rico, and over here it is a 6 year program. I am interested in studying medicine in Spain (I have also the opportunity to study medicine in the Dominican Republic which is accredited in Spain). I...
  34. N

    Need advice on how to get into medical school with my current situation-Lost please help

    Hi, So I am looking for some advice on what I should do next for trying to get into medical school. I had no real help in my undergraduate with planning ahead and working toward the next step, so my situation is as currently follows. I have just graduated from Salve Regina University in May of...
  35. jpaulmakeyafall

    Rough first semester with Chem, looking for opinions/advice

    Hi, I had a scholarship to play lacrosse for the University of Tampa but decided to attend my local community college for the cheaper route and to focus on academics without the distractions of well.... being in Tampa. This college corresponds all of its curriculums with The University of...
  36. petitechouette

    MD & DO Got a D, retook and got an A: Medical school application chance?

    Hi Everybody, I recently graduated from my college with a double major (Biology and French) and a minor. My final cumulative GPA is 3.58. Throughout my undergrad, I received about 40 A's and 20 B's. I received a D from Gen Chem I (sophomore year's first semester) and I received a C in Calculus...
  37. B

    Recovering from a bad undergrad semester

    Freshman year was tough. I live alone with my mom and she has been sick her entire life. However, my mom got very sick fall semester. The worst I'd ever seen her. I tried to balance going to school full time, working 2 part time jobs to be able to put food on the table, and taking care of my...