1. J

    Canadian Student Going to the US - Scholarships and Loans

    Hello everyone, I will be a Canadian student entering a DO program in the US starting in August. I was trying to find the best loan opportunities out there as well as scholarship opportunities. Which bank would you guys recommend? I had TD and CIBC in mind, but I guess it is up to whoever...
  2. M

    C in General Chemistry this semester, should I do Credit/No Credit? [MD]

    This semester, I got a C in Chemistry... specifically, I attend the university of Miami, here the chemistry department is different, in which instead of having general chemistry 1 and then general chemistry 2, they have eternal chemistry all in 1 semester. It's really tough, and there's no...
  3. A

    Physics Prereq Question

    I graduated from undergrad in May and have been taking time to work before applying to schools. I intend to apply June 2020, but I have some questions about the physics prereq that I didn’t quite finish in undergrad. I used AP credits in undergrad to cover my physics 1 and physics 1 lab...
  4. C

    Pediatrics residency

    I am a senior resident in a Canadian residency program (Canadian trained) in a program with significant overlap with pediatrics and was hoping to get additional training in the states to be dual licensed. Does anyone have any advice or feedback for my situation?
  5. D

    ECE Evaluation - US Equivalent DDS

    Hello, I just received my ECE course-by-course evaluation today. A majority of other doctors who have graduated from the same country (Philippines) and completed ECE had a "U.S. Equivalent Summary: Bachelor's in dental medicine" or even "completed 4/5 years at a dental college". My question is...
  6. vitamorior

    Paramedic college credits

    So I'm an active duty soldier who's currently taking college classes, and will soon be pursuing my paramedic license through the army. However after that licensing I'm going to strive towards a BSN. Does anyone know the "transferology" of an EMT-P into college credits so I can calculate what...
  7. S

    Question about non matriculating student credits.

    Hey guys, Quick question for those of you who attended as non matriculating students, did anyone of you have to retake courses you took in undergrad? Like lets say you completed Chemistry in undergrad, but you plan on taking Orgo I & II, after graduation, did you have to retake the chemistries...
  8. M

    Matched into residency but poor credit

    I attended a US medical school and matched into my first choice residency program. As part on the onboarding process, I imagine the program will do a credit check as well as a criminal background check. Will having some adverse items on my credit report (charge-off, collections) cause the...
  9. nembry

    taken 2 different Physics 1 courses --- can I choose which one counts for AMCAS GPA?

    Last summer, I took Physics 1 algebra-based at UTD and got an A. Unfortunately, I had to retake Physics 1 because I need the Calc-based credit. I am taking it now at UT Austin (calc based) and stand no chance of getting an A. Since either one can count for med school, can I choose the higher...
  10. Melbel505

    Shoud I take credit for research?

    I met with my advisor today to talk about research. He suggested that I email professors about their research and ask if they have spots open in their lab. He also said I could take credit (1-3hrs) this summer for research. I feel more comfortable with the second option, because I switched my...
  11. L

    Loans :-( Fast payback?!

    Hi all, My topic is concerned with loans most of us aspiring doctors are all too familiar with and an important decision I have coming up. Let me start with a (somewhat) brief background: I have a very, shall we say, "different" background. I always wanted to be a doctor, did well in high...
  12. S

    Does Coursera/ edX Credit verified courses count toward med app GPA?

    Hi, I alreday graduated from my university but decided to continue taking courses during my summer. I found some credit-verified courses on edX and Coursera and was wondering if those will count toward my GPA when I apply. Any help will be great appreciated. Thank you!
  13. M

    European Medical School Application Question

    Hello, I'm having some trouble understanding the application process of a school I'm applying to (the Medical University of Warsaw) and I was hoping someone could help me out. The application asks for me to fill out a detailed transcript of my pre-med courses (on top of submitting an official...
  14. Plasticbag80

    Paying security deposit/first and last rent

    Hi guys, So I'm a rising MS1 at a public institution in CA and I'm paying for my education through (mostly) federal student loans and grants. My problem is paying a security deposit and first months rent upfront when signing a lease to an apartment since my loans don't get disbursed until I...
  15. LIC2015

    College courses as a high school student - should I list college attendance as of the first course?

    I took ~20 credits as a high school student between Spring 2007 - Spring 2009 at a community college (instead of AP courses because I was homeschooled) before I matriculated in Fall 2009 as a full-time student. I graduated in Spring 2011 and transferred to a 4-year university. Should I list my...
  16. D

    AP Credit Transfer

    Hello everyone, I have taken AP Biology. Chemistry, and Calculus BC in high school, and I was wondering if dental schools such as UCSF or UCLA allow students to waive classes assuming that we passed the AP test. Thanks!
  17. M

    Organic Chemistry

    Hello everyone, So I know that I have to take two semesters of Ochem. I'm going abroad soon - but when I come back I have to do my capstone and complete some other hard courses. Personally, Organic Chemistry 1 - was really difficult, but I passed it. I have to take another semester of Organic...
  18. K

    Can I raise my GPA over the next few years?

    I am a "freshman" (I already have enough credit to become a sophomore after this semester), and am currently taking 16 credit hours. If I were to end this semester with a 3.25, what are my chances of getting a 3.6 or higher? I plan on taking the same amount of credit hours next semester, and...
  19. N

    Healthcare Organization Fall 2015 Clinical Vaccinology Course

    Vaccine hesitancy is an increasing challenge healthcare providers face on a daily basis. Parents, caregivers and patients often receive conflicting messaging in regards to vaccine safety and effectiveness. Communicating efficiently about the importance of vaccines is a key issue for the public...
  20. Q

    Can a gradplus cosigner have no credit and no income?

    I would be unable to get gradplus loans for med schools as I do have an adverse credit history due to a chapter 7 bankruptcy from a prior poor financial decision. But, I know that my options for getting gradplus include either waiting 5+ years and then reapplying to medical school or getting a...
  21. J

    General Biology Lab

    So I was able to claim credit for General Biology Lab (BIO 206L at UT) through my research program (FRI) and so I never had to take the lab. However, it is a pre-requisite for the optometry application. Am I required to physically take the lab or does the credit count? I did a few experimental...