Mar 21, 2021
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hello, I am a non-trad who ditched premed mid-undergrad and is planning to go back and finish my pre-reqs and ECs.

My family lives abroad (Korea), and I really don't have a home here in the States. Since the classes that I plan to take are asynchronous online, I can take them back in Korea or here.

Given the fact that Covid is in "better" state over in Korea, I have a better chance of getting extra-curricular opportunities there compared to the States (in addition to more networking via family). However, I heard that medical schools don't really like to see people doing their ECs (especially clinical) abroad, but given the limited opportunities due to Covid and the fact that I don't really have a home here, would it be reasonable to do ECs abroad in Korea? Is there even a section in the application where I can list the reasons I did my ECs abroad? Also, do they care about where I do non-clinical ECs (volunteer, research) since they really don't depend on the US healthcare system?

Thank you in advance!
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