1. D

    How competitive am I for SURPs/SURFs/REUs?

    I’m a freshman applying to SURFs this summer and I have no idea where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I have a 4.0 but some mid-high 80s (Canadian, transcript says numerical % and letter grade “A” for all courses). I have one year’s experience as a volunteer research assistant doing dry...
  2. jyy3gx

    Doing Extra-curriculars abroad due to the fact that you live abroad and covid

    Hello, I am a non-trad who ditched premed mid-undergrad and is planning to go back and finish my pre-reqs and ECs. My family lives abroad (Korea), and I really don't have a home here in the States. Since the classes that I plan to take are asynchronous online, I can take them back in Korea or...
  3. P

    GPA vs ECs and MCAT

    I have a BA in physiological psychology and minor in Biology. My gpa is 3.5, but I used the AMCAS spreadsheet calculator and it turns out that my gpa is 3.1 and sgpa is 2.7. Which is very disappointing.
  4. P

    Kinda worried

  5. P

    Canadian WAMC (no ECs)

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some advice/WAMC. I live in BC, and recently graduated with a BSc. cGPA is 3.90 on the OMSAS scale MCAT is 515 (129, 127, 131, 128) My big problem is that I have almost no ECs. The only thing I have is 4 years of babysitting, and some miscellaneous short term...
  6. O

    NO Extracurriculars in Med School?

    So I'm an newly-minted M2...and I realize I have like zero extracurriculars. I'm taking classes, realize that boards are ahead, and am involved in research, but have no participation in leadership activities like student gov, interest groups, etc like my classmates. I did some shadowing but it...
  7. L

    ~1 year to complete ECs?

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a little bit late to the game for pursuing medical school and am curious if my current plan seems feasible or should I take a gap year (which isn't ideal)...? Graduating Dec 2018 with a Neuroscience BS and Chem minor with cGPA of ~3.8 at age 24...
  8. C

    URM Help: Where to shadow in NYC?

    Does anyone (urm/orm) NYS resident know any hospitals,clinics, or physicians in particular that allow pre med students to shadow? I am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Please help!
  9. massivegains(to528)

    4 months left, Help me decide what to do

  10. MedSmithie

    Participating in a charity concert- how many hours to count?

    I've participated in a few charity concerts, and I'm a little confused about how many hours to count as volunteering. Should I only count the hours spent in concert? Should I count some of the hours spent preparing? Maybe concert+ dress rehearsal + any direct organizing work I've done?
  11. F

    Checkbox mentality

    *A long post... You might want to get a glass of Coke and popcorn to enjoy while reading this*:laugh: Hey fellow SDNers! I've recently spent a lot of time contemplating what new ECs I should start and I wanted to discuss it here with all of you! So here's my thing; I want to start something...
  12. Mingos

    Need advice for Sophomore year and beyond

    Got my answer, thank you.
  13. med2018ihope

    EC Reference Info Change

  14. S

    Point out my Weaknesses

    I'm about a year out from applying so I'm taking stock and seeing what I need to improve on or add. I completed two years at a state college (family issues, didn't want to be far away from my mom) but then I transferred to the top university in my state and just finished my first year there. I...
  15. nembry

    Starting and playing in a band -- acceptable EC?

    I started a band with 2 other guys last November, I play drums. It is a serious time commitment as we all practice A LOT, and will be playing public shows. We used to practice 10-20 hours per week. Would this be something that can be counted as an EC for an application? or no?
  16. R

    Summer classes or work/volunteer?

    Hi! I just wanted other opinions on this matter:) I don't know if I should spend the summer taking organic chemistry (which would allow me to graduate a year earlier if I wanted) or physics - OR spend my summer continuing to do research, volunteer in some different things, tutor, and hopefully...
  17. nembry

    PLEASE HELP! Am I shooting myself in the foot majoring in Chemistry?

    Hey there SDN, Due to its rigor and the "GPA killer factor", is it a bad idea to major in Chemistry for pre-med? I am 100% set on my goal of going to Med School and I want nothing else than to be a Doc. I was just accepted to the University of Texas at Ausin to study Psychology and pre-med (I...
  18. D

    Are my ECs good enough?

    Hello, I was hoping I could get some opinions/feedback about my ECs. I plan on applying next cycle and would really appreciate anyones input as to if I'm missing any important ECs I should have on my application. Also, is there like a rough number/requirement for how many hours I should have...
  19. G

    One Terrible Semester + Regarding ECS

    Terrible Semester So after hs, I attended a community college and registered for 4 classes my first semester of college. To keep it short, I failed 3 and earned a B in one class. Why? Well I wasn't motivated because my intentions never were to attend a community college and I wasn't exactly sure...
  20. tessellations

    EC Check In

    Now that I'm midway through summer I figured it would be a good time to check in with my ECs since I'm hoping to apply next year. I'm a rising junior biochemistry major, and I'm thinking of taking the MCAT next May, and will be studying throughout the upcoming school year. Ideally, I'd like to...
  21. R

    Good neuroscience related ECs?

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of ways to get involved with anything neuro-related? -I'm doing pharm/neuro research. -I'm also hoping to volunteer at an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities. -I'll be shadowing a neurosurgeon. I honestly really love this...
  22. scaredadvocate

    Is it better to be well-rounded or "pointy"

    Interested in hearing opinions on two different approaches to ECs: well-rounded: the candidate with a little bit of everything: shadowing, research, volunteering, etc but no consistent theme or purpose connecting their experiences pointy: the candidate with a lot of experiences in their...
  23. kopftonmd

    EC Question

    Hi everyone, I have a brief question that I've been trying to figure out but would like your knowledgeable help with. For med school applications, it's good to have non-clinical volunteering (so I've read). I've been singing in the church choir for years now, and it's panned out into a real...
  24. Hey ug

    The usual chance me post...

  25. deforestasian

    Industry Research

    Hello friends, Just a few questions about how interning in a biotech company would be seen in terms of research. I worked two summers (plus this next summer) at a blood diagnostics company working on some clinical trial stuff as well as an independent research project for which a publication...
  26. BioForLife

    What are your hobbies?

    Yes, I know it's another "hobby" thread but I'm always really interested to read about what pre-dents and pre-meds enjoy doing in their spare time. For me, it's reading, writing, watching anime, exercising, and I'm getting into using fountain pens. How about you guys?
  27. Sweet_Tooth

    Joining Student Organizations in Undergrad

    Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread on this but couldn't find one, so apologies if this has already been asked before. I was wondering whether it is beneficial to join student organizations in undergrad ie would it help one gain admission into dental school? Currently I'm a member of...
  28. L

    Gap Year & AADSAS, Please help!!

    Hi All, So I didn't hear back Dec 1 unfortunately and I'm already starting my gap year. I will be contacting adcoms to see what they recommend but I'm planning on volunteering at a free dental clinic & try to get a dental assistant/dental administrative job. BUT here's where I'm a bit grey on...
  29. clippers50fan

    EC classification/hours questions

    Two separate items. 1) I made and ran a fundraiser (an actual event at my uni, not just raising money through other means) for a children's hospital. Do you include all hours you spent planning and making the event, as well as the hours of the actual event, in your AMCAS ECs under non-clinical...