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  1. A

    Is having a letter of recommendation from a priest frowned upon by adcoms?

    I was wondering if asking for a letter of recommendation from a priest I have grown close with would be frowned upon by adcoms. Much of my ECs have come from serving at my church in various activities for many years. I believe he could write me a strong letter of recommendation because of how...
  2. P

    Summer Extracurriculars?

    Hi all! Which activities would be a good use of my summer in terms of preparing me to apply to optom? I've spent the last summer as a lab assistant in a vision research lab, and I've applied to a few optometry clinics to see if they need any part-timers. Any suggestions are appreciated...
  3. Dr. ThorStrange

    What is Considered Good Experience?

    What is considered good clinical experience? What is considered good non-clinical experience? How many hours is enough to be considered good? Is it better to have less hours in multiple places, or many hours that show commitment to one place? What do you guys think?
  4. Sortie

    Rate My Progress?

    This specifically isn't a WAMC thread since I haven't applied to any schools yet nor taken the DAT (I will this upcoming spring). I just wanted to ask if my progress looks okay or if I need to do more. Below are my stats, thank you for your help: (Certain names have been redacted) I am...
  5. F

    Science Journal Club

    I am interested in starting a new club at my college. However, many clubs are meaningless and are there just to put on applications while they don't do anything. While I am also interested in putting it on my application, I want it to have some purpose. I was thinking about starting a science...
  6. M

    Entering Sophmore year Undergrad, what should I focus on?

    I am an aspiring pre-med student entering the sophmore year of undergrad. I need help deciding where I should focus my extra time and how I should go about these next couple of years till I have to apply to med school. This is my resume Major: Psychology cGPA: 3.60 sGPA: 3.45 (but only...
  7. P

    MD Chances for a Business Owner

    Hi, I'm currently a 19 year old Canadian premed student in the 3rd year of my undergrad. My GPA is ~3.9, and i was wondering if being the owner of a small investing business that i founded would make my application more competitive to med schools? I have also developed my own website to help...
  8. M

    Extra Curriculars

    I'm going to have between 200 and 300 hours of research by time I apply because I'm in my schools undègrad research program. No publications, but will do a presentation for senior assignment in May 2019. I'm planning on starting volunteering next month and planned on having ~200 hours...
  9. Z

    Cofounded a startup, need advice

    So I cofounded a tech startup with two other people that is now appraised at 7.5 million dollars - the problem is, I no longer find the work we're doing fulfilling (and I have a few issues with the people I started it with) and I would rather pivot and focus on other projects. If I leave now...
  10. L

    ~1 year to complete ECs?

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a little bit late to the game for pursuing medical school and am curious if my current plan seems feasible or should I take a gap year (which isn't ideal)...? Graduating Dec 2018 with a Neuroscience BS and Chem minor with cGPA of ~3.8 at age 24...
  11. P

    Pre med OOS application advice

    I would love some advice on how to improve my chances of getting accepted into medical school. I'm finishing up my associates degree in Biology this quarter and will be graduating from my community college with a 3.89. This is with some minor setbacks, I did decide to audit Organic Chemistry...
  12. C

    URM Help: Where to shadow in NYC?

    Does anyone (urm/orm) NYS resident know any hospitals,clinics, or physicians in particular that allow pre med students to shadow? I am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Please help!