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  1. linhbach

    DAT Breakdown

    TL;DR - 26 AA, 27 TS, used DATDestroyer and DATBooster What’s up everyone, I just took my DAT on Tuesday and I scored pretty well. I prepared using a combination of DAT Destroyer and DATBooster. My study schedule consisted of: 5 weeks of the Destroyer + 3 weeks of Booster. Went through...
  2. O

    The DSCKE in Orthodontics-Canada

    Dear colleagues, I would like some help in regards to the DSCKE exam in Canada. I would like to take this exam in 2021. If I understand correctly, the specialty does not matter and the exam is the same for all specialties. I would like to know: -Is there a complete list of study materials? or...
  3. M

    Qbank-style resources request

    I'm a PGY-2 and I feel like my brain is atrophying... I don't have the attention span to come home from work and read a textbook. I'm looking for any good resources, preferably online flashcard or Qbank type, especially regarding psychopharm. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've seen...
  4. S

    New Exam Krackers + Old Kaplan?

    Hello need some advice, Its been a long while since I finished my second degree to complete my pre-med course work (I am a career changer & older pre-med). I took the MCAT back in 2011 with a Kaplan in-person course. Didn't get into med school, have been working & publishing in research since so...
  5. N

    Dr. Collins PCAT

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to retake my PCAT beginning of next year (February 2019) but I am not confident in my study materials. Does anyone know of any other study materials outside of Kaplan? Please let me know!! I'd really appreciate it.
  6. M

    For Sale USMLE 2 CK 1500+ FLASHCARDS (SCORED 242, 2016)

    I scored a 242 on USMLE Step 2 CK with these 1500+ flashcards that I have made myself! Neat handwriting and speedy shipping! The flashcards are based mostly on First Aid and Conrad Fisher videos! I matched into my top residency program with my USMLE scores. Speedy shipping! 1500+ USMLE Step...
  7. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging

    www.radsconsult.com is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  8. P

    For Sale 2018 ACCP BCPS study materials

    I purchased the newly released 2018 ACCP BCPS study material. If you are interested, PM me. I have the books, audio/video files, and powerpoint slides. Selling all materials for $150.
  9. G

    Gold Standard Reviews Please

    Hello all! I am thinking about what prep materials to use for my MCAT test date at the end of this summer. I was wondering what everyone or anyone thinks of Gold Standard MCAT prep materials. Has anyone used them in the past and had success? If anyone is currently studying with Kaplan or TPR...
  10. A

    For Sale EPPP 2017 Study Materials For Sale AATBS and some PsychPrep

    Hey all you fellow EPPP studiers. I recently passed the EPPP (yay), and am selling my materials and login info. I have ALL of the books from AATBS, the Silver package, including the flashcards and the exam strategies book. I also have a full set of Psychprep EPPP flash cards. Furthermore, I have...
  11. psyflgirl

    Will 3 months be enough time to study for the MCAT?

    I recently started studying for the MCAT (3 weeks ago), I have been doing content review with Kaplan 7 subject books and I have only been able to get to the second chapter for each subject. I am stuck with stereochemistry and I have spent like 2 days trying to get it, so I am starting to get...
  12. N

    Best videos for NBDE 1?

    Hi all, I'm a person that like to study with youtube videos. Could you please recommend me any video for the NBDE1 ? Thank you in advance.
  13. bernas

    I need Nbde part 1 study materials

    Hi there, I really need some study materials for nbde part 1. I'd like to buy; 1. ASDA released questions (for recent years) 2. Dental decks (not copy, I need the original) 3. First aid book. Is there someone who will sell me these resources or recommend where can I buy from? I'll appreciate...
  14. nostalgicfreedom

    Best DAT study materials 2017?

    Hi guys! I am currently a student in a seven year dental program. I am going to be taking the DAT next summer. I want to know what study materials (books, videos, website, etc.) are best to get a high score in each section. I know I have a lot of time until I take the DAT, but I just want to...
  15. ll12147

    For Sale: DAT materials for cheap! (Kaplan, Destroyer, Math Destroyer, etc.)

    Selling: Barron's AP Bio 3rd Edition - $5 DAT Destroyer - $20 (cheap because cover fell off. everything else in tact) Math Destroyer - $30 DAT Kaplan review book - $10 Organic Chemistry as Second Language by Klein (2nd semester topics) - $10 OAT Kaplan Review Notes + OAT Kaplan Lesson Book -...
  16. BonniePharmD

    BCOP study - looking for chemo drug table

    Does anyone have a chemotherapy drug chart or table that they made (or already had) to study for the recent BCOP? I would like to have one; the one I have is from pharmacy school in 2003, so obviously, it's a bit outdated. I am willing to trade the 2016 BCOP Course Handbook (I didn't get a...
  17. ringofkeys

    Should I get this year's DAT Destroyer?

    I have 2016's DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer, but have not used them because my whole undergrad timeline has shifted by a year. Should I get 2017's Destroyer's bc of the new content, or just stick with 2016? Or get the new dat destroyer and still use 2016's math destroyer? I am planning on...
  18. W

    Rescheduled Test & Rebooting- Advice?

    Hello! My DAT journey has been quite difficult, as it has been for many others here. I originally took the DAT in 2014 for the 15' cycle and did horrible on my DAT with a 14AA, 15TS, and 19PAT (I didn't study, but that's another story for another time). I graduated (3.2 overall and 3.2...
  19. J

    Naplex study materials

    Hello! I passed NAPLEX this month and am selling the following study materials : Rx Prep 2017 book: $140 Pronto pass compounding review notecards : $20 pronto pass math notecards: $75
  20. Terri Dactyl

    AATBS EPPP Materials (78th Series - 2015)

    Greetings! I'm selling the AATBS 78th Series (2015) 6-volume study materials, which includes a study guide; as well as the color-coded set of flashcards. The volumes are well-loved [highlighted with annotations throughout; so are a few chapters of flashcards]. I passed with flying colors using...
  21. NECO_OD

    My OAT experience and study strategy_2016

    My scores: 7/17 ADA sample test: TS 340, AA 350 Bio 310; Chem 370; O Chem 340;RC 380; Phys 340; Quant 400; 7/24 Kaplan full length 1: TS 320, AA 330 Bio 360; Chem 330; O Chem 330;RC 320; Phys 270; Quant 370; 7/30 Real OAT: TS 400, AA 380 Bio 380; Chem 400; O Chem 380;RC...
  22. D

    DAT Breakdown - Scores, Testing, Advice, and more!

    Hi everybody! I just took my DAT today, so I thought I would post about my experience and share my scores. This post is long, but SDN was really helpful to me while I was preparing for the test, so I want to give back! This was my first attempt at taking the DAT. I will also talk about: How I...
  23. H

    Selling PCAT Studying Materials (Kaplan, PCAT destroyer, Dr. Collins)

    Hello, I finished taking PCAT and now i am selling my PCAT study materials! I strongly recommend studying these (These are enough materials for you to study) and you will definitely ace your PCAT! I used a separate note to take notes and did practice problems so these are pretty much new...
  24. L

    Exam questions/study materials for sale

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  25. Y

    Wanted: EPPP study materials 2013 or newer!!!

    I am interested in purchasing EPPP study materials, preferably 2013 or newer edition. Please message me if you have any you are willing to sell!
  26. J

    Massachusetts MPJE study materials

    Hi everyone, What kind of materials do you use for Massachusetts MPJE? Thanks,
  27. K

    For Sale NAPLEX Study Material

    Hello! My friend recently passed the NAPLEX and asked me to sell these off for him. NAPLEX 30 minute review posters (13 posters) - $30 Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Licensing Exam Q&A (3rd Ed) - $30 Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Licensing Exam Q&A (2nd Ed) - $20 Reference Guide for the...
  28. L

    NBDE Study Materials - released exam questions

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - Previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in good condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  29. capenn16

    Kaplan MCAT subject books for DAT? (And other materials)

    I'm starting to gather materials so I can study for the DAT in the spring. A friend gave me some of her Kaplan MCAT subject review books, and I was wondering if they would be helpful/if anyone has done this before? I am planning on using them for general chemistry and organic chemistry review...