1. R

    Gap Year Job Help - 3 Opportunities

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some help on deciding between 3 opportunities right now based on my long term goals as I can't tell what is the best option and keep going in circles only talking to myself about this. Most of my friends just tell me to take the job offering more money without...
  2. pookey123

    Changes in Graduation Requirements

    How have your programs adjusted their graduation requirements? How much experience do you think you'll graduate with? Here is what Tufts has done as an example: (attached) Also, what percentage of students in your class plan to do residencies? I think it is over 50% for my school this year...
  3. K

    How do medical schools view non-traditional gap year jobs?

    Hi everyone. I am going into my second gap year and am applying for the next cycle. I have scribed and worked in research along with all of the other typical pre-medical/gap year jobs. I am moving to another state and am not looking for another $10-$15 per hour job. I was recently offered a job...
  4. M

    2020 MHA: Applied, Interviewed, Rejected, Attending

    Just because I did not see one yet :) Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! School: GPA: Cumulative and Major GRE: Major: Experience (professional or otherwise) Special Factors: Applied: Interview: Waitlist: Rejected: Accepted: Attending:
  5. U

    2018 MHA Summer Internship Progress

    I am currently a MHA student in a lower ranked school in the midwest. I am, like the rest of us, applying for internships for this upcoming summer, and I would like to see how progress is for other MHA students that are applying for summer internships. I have applied to many hospitals...
  6. R

    How long can one defer residency after medical school?

    Hi, I’ve been unable to find an answer to this question after a lot of searching. I would like to know how long can one can defer residency after graduating from a US medical school. Long story short, I’m a third year medical student and I’m considering become an Air Force pilot and then...
  7. Lee

    Forum Members Faculty and Administration Verification

    Thank You! Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice. How Do I get the Upgrade...
  8. O

    Worried about my privacy and being targeted by my school

    Hi everyone, pending
  9. A

    Can anyone in Public Health administration help me with some question?

    I have to ask some questions of anyone who works/ has worked in Public Health administration regarding the planning process (goals, objectives, etc.) How do you conduct a strategic planning process? Who are the key individuals involved in the process? Describe how decision making and...
  10. P

    Why can oral ketorolac not be used as the first dose?

    I have been searching as part of a drug information response for the answer to this question. I cannot find any literature to explain this distinction for drug administration and the package insert does not have any more information. Does anyone know the reason and have a source to prove it...
  11. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Major Decision- MOT or MHA

    Hey everyone, So I have a bit of a big decision to make and I need some opinions. I applied to OT programs in the Philadelphia area. I was denied from most, however USciences put me on their waitlist and I was accepted into their last open seat today. While on the waitlist, I researched...
  12. G

    Clinician Leadership

    Hi all. I'm writing a research paper for my Health Administration class and I want to get a feel about how you all feel about clinician leadership. What are the problems that having clinicians in leadership solve? How do you all feel is the best way for more clinical/business/management...
  13. G

    Position Available Internal Medicine Staff Chief Resident Position 2016

    Grand Strand Medical Center excited to announce a position for a creative, humble, warm and enthusiastic Internal Medicine PGY-4 Staff Chief to join an experienced program director, associate program director, core faculty, and staff for our 2nd year of our new ACGME-accredited Internal Medicine...
  14. egonk

    Nursing, Physician and Hospital Admin Jobs in Saudi Arabia!

    Desert Recruiting Services is seeking healthcare professionals for our client(s) in Saudi Arabia. Immediate opening available for qualified Western trained healthcare professionals. - Generous Tax Free Salaries - Amazing Benefits including housing and transportation To view or apply for...
  15. G

    MHA Need advice on Masters in healthcare administration (MHA) Programs in Texas?

    So i am an undergrad studying in the University of Texas at Dallas. I am a senior and I am about to finish college and graduate december 2016. I've looked at at all the possible universities to apply to, in Texas for doing my MHA. I am going to write my GMAT this summer. Problem is, I do not...
  16. widmaerjm


  17. S

    Healthcare management, leadership, QI tracks in IM residencies?

    Hi all, Anyone familiar with IM residency programs with administration related tracks? For instance, I know Duke has the "Management and Leadership Pathway." Any other analogous tracks? Or alternatively, programs which have strong/ reputable cost/quality improvement centers that residents can...