1. X

    How does the admissions committee timeline work (infrequent meeting)?

    Hi, all. I have heard some talk about admissions committees meeting very infrequently at some schools (e.g. once a month) and am confused about how this works. Does this mean if they meet, say, when info is transmitted this year on July 10th, everyone who was verified on the day of July 11th is...
  2. Seihai

    AMCAS Time to Verification Visualizations for Past Cycles

    One thing that I was always curious about when I applied and still even now is how long AMCAS took to verify during previous cycles and if it was possible to predict when the latest possible date one could submit and be verified in time to be in the first batch of applications transmitted would...
  3. N

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS Verification 2019-2020 Cycle

    Just submitted OTCAS last night! Exciting stuff. Let's keep an eye on the turnaround rate. Good luck to everyone. :)
  4. M


  5. M


  6. M

    AMCAS and rural background

    I come from a rural underserved region and a large part of my application was built on this aspect and wanting to work with these types of communities. While AMCAS allowed me to describe my childhood home city as rural, when I generate a PDF of the application there is only a 'U' (for...
  7. M

    Research for Credit and Independent Reading - BCPM?

    For those who have been through AMCAS verification, has your biology research for credit course been treated as BCPM? What about your biology independent reading for credit course? Has that been treated as BCPM?
  8. I

    Just submitted app, what happens next?

    So everything was in order, I submitted to 5 programs just moments ago. I read in the FAQs that the status should read "complete" before it gets placed in line for verification. My status, under each program, says this because I just submitted? Or is some other step required? My...
  9. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Do schools verify observation hours?

    I do not have documentation for every site/all of my observation hours that I have done and recorded in OTCAS. Will schools make me verify the hours or have written proof of hours if I am considered or accepted? Just curious so I can properly prepare myself!
  10. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS Two Questions: References & Verification

    Hello, I just sent an email to OTCAS asking these questions however since they have already closed for the weekend I figured I might have better luck getting some answers quickly here : ) 1) Does an application have to be verified by the due date to be considered as entered on time? Does it...
  11. H

    Observation hours

    Hi everyone! I have already submitted my application for this cycle but am now worried about something. I have gotten all my hours verified except for one setting where I decided not to verify them and self-reported it. Since I did them back home during the summer and it was such a small amount...
  12. W

    Verification time

    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  13. W


    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  14. B

    AACOMAS hasn't verified my app after 2 weeks, should i be concerned?

    As the title says, I submitted my application two weeks ago and the status is still not verified. Anyways, they did send the application back to me a few days ago to correct one course on my transcript but I immediately sent it back. The representative on the phone also told me that my...
  15. S

    How long does it really take for the DAT scores to be verified?

    Hey all! I took my DAT August 3 (I know that it's kind of late since I'm applying now). I wondered how long it usually takes for DAT scores to be sent to ADDSAS? I know some have said 3 weeks, but is that usually the case? If so, am I really late to the game? I scored okay, but I don't think I...
  16. S

    OptomCAS Verification without LORs

    I just submitted my application a couple of days ago. I designated 4 people to write me LOR and only 2 have submitted. The other 2 should be coming in the next week. Will this affect my verification process or how long until it’s verified?
  17. K

    PTCAS Application Question

    Hey everybody, hope your application process is going well! I'm a little bit confused on what happens after I submit my application and was wondering if somebody could clear that up for me. So I've submitted my application, all my transcripts have been received, all my observation hours...
  18. W

    Need help verifying classes that are considered BCPM

    Hey I wanted to know, would these courses be considered BCPM? - Genetics, Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry Lab II, Biochemistry for Biomedical Sciences, Calculus I, Summer Laboratory Observation - Ecology, Introduction to Biobehavioral Statistics, Seminar in Research Problems...
  19. K

    AACOMAS Verification

    How long does it take, on average, for the AACOMAS application to go from complete to verified?
  20. C

    CASPer Test signup

    Has anyone else tried to sign up for a CASPer test date yet? I created an account and followed the steps to upload pictures of my photo ID and a selfie to verify my identity, but now I'm just on the original page where I clicked "I have my ID ready" and it's grayed out with nothing else for me...
  21. Radxical

    How long does it take for CASPer to verify?

    How long does it take for CASPer to verify a government ID? I made my CASPer account months ago and just signed up for the test on July 1st. My account page has an error saying waiting for manual verification and supposedly it says it'll take 1-2 business days but it's still not fixed! If it...
  22. Fishy fish

    AMCAS Verification Question

    Hello! General question about the application process: So I submitted to a throwaway school for verification on June 17th (wish I had submitted earlier). I assume my application won't be verified until first or second week of July. My question is, is there any advantage to adding the other...
  23. T

    Can you change which schools receive LoRs after submitting primary?

    Title says it all. Reading through the AMCAS handbook it seems pretty clear that you can add letters after submission, but can you change which schools you want letters sent to before your letters/application have been sent to schools? Thanks for any help.
  24. Babbitt4MVP

    AP class I did not receive credit for but still listed on transcript

    *Asking for a friend* On my unofficial transcript, my college lists AP classes with a grade system of (P) for pass and (X) for fail. So this means they list the scores of the AP exams I did not pass with an X, instead of leaving it out altogether. I got a 3 on my AP Statistics exam, which meant...
  25. A

    Question about when to submit transcript for AMCAS and TMDSAS (and how to resubmit)

    Hello. I am currently working on my applications and I'm wondering when I should send in my transcripts since my final grades for this semester won't be posted up until May 18th-June 1st. I plan on submitting my application on June 1st and I've already taken all of the pre-reqs (this semester...
  26. F


  27. S

    Amcas verification question

  28. SDN

    Forum Members Faculty and Administration Verification

    Thank You! Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice. How Do I get the Upgrade...
  29. SDN

    Forum Members Request Doctor Verification

    Thank You! Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice. How Do I Get the Doctor...
  30. E

    Transcripts sent to OptomCAS

    Hi guys! So I wasn't aware till later on that I had to send in my transcript in addition to manually adding them on optomCAS, so I sent over my transcript after I applied... So I sent over my transcript on Oct 18th, and was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to arrive and to get...
  31. E

    Application verification help!

    Hey everyone!! So was wondering how you know when your application was verified? I sent in my application on October 6th and have received nothing yet, my transcripts still say 'not received'. Was looking at the 2022 thread and some of you got verified 2 days later.
  32. enh15

    General Admissions & OTCAS TX MOT Prospects.

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to create a fresh thread for anyone currently applying to MOT programs here in TX. I've also been looking into some out of state programs as well. I've already submitted to UTMB, UTHSC, UTEP, and TTHSC. I'm also thinking UT Rio Grande, if anyone knows about that...
  33. W

    General Admissions & OTCAS How long does it take OTCAS to receive your transcripts?

    I submitted 4 transcripts to OTCAS. Three of my schools sent the transcripts on 9/8/17, and they were confirmed/received by OCTAS on 9/15. However, I sent one of my transcripts before the other three (on 9/7/17) and OTCAS has not confirmed it. It's 9/20 right now. Is it too early to be...
  34. H

    PharmCAS verification process

    Hey everyone! I submitted my application on Monday and today my transcripts have been listed as "verified" but my application is still listed as "complete". Does anyone know how long it'll take for my entire application to be listed as "verified" and for it to be sent to the programs? Thanks!
  35. broken down muffler

    August/September AMCAS Verification

    Hey All, what are my chances?
  36. F

    Anybody else have this problem with verification?

    Sorry if this is a repeat post. Couldn't find anything when I searched. I submitted my AACOMAS application and was verified. When I looked at my GPA's I saw they were off. So I looked at my classes and saw they completely removed two of my summer classes (7 credits of A's). I spoke to them on...
  37. F

    Am I considered a late applicant?

    Hey all, So I had a problem sending my transcripts from my old school. They just sent off last week priority so I'm anticipating them being recieved and input by the 15th (Hopefully). This will put me at early to mid August verification. I'm applying both MD and DO and I'm not the strongest...
  38. The_Woman_in_the_Arena

    Received Verification E-mail Twice

    Hi guys, I don't know if this has happened to any of you, but I was sent a verification email yesterday around 3 PM, and then again just a few minutes ago. Now it looks like I was processed 6/13 instead of 6/12. This probably won't hurt me much in the end, but what would warrant AMCAS sending...
  39. The_Woman_in_the_Arena


    Hi everyone, This is my first post! Hello world! Anyway, the first time I applied, I submitted my AMCAS 6/20 and was verified 7/14. This time, I submitted my AMCAS on June 1 at 11:59 AM. Transcripts were received 5/8. I checked the official SDN AMCAS verification thread and it seems like a...
  40. sky19

    Peculiar Situation. University on strike.

    Currently, my university is on a student strike. This basically means we have not taken classes for an extended period of time. Once we resume classes, our semester will be extended over the summer to make up for lost time. My transcripts (depending on when we start) that include this semester's...