Good place to stay for CCOM?

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Aug 3, 2003
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Hey there! I was wondering if there are any current CCOM students or any previous people that have had interviews there that can suggest a place to stay for my CCOM interview. I tried to do a search on this subject but i didn't find any good answers.

On the website they had the following hotels

Holiday Inn Express
Hampton Inn w/shuttle to school
Comfort Inn w/shuttle to school
Embassy Suites-Lombard
Red Roof Inn-Downers Grove
Chicago Marriott-Oak Brook

Any Suggestions? I am flying into Midway. Thanks :)

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when's your interview? I stayed at the Red Roof's only a few minutes away from the campus and cheap
You could call CCOM and see if they have student hosts. I'm sure they do. AZCOM has student hosts but you have to call and ask for their numbers.
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My interview is on Wednesday and I am flying in on Tuesday and out on Thursday morning. Gotta love cheap southwest airlines!

I thought I had a place to crash but it fell though today. Hence, why I am looking for a good place to stay. Since it is so sudden it would not be fair to a student host to call a day ahead of time for a place to crash either.
I had a great experience staying at the Hampton Inn at Lombard. They even assisted me with setting up a cab to get to school and to the airport the next day. Very professional staff and good rooms. The website states there is free shuttle service to the school, but Hampton Inn's shuttle doesn't run early enough for you to get there. Also, the breakfast is very good--lots of selection.
i'm only familiar with two of the places listed to stay.....

the mariott.....which is very nice and pretty close. But it's going to be expensive. If you've got the money to stay, then that is the place.

but if you are then typical applicant, then the most convenient place to stay it the amerisuites/lombard. if you tell them you are coming to interview here, then i believe you should get a discount room rate of around $60-70. Also, tell them you want an upgraded suite. they should give it to you for no extra charge. The nice thing about the amerisuites is the shuttle which will drop you off here and pick you up here for free. it's also extremely close.

good luck on your interview!
I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express_Downers Grove for $55/night.

The hotel was very nice. Awesome Continental breakfast and a shuttle that is free at your disposal. It will taken you anywhere you want to go you just have to make reservations. Look it up on the holiday inn website.
any latest info on where is good and cheap place to stay around CCOM?