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Jun 27, 2017
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I want to become a dentist but I'm not from the USA. I plan to go to Minnesota and work with a limited license when I graduate and get a full license after. However I don't know if I'm still required to graduate from PPID to practice dentistry in other states . And I don't know if it is easy or not to get a limited license in Minnesota. Please reply if you know anything about this topic

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I think you still have to pass the national boards NBDE I and II, after you pass them, apply and pass the state boards. I just read this a few weeks ago on the web site. My suggestion is to start with passing the NBDE's and try to find a job as a dental assistant there..

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Before getting your hopes up and spending a lot of money figure out if you can even get employed. Not being a resident might put you at a great disadvantage