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    Licensure for international dentists after 1 year AEGD residency

    Hello, everyone, I am an international dentist who completed BDS. I matched for 1 year AEGD residency program and just wondering what would be the next steps to practice in the USA as a general dentist? When can I give my board exams? Can I practice just after completing AEGD residency program...
  3. Claudillea

    California Schools 2021-2022 Application Cycle

    Has there been interview invites for California schools - International Dental Programs, like from UCLA, USC, Western, etc (i know UCSF already started sending out invites)?
  4. J

    A guide to NDEB exam preparation as an International student in Canada

    Hi, I am an Indian Dentist, recently graduated (2020), and have currently enrolled as a student in a Health care Admin. course in Canada ( as to clear the NDEB exams and become a dentist in Canada, in the first place I need to enter the country and the only option available to me was to enter...
  5. caportilloh

    INDBE study group/partner

    I'm an international dentist, graduated from dental school some years ago. I'm currently looking forward to preparing to take the INDBE by november or december 2021 and I'd like to study with a partner or join any study group available with similar time goals to share resources and study...
  6. G

    New Master's Program at University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine- Master of Oral Health Sciences (MOHS) for non-US trained dentists

    Master of Oral Health Sciences (MOHS) for Non-U.S. Trained Dentists at University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine prepares participants to successfully apply to a U.S. dental school and/or enhance qualifications for advancement in other health sciences related careers. The program is...
  7. bbatasari

    J-1 Visa (Conrad 30 )Waiver Jobs for International Dentists and Dental Specialists

    Hi I am a Foreign trained dentist from India. I have been offered an internship program in Orthodontics, which the school wants me to do on J-1 visa. After attending the visa interview, I was told that I am subject to a 2 year home country residency requirement before I can apply for a H-1B...
  8. bbatasari

    International Dentist without DDS/DMD - US States

    Hey everyone! I am a Foreign-trained Dentist relocating to USA in a couple of months. I will be starting a Masters program in Orthodontics from a CODA approved school very soon. I do not have a DDS/DMD from any USA or Canadian Dental school. Before starting the program, I have a few questions...
  9. bbatasari

    MS in Orthodontics

    Hi everyone, I am a foreign trained dentist ( FTD) currently practicing. I am looking at various career options in the US for FTDs. I am unable to figure out what are the career opportunities and prospects like after doing a Masters program without a DDS/DMD for FTDs Are there any restrictions...
  10. nismile

    Different programs for international dentists

    Hi all, I'm an international dentist who is currently doing research. I haven't done any boards exam or GRE yet, and I'm planning to apply to ortho residency the next cycle. But to be honest, I'm getting tired of doing research. Is there any other programs (no residency) maybe clinical...
  11. D

    Bench Exam Prep Tips

    Hi, Can anyone who is preparing for the bench exam or has already gone through it share what you are using as reference to make preps? like any videos, books, etc. Also, please shed some light on any prep courses you may have attended and how useful you found them to be. Thanks!!
  12. F

    UCLA AEGD Westwood Overview?

    hi guys I’m an international dentist and I was keen to apply for the aegd we stood UCLA. However I understand for a non coda grad it’s pretty competitive. However what’s the overview by on the ACT AEGD programme that the dept also offers? Is it worth the money to pursue it? I’m interested in...
  13. Petieaz

    New Zealand

    Hi, I’m an American and an American trained dentist. I am hoping to establish some professional relationships abroad, particularly in a New Zealand. I am interested in international service and possibly practicing in New Zealand down the road. I was wondering if there are any New Zealanders that...
  14. I

    UTHSCSA IDEP interviews

    hello guys, I need some help, I got an invitation for interview at San Antonio Dental School at the end of September, any advice about what should we study for the skill test?? If anyone could share their experience I’ll appreciated a lottt, thanks in advance
  15. M

    Interview tips

    any interview practical tips?
  16. nismile

    Internationals practicing in the US

    Hi all, I was wondering if after presenting both dental boards and finishing orthodontic residency I would be able to practice in the US? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  17. S

    WhatsApp group to prep for NBDE I 2018

    International dentists willing to study along for NBDE part 1 to take it in 2018. Let's create a WhatsApp group!
  18. nismile

    Best videos for NBDE 1?

    Hi all, I'm a person that like to study with youtube videos. Could you please recommend me any video for the NBDE1 ? Thank you in advance.
  19. P

    Please give advice Pre-dental (international high-schooler)

    Hello everyone, I am in my senior year of high school and am following the British pattern system (A-levels) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I plan to become a dentist and work in the US. I am a US citizen and a Pakistani, and I know I can either do: (1) 4 year any undergrad in the US...
  20. nismile

    Orthodontics Residency question

    Hi All, I am an international dentist that would like yo apply to Orthodontic Residency in a couple of years. I will like to know any suggestions about improving my CV to be accept. First, I don't have the best grades in dental school, in my country is until 20pts (A+) and I have 15.85 (I...
  21. C

    Help needed at the earliest.

    Hello, Good day to everyone reading this thread. I finished my B.D.S degree and planning got doing DDS. Right at my first step, how do I proceed being an international student seeking admission.? I need part 1 flash cards and books for my preparation. If anyone interested to sell please do...
  22. nismile

    NBDE prep course

    Hi! I'm an international dentist. I was wondering if anyone know any ONLINE prep course for NBDE part 1. I will appreciated any information. Thanks.
  23. T

    NBDE Part 1 Study Partner

    Hey, I am a dental student from India, in my internship year. I'm planning to give my exam in October or Mid-September. Anyone interested to study together? Via emails, or Whatsapp. Basically just looking for someone who is also giving their exam around the same time and can help push...
  24. D

    help needed international dentist

    Hi, I want to become a dentist but I'm not from the USA. I plan to go to Minnesota and work with a limited license when I graduate and get a full license after. However I don't know if I'm still required to graduate from PPID to practice dentistry in other states . And I don't know if it is easy...
  25. D

    San Francisco Bay Area Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants

    BayAreaBenchPrep is offering a typodont preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. Following successful completion of our course in May 2017, we are pleased to announce course dates for July 2017. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of...
  26. pikaboo

    Research HELP!! and some OMFS questions ...

    Hey ... So I am a Canadian student who happens to study in a non-Canadian dental school. I am almost done my second year of my dent school and I will be writing my NBDE part 1 the coming Feburary (2018). I was wondering about research opportunities because I would love to get into an OMFS...
  27. S

    Help required about shadowing

    Hi...... I want to shadow a dentist... but I don't know how to approach it... how exactly do we approach a dentist especially when we don't even know them???? And if they do allow us to shadow: how many days should we shadow? How many hours? Any info will be much appreciated!!!!!
  28. T

    Jobs for unlicensed BDS

    Hey FTDs I am looking for jobs that would accept BDS as qualification (have PR so no visa issues here). Right now, i guess dental assisting is the job ,that most foreign dentists pursue. Is it easy to find job with BDS in general ? Are US dentists willing to offer Dental assistant job for...
  29. shadowcat

    Masters or Pg diploma in canada?

    Hey, I am a international dentist, from India and would like to move to Canada for further studies. But i am in a dilemma whther to opt for "PG diploma health course or MHA/MPH/Health informatics" Could someone please help me which is best among it in terms of job scope? thanks!
  30. A

    aegd/ gpr

    any idea of how early we could start applying for next cycle through PASS? AEGD or GPR programs
  31. A

    is it too late ?

    hello everyone im a foreign trained dentist like all of you guys i just finished getting all my requirements ready to start applying through caapid, do you guys think is too late to submit applications now... would i be wasting my money ?
  32. L

    Bench Test Prep Courses

    Hello, Please share any bench test prep courses that you know of in the US. I am trying to find a 10-30 days of course that would cover most of the basic tasks (Class II amalgam and crown prep) assigned in a bench test exam. Thanks.
  33. B

    Ways to improve your resume/profile for DDS

    Thought I'd create this thread for international dentists looking for volunteers opportunities in the US. Or volunteer opportunities that would help add to their resume as substantial work. Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for opportunities in the state of NJ/NY
  34. P

    Foreign Trained Dentist Job Opportunities for US Citizens

    Hello fellow Dental students and graduates. I'm an american born citizen currently studying my BDS abroad and am in my final year. I've passed my NBDE part 1 and will return to the USA after I finish my final year to attempt the part 2 exam as well as apply for the international dental program...
  35. B

    Comprehensive Info For Advanced Standing Admission!

    Hi guys! I've created this website last week which i'm trying to spread the word about! Please check it out and let me know what you guys think I should add! Feel free to message with any questions/concerns/suggestions! Thanks!!
  36. C

    2 year dds VS. 4 year dds

    Hey everyone. I just wanted some insight of all of you regarding choosing the 4 year program instead of the 2 year program for DDS? Is it worth it? For a person who is still going to take some time to improve their profile to be in the top list of competitors is it just better to not waste time...
  37. M

    Nbde part 1 -Study partner - florida

    Hello everyone ! from Argentina. planning to take nbde part 1 in florida( miramar area) augost 10th . I i need a study partner fulltime to go over all the questions before the test. I already study most of all the subjects. It would be great to find someone to kill the questions , since from...
  38. S

    Dubai health authority dental exam

    Hi everyone , I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the correct place for posting this. I plan to write the DHA exam for dentists in a months time. I would really appreciate if those that have written and passed this exam could share some useful tips. Thank you in advance !
  39. nismile

    Finding a online partner for NBDE 1

    Hi everyone, I am new in this forum, and I will like to find a online partner for starting to studying for de NBDE part 1. I am from Venezuela, but I am now in Connecticut, I will stay a few month here. Thank you so much!!
  40. D

    Internationally educated dentist, specializing in Canada/USA after accreditation?

    Is there any dentist who graduated from a non-accredited university (outside Canada & USA), got accreditation through the equivalency process and pursued a specialty in USA or Canada? Especially OMFS (Oral & maxillofacial surgery) Is your degree viewed inferior to those applying with a Canadian...