1. H

    Louisiana oral licensure exam

    I am New York State license clinical psychologist, seeking licensure in Louisiana. I can’t find any information on the oral exam here or on the board’s website I would really appreciate any insight or feedback from anyone familiar with the exam. I have no idea what to study!
  2. O

    Texas Medical License, medical school not in the list.

    Hi everyone, My school is NOT on the list and I am doing residency(IM) in New york. - Can I get Texas license after graduation, getting another state license, taking the boards? How is the process? I read somewhere that there are additional requirements such as rotations done in specialties...
  3. oldschooliscool

    Getting Experience for Licensure

    Hi everyone, I'm nearing the start of my clinical internship, so naturally I am thinking about what comes next. I'm leaning towards having a private practice in the future - whether full time or part time - which would mean that I need to be licensed, of course. We all know that every state is...
  4. C

    Residency license/temporary physician license

    Hey guys, I am in some major predicament and really need some constructive advice. My post is long, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Here is my story: abt 8/9 years ago I was enrolled in a US DO medical school. During my second year, my father passed away, and I got involved in a...
  5. E

    How do Canadian dentists practice in the US?

    Canadian dentist trying to relocate to NJ. I'll try to keep it brief and easy to follow. From what I've researched, what I understand is: to work as a dentist, I need a NJ dentist license. I have done the exams. Application + licensure on average takes several months. I believe a SSN is...
  6. K

    California Medical License

    Hi everyone. I am a 3rd year DO resident at an ACGME residency program in NY. I will be starting at a fellowship program in California. Part of the requirement was to obtain a medical license prior to the start of fellowship in July. From my understanding, I have to apply through the Osteopathic...
  7. K

    DUI/OWI while in Dental School

    Hey everyone, This is embarrassing but I’m going to keep it brief. I just became a DS3 this week after finishing my last final in DS2. During DS2 year, I got pulled over and was charged with an OWI. Long story short, I got the charged dropped from an OWI to an OWVI (visibly impaired rather...
  8. A

    Away rotation in Heart Failure: Temporary state medical license timelines

    Hello, I'm a general cardiology fellow and have a chance to do an away rotation in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology (the area of my interest) for a month in August. However it seems like most states have extensive paperwork requirements for obtaining a temporary license as a...
  9. M

    Dental licensure in Texas

    For dental licensure in Texas after completing ADEX exam and dental school- Does anyone know whether the Perio scaling portion of ADEX is required for licensure in the state of Texas, or does the DSE OSCE fulfill this requirement? I ask because the CDCA website states that “perio is evaluated by...
  10. B

    State License Exam

    Can someone help me understand what the written & oral licensing state exams consists of? Is it the practicing laws within that state?
  11. F

    New Jersey medical License delay

    I applied for my NJ medical license right before the pandemic started 3/4 and still have yet to receive it. I had a reviewer assigned and last I heard from them was June 3 (a month ago) contacted her multiple times without answer since. Everything seems to be checked except for”federation data...
  12. C

    Part time postdoc clinical work

    Hello all, I am looking for advice before pursuing more clinical work as a postdoc. I finished internship last year and am now in a research postdoc in a good psychology department (very happy and hope to stay in this job for another year or two before going on the TT job market). However, my...
  13. A

    Pharmacist License 2020 (Score Transfer, Primary State License v. Secondary, Reciprocating, etc... )

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone knew any detailed information regarding changing a primary license. The info on this topic is so limited. I've asked friends, no one really knows the answers to many of these questions. - What is the process of doing so? Can it be done? - Does the 90 day rule...
  14. Saint Richie

    EU Dental Licensing Laws

    Hey guys, so I tried doing my own research online but have come short of any useful information. I'm currently a dental student in the US working at getting my license in the US. I'm also a dual citizen of Italy. I know that US law does not allow foreign dentists to practice there, and the EU...
  15. meow1985

    Licensing question

    Hi, it's me again. I swear, this license application is making me cry for the 5th time now. I need input on how to answer the following question: "Have you ever been notified of any investigation by any state medical board, medical society, or any hospital of any complaints against you...
  16. P

    Past DUI (2016) and residency (2023)

    I have been digging around and have found different answers online but my situation is this: I was convicted of a DUI in 2016 but was able to get into medical school regardless. I will be starting in Fall of 2019. I plan to have my record expunged next month and hope to one day practice in CA...
  17. FlossyPossy7

    State Licensure

    Hey, I am a current 3rd year dental student in Florida. Looking ahead, I was wondering how multiple state licenses work. Say for example, I wanted to be licensed in Florida and Ohio. Would I have to take different tests in both states or is there one test that would get me a license for both...
  18. TeeKay310

    Pennsylvania Licensure via WREB Question

    Does anyone know if PA requires the optional Prostho and extra operative sections from the WREB? Or is the standard required sections of WREB enough for PA license. I checked their .gov site and it didn't specify which sections of WREB were required, so hoped I could get an answer here. Thanks!
  19. dggopal

    Help with California licensing

    I am an international medical graduate who will be moving to california as a hospitalist. I have a permanent license in Michigan but am struggling to get my california license. After training in India, I fear that I may need to go back to my med school in person to get some of their requirements...
  20. L

    NAPLEX, state board identity card

    Is it true that to apply for pharmacy state licensure by examination (NAPLEX/MPJE), you need a specific state identity card and not only american passport proof in order to give you an authorization to test? If that's the case how do out of state, or even out of country people apply? I know...
  21. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, Residency

    If I get my official transcripts with degree proof by July 1 2019 (that's when my school can provide them), apply to a certain state board of pharmacy to get the ATT then do the NAPLEX exam, will I be able to be licensed on time for residency in the state? Usually residencies start end June or...
  22. B

    Licensing Eligibility Involving Expungement

    Hello all, and thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I am applying to dental school, but I have some demerits going against me that I wanted to clear up before making any big decisions. Most dental school applications ask a question along the lines of: Have you ever been convicted...
  23. Petieaz

    New Zealand

    Hi, I’m an American and an American trained dentist. I am hoping to establish some professional relationships abroad, particularly in a New Zealand. I am interested in international service and possibly practicing in New Zealand down the road. I was wondering if there are any New Zealanders that...
  24. S

    Selling RxPrep Question Bank

    Question bank expires August 7th, 2018. I thought these questions were amazing practice for the actual NAPLEX - definitely helped me pass with a great score and I didn't feel stressed during the exam which was the best part :) Price is $100 but I'm willing to negotiate! I just don't want the...
  25. N

    New Mexico vet tech requirements

    Hello, I’m a tech in Arizona (does not require certification or license) and I’ve been having a hard time figuring out of New Mexico is the same. I don’t have money for school to get my certification and don’t want to change professions so I want to stay in a state that allows me to be a tech or...
  26. C

    PhD/PsyD FL licensure based on other state licensure

    This is rather specific....but has anyone recently and successfully achieved a FL psychologist license based on an existing CA license (i.e., based on the Psychologist Licensure by Endorsement of Other State Licensure application process)? If you can't speak directly to the CA to FL processes -...
  27. P

    Michigan Pharmacist Licensing- Boards Eligibility Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the MI state board to process your pharmacist application and verify your eligibility to sit for the boards? I submitted my application a long time ago, yet it still says "eligibility requested" on the NABP website. According to the MI health...
  28. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med

    Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med. I am a US Medical Graduate, passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt. I also have another doctorate in health care. I received my PGY1 credit this past March 2018. I am also applying for my physician licensure but i...
  29. R

    Texas Pharmacist License - Internship Hours?

    I will be applying as an out-of-state graduate for the Texas State of Board Pharmacy. One of the requirements is the 1,500 hours of internship. Does APPE hours count towards all 1500 hours or do I need internship hours outside of school? Thank you so much!
  30. F

    Reasons for denial of limited license?

    Hey there, A very long story short (as much as possible), I'm a British doctor who, due to severe extenuating circumstances involving a tragic death in the family, ended up failing from my initial medical program after completing 3 years successfully. I was awarded an alternative degree...
  31. Kavity

    Applying for residency and license eligibility

    I am looking to apply to residency programs, and I'm seeing a lot of "Must be eligible for state dental license: Yes" program info websites. Can someone please explain to me how this works/what it means in terms of applying to an out-of-state program? Thanks! :)
  32. kkilla

    EMT state licensure

    I am enrolling in an EMT class this semester and am interested in working as an EMT at a summer camp in a different state. I am wondering how hard/possible would it be for me to obtain a state license in another state?
  33. OnDemond

    SCANDAL in MARYLAND!! No More Decorative Medical Licenses?!

    I just paid $800 for my initial license in the DPRM (Democratic People's Republic of Maryland). Instead of receiving the standard-for-decades, sealed, caligraphic wall license/certificate, I received the same type of license you see in elevators certifying their safety. Really?? For all my...
  34. F

    practise in canada!!

    hello, can an international dentist practise in canada after clearing the NDEB exam? i mean do you get license to practise right away or is it that you have to join a dental school like how it is in USA? and also what is the scope and possibility of getting a PR and job opportunity after that...
  35. P

    Canadian Pharmacist US PharmD - Moving to US

    Hi, Does anyone know what the best steps are to take: I am a Canadian Pharmacist (BSc Pharm) . I graduated with a PharmD from Colorado. I would like to work in the states as a Pharmacist. I have a job offer. I don't have my SSN, and therefore could not yet apply to write my NAPLEX exam...
  36. Brig7

    CDCA (NERB) and California

    Hey guys, I'm a rising 3rd year at Pitt, but am from California, and am hoping CA gets organized with the CDCA exams by the time I could be taking them. Can anyone shed some light on this? Officially it's been said that 2017 is the "Expected Acceptance" year for the CDCA in CA. But I've also...
  37. Expired Pharmacist

    Best Antibiotic lecture :: Naplex 2017

    Good Morning I am studying for the Naplex, I paid for the full Rxprep course, I found that the lectures on antibiotic is not really good, I kept looking on youtube, until I found this lecture, really easy to understand and remember. Feel free to post the videos that you find useful for the...
  38. S

    PA Medical License IMG

    Hey all, I just finished residency in PA and am an IMG so had to wait till 30 days prior to residency finishing to fully submit my application for full license. In prior years most IMGs had received their licenses by July 1st, but mine has not even been reviewed yet. Is anyone else having this...
  39. O

    NBEO in NY/NJ/PA

    Hey guys! I'm starting at PCO next month and I have a couple questions about the boards. Do you have to take them in the state in which you graduate? Also does anyone on the east coast know if New York accepts New Jersey licenses? Vice versa? I heard that NJ will accept Pennsylvania licenses but...
  40. D

    Medical license section of ERAS

    I have an active registered nurse license (in the US). My Designated Dean's Office (at a US allopathic school) told me that my license (including state, number, expiration) should go in the section labeled "State Medical Licenses." The woman who does our ERAS training insists that any...