1. PlumPoppy

    University of Minnesota c/o 2027

    Hi everyone! A little early, but I thought I'd make a thread for us applying for UMN this cycle. Good luck! First-time OOS applicant. But my partner is moving to the Twin City area for work, so hopefully we can get residency if I get in :) We know almost nothing about the area! It's my first...
  2. N

    Communication Sciences/Disorders Undergrad?

    Hi! Okay, so I'm a little late in the game in switching to pre-med. I am currently a junior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders (previously on an SLP track) and Hispanic Studies. I am planning on adding an extra year + summer classes to get a minor in Biology along with the pre-reqs...
  3. J

    Northwestern Health Sciences University (Post-Bacc)

    Hey everyone! New to SDN and really appreciate all the information that I'm finding here. Does anyone have recent experience with the Post-Bacc program at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN? There are some older posts here, but nothing over the past couple of years...
  4. K

    Tufts vs Minnesota? (dual degree)

    I'm set on doing an MD/MBA program, and I have been fortunate enough to have two great options in terms of schools. I'm IS for Minnesota but am hoping to be on the east coast. My biggest question is, will it be worth the cost? Tufts +Heart of Boston (my dream city and I'd like to stay around...
  5. T

    Minnesota Vs. Iowa State

    Hi! So I’ve been accepted to Iowa state and was waitlisted (oos #6) at University if Minnesota. I’m confident I will get pulled off the waitlist for Minnesota so I’m starting to look into both schools. I’m aware of the cost difference for the two schools and am aware that Minnesota is more...
  6. M

    University of MN DPT

    I was waitlisted early November at the University of MN DPT. Anyone else? Does anyone know about the likelihood of getting in off the waitlist and when movement typically begins?
  7. P

    UMN (OOS) vs. Marquette (IS) vs. Michigan (OOS)

    IS for Marquette
  8. W

    ***The Official University of Minnesota Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Good luck! Link to interview prep: University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :) *edited by staff to include link to interview feedback
  9. D

    I need help choosing OCHEM class!

    Hello, I read several posts here about taking ochem online, but most comments seem confusing for me! I’ve to take it online bc I can’t take it on campus next semester for many reasons plus I want to take it now (during summer) because I don’t have anything else to worry about and I’ll spend...
  10. SSDGM

    Geisel (Dartmouth) vs. U of M Duluth

    Currently trying to get some insight in to my decision between my top two picks (Quinnipiac is still on the table as well, but I am leaning towards Geisel and Duluth at the moment). Geisel: Pros: +M3/M4 rotations in Alaska (my tribal homelands) +prestige/connections (Ivy League) +undergrad...
  11. MHIF Intern Program

    12 positions ‐ paid premed internships in cardiovascular clinical research SDN

    Undergrad premed students, please consider this great opportunity to do clinical research: Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation will hire 12 interns for paid, 12week internships this summer. The application DEADLINE is JANUARY 15! Interns work 1:1 with a cardiologist mentor, and participate...
  12. ifitfitsyourmolars

    Minnesota vs. MWU-AZ vs. Roseman

    Hey Guys! So I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to 3 schools yesterday and am still on edge about what school I should attend. For background, I'm from CA so all schools are OOS so cost is currently not a factor because they're all roughly extremely expensive. I'm extremely interested...
  13. ifitfitsyourmolars

    [URGENT] Need a place to crash tonight in For UMinnesota interview

    Hey guys, So i'm in a giant pickle. I'm 20 y/o and the hotel that i was supposed to stay at tonight won't allow me to check in because of their 21 & older policy. I was wondering if anybody had a place I could crash at with them? I am willing to pay half/(whatever percent you want me to pay)...
  14. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  15. D

    help needed international dentist

    Hi, I want to become a dentist but I'm not from the USA. I plan to go to Minnesota and work with a limited license when I graduate and get a full license after. However I don't know if I'm still required to graduate from PPID to practice dentistry in other states . And I don't know if it is easy...
  16. shine with me

    UCSD vs. Wayne (full-tuition)

    *Edited 4/20 with final decision: Thank you all so much for your responses and thoughts! I really appreciate it and after a ton of thought, I think I'm going to bite the financial bullet and go UCSD. Overall, I got a wonderful vibe/fit at UCSD's Second Look that was consistent with my interview...
  17. leecheater

    Interventional Pain Position in Bemidji Minnesota

    We have a position open at our Bemidji clinic for a fellowship trained physician. We are a fiercely independent practice that works with all of the local providers in the area. We don't do opioids other than occasional post procedure short RX. If you are at all interested please send your resume...
  18. R

    MHA Minnesota University Class of 2017

    Anyone else attending Minnesota? If so, where are you living? Any suggestions from locals on where to live? What are you most excited about when it comes to what Minnesota's MHA offers?
  19. Jssgarden

    Creighton, NE or U of MN- Duluth campus

    Hi guys, my first post here. I hope I posted in the right forum. I just got accepted to these two pharmacy schools which are my top choice: Creighton, NE campus pathway and U of Minnesota, Duluth campus. Now I'm debating between these two schools and it's so hard to make a decision. Aside from...
  20. H

    Longtime lurker, crippled by the advice on the site: MA vs MSW

    After years of wanting to go back to school for clinical social work or mental health counseling, I'm finally in a position to pursue it. I moved back to my home state (MN) where I intend to stay and am now faced with the decision of which programs to pursue. I spent 8 years in Chicago and while...
  21. M

    Please help me choose a Dental School. ~I didn't expect to have this problem

    Hello Everyone, I experienced a problem that I definitely didn't expect I would-especially because the pre-health committee at my school told me that I wouldn't be able to get in to dental school. I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances from multiple dental schools, and I would really...
  22. M

    University of Minnesota Fall 2017 admission

    I'm interviewing at the U this weekend and am pretty excited/nervous. The one-on-one style for 45 minutes is slightly nerve-wracking. Any tips on what questions they might ask and what sort of questions to ask them? Thanks!
  23. derm.doc

    Looking for pre-med or med student interested in dermatology

    Hi, I am a dermatologist in Minneapolis, MN and am looking for a motivated pre-med or med student who wants to write up interesting case reports or small case series. I encounter interesting and unique clinical cases in my daily practice and am happy to mentor a student to write and publish...
  24. M

    What schools to apply to with stats?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I could have a few suggestions on OOS MD schools to apply to given my stats and background. UMN Biochemistry major. Neuroscience minor. Old MCAT 2014 score: 31. New MCAT 2016 score: 515. cGPA: 3.82. sGPA:~3.75. 200+ hours shadowing MD/DO physicians in many...
  25. S

    Will I get in?

    Hello, I have always found these threads annoying, but I am a very average applicant and figure a lot of people could relate to my stats. Graduated with my BS in biology this May, 3.4 GPA (PharmCAS GPA should be about the same) Recently got a job as a pharm tech at a CVS for the next year...
  26. L

    EPPA Scribe Positions in Minnesota

    Men and women wanted for hazardous journey to medical/PA or health professions school. Potential for late nights, early mornings, cognitive and physical exhaustion; uncompromising professional integrity a must. EPPA Medical Scribe Program seeks the next generation of physician, PA and other...
  27. K

    Help! Minnesota vs Michigan vs Colorado?

    Hello! I have been recently admitted to UMN, UMich and UC for their pharmacy programs. It has been hard to decide which school would be best fit for me so I wanted to ask for some help from current students and graduates from these schools or pharmacists that are practicing in these...
  28. TAMUstu

    Rochester (MN) Mustangs Sled Hockey

    Hey guys! The Rochester Mustangs are a new and growing sled hockey program. The Mustangs are the first sled hockey team in Rochester, but one of many in the state of Minnesota. Sled hockey provides the opportunity for those with a wide range of physical disabilities to play hockey. Being a...
  29. Dental Philosopher

    Michigan, UIC, or Minnesota - planning on specializing (oral surgery)

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback as to which school (Michigan, Minnesota, or UIC) would be better for a student that has an interest in specializing in oral surgery. My thought is that Michigan has a more reputable name, but, on the other hand, I hear that the students there...
  30. Legacy382

    Pitt or Minnesota?

    I need some help everyone. OOS for both Pitt and Minnesota. Received a 3k/year scholarship from Pitt. I am a Wiche applicant so IF I get awarded the Wiche funding I'll receive about 25k/ year only if I attend a school the state of North Dakota has a contract with so Minnesota and not Pitt. I...
  31. Y

    UMN vs NYU

    Hey Guys. I got accepted to both University of Minnesota and NYU dental schools this cycle and I am really happy about it!!! However, I am having hard time deciding between these two dental schools bc they were both my top priority schools. Since I am OOS for Minnesota, the annual cost will be...
  32. K

    2nd Round Non-Trad Applicant with Low, Old GPA

    Post Bach or SMP?? I'm trying to figure out a back up plan in case I don't get accepted again. I do not want to find a different career path and am determined to become a doctor even though the stupidity of my younger years (bad gpa) is kicking me in the ass! From 2012-2014 I was a full-time...