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Jun 4, 2017
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Ok let me just preface this by saying I know my MCAT score is low. I wish I had had time to retake it this cycle, but I didn't and I won't make excuses. But please take the time to actually see if the rest of my application makes a difference.

Ok. So my cGPA is a 3.73. sGPA is about a 3.5. I did not need to retake any of my classes. I was a Biomedical Science Major. I have 3 minors from my school, Psychology, Spanish, and American Sign Language. I am a trilingual applicant in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language and am hoping to be able to practice in all three languages as I am continuing my studies independently.

I participated in my school's Equestrian Team throughout college and held a leadership position there. I have been working as an ED Medical Scribe for about a year now as well. I have been involved in working with DO and MD doctors from multiple disciplines because of my time in the ED. I volunteered throughout college with my equestrian team and alone at a horse rescue barn. I participated in an alternative spring break to learn about health care issues amongst legal and undocumented immigrants, as well as migrant workers. This experience was all in Spanish with some volunteering in English Second Language classes. I was a teaching assistant for a whole year for Human Anatomy and Physiology, as well as a TA for Human Gross Anatomy in our cadaver lab. I did physician shadowing with a DO pediatrician.

But since you're all waiting for it. My MCAT was a 496. Really low, I'm really disappointed in it. I took a very non-traditional route to medical school, completed all of my pre-med recs in one year (during my non-planned 5th year of undergrad). Immediately after graduation I studied as much and as well as I could, and took the MCAT on 6/30 this cycle.

Now, I am interested in applying DO because I want to work in Primary Care (ideally family medicine). I want to work with underserved communities including Spanish speaking populations, migrant workers and undocumented immigrants. I want to be able to work with the Deaf community to be a quality physician that they can communicate with using ASL. I have a passion for working in underserved areas, with underserved and underrepresented populations.

So, based on all of that, which I know is a lot of information to read... do I have any chance of getting in this cycle? I am already studying for the MCAT again because I know my score is very low. I am hoping to take it again in 1/18 or 2/18 whether I am applying this cycle or next. I want to prove to myself that I am better than the score I received. But, are any DO schools even going to look at my application with that glaring 496 on it??

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You have a chance at some of the newer DO schools. Most of these schools have MCAT medians in the 498 to 502 range. You have a good GPA so you could receive interviews. I suggest all these schools if you apply this cycle but you need to apply in the coming week and submit all your secondaries by late September.









VCOM (all 3 schools)



Idaho (new school)

since it's so late in the cycle anyway, i would really recommend just retaking the MCAT this winter or spring and re-applying with your better score next year
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since it's so late in the cycle anyway, i would really recommend just retaking the MCAT this winter or spring and re-applying with your better score next year

The cycle is late? It is still pretty early especially for DO. OP has a chance at newer DO if he/she doesn't want to take a gap year. But yes taking the MCAT again will open so many doors so I definitely agree with you there.
ok, i don't know much about DO applications. it would be pretty late at this point to get an application started for MD

still, given OP's solid application other than the MCAT score, taking another year to improve on the MCAT would give him/her a lot more options (including MD)
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