How does a 3rd W on my transcript look?

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Should I take a W?

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Mar 20, 2015
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Hello all!

I'm just curious as to how a third W on a transcript looks to med schools. My first W was in a history class and the reason I dropped this one is because our professor (to put it lightly) flat out lied about his midterms. I should have dropped after the first midterm so I could have a No-Grade-on-Record but it was too late. Prof. states that his midterms are ALL lecture based encouraging students to ravage through their notes but come to find 75% of it was from the book, not just from his lectures.

Second W was in trig. I took trigonometry, chemistry and history for the summer but I realized I was overambitious. Trig really hit me hard and I was basically at a C 3/4 of the way through the semester. I never took trigonometry in highschool (failed geo. twice in HS) neither have I ever taken chemistry.

My third W (depending on your kind feedbacks) is going to be in Gen. Chem. II. Right now, I have a 60.86%, but I have about 5 more labs, 2 midterms, one final and one ACS exam to go. Should I stick this through or just take a third W. I'd rather take a W than a low C or *gasp* a D. I know at this point an A is out of reach but busting out a B will be a miracle.

What do you guys think? Thanks!


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Sep 18, 2013
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If your grade is gonna suck, drop it. My W in organic chem (i have 4 in total) only was asked about in one of the 7 interviews I attended this year.
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