MD IMG Surgical Sub-I for future General Surgery Residency

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Mar 6, 2018
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Hello everyone,

By July I will be a final year Medical Student in Europe.
How is a Sub-I in Plastic Surgery (with a focus on Pediatric Plastics - Craniofacial Surgery) and therefore a pretty good LoR going to help me match into General Surgery Residency? I am more interested in following a Pediatric Surgery Fellowship afterwards (or less likely Plastic Surgery and then Pediatric Plastic Surgery), but due to the high competitiveness of summer months for Sub-Is for IMGs, this Sub-I is possibly my only option. I am planning in doing another 2-3 surgical rotations in winter (possibly Gen Surg, Peds Surg, Trauma Surg).
Do you think I should go for this Plastic Surgery Sub-I?

Thanks in advance.