1. Asclepius293

    Too late for letter of intent?

    Hey all, I’m currently applying for FM residencies through ERAS. I was initially advised against sending post interview communication, and now I’m worried because I didn’t send my number one a letter of intent. I have sent updates regarding step 2 ck scores, thank you’s, and attended all their...
  2. pedsdoc20212022

    NRMP waiver question

    Hi everyone. Unsure where to go or what to do, hoping someone can help in some way. The long story is that I’m pretty devastated by my Peds sub-specialty match result, to the point that I’m considering quitting pre-45 days, which I know would jeopardize the specialty for me pretty much...
  3. J

    The Mechanics of the DNR List

    Hello SDN I'd like to know. Can anybody here with any special insight on this, explain exactly how a candidate ends up on a Do Not Rank List? Does any faculty members, Program Directors or current residents have an specific vivid examples? If so drop them here so the masses can learn what not...
  4. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  5. N

    Signed Prematch Offer, want to withdraw and try match

    Hi, I received a prematch offer from an IM program with 24 hours to decide. I had no time to think this through, so I decided to accept and signed the contract. This was a very difficult decision for me because my top program of choice was elsewhere. I had contacted the other program (my top...
  6. D

    Will Deferring carms red flag me in the future

    I’m currently registered for both the NRMP and CARMS 2020 match, but I aim to rank the states > Canada, so I realize that I will need to defer Carms when rank order list is due. However, I have two questions regarding this: 1. Hypothetically I do NOT match to the states, (and then obviously...
  7. D


  8. D

    AOA/Merger - NRMP Step 1 Score Reporting

    3rd year DO student here, and am still on the fence about taking Step 1. Interested in FM residency. Does anyone know if it is required to report Step 1 scores on the NRMP residency application post merger completion? Previously there was still the AOA; therefore, ERAS application. Now it will...
  9. M

    Child Neurology and Pediatrics ERAS application question

    sorry, wrong forum!
  10. R

    Waiver Transfer Due to Family-Related Issues

    I recently matched into a program. Between rank order deadline and match day, a family member's health deteriorated rapidly and I am searching to transfer closer to home. I would like to request a waiver, but I wanted to know that if a waiver is granted, does that mean you are no longer part...
  11. V

    MD What if I don't match?

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  12. ridethecliche

    Scathing Call Out of NRMP Violations

    Just saw this pop up on the interwebs recently and thought it made a pretty compelling point re: programs violating the NRMP rules. Discuss.. Assuring Integrity in the Residency Match Process : Academic Medicine (as scathing as one could theoretically be in a journal lol)
  13. toastytoes

    What now? After interviews, before ranks

    Hey, So mostly done with interviews, thank you cards sent, and getting ready to submit this rank list and find out already. What have people heard about communicating with your top choices prior to ranking? Is it standard to email your top choice and tell them they’re your number one? Top three...
  14. S

    Switching Specialty during Prelim year

    Hey everyone, I am currently completing a surgical prelim year. I have an advanced position in anesthesia next year but would like to switch into a surgical residency. Can anyone comment on the steps to go about switching residency specialty without getting an NRMP violation? Does this...
  15. P

    MD IMG Surgical Sub-I for future General Surgery Residency

    Hello everyone, By July I will be a final year Medical Student in Europe. How is a Sub-I in Plastic Surgery (with a focus on Pediatric Plastics - Craniofacial Surgery) and therefore a pretty good LoR going to help me match into General Surgery Residency? I am more interested in following a...
  16. R

    NRMP Fellowship Match Results

    Hi -- I am currently a PGY3 internal medicine resident who has applied to fellowship programs via the NRMP Fellowship Match. Match results are scheduled to be released on December 6, 2017, however, I am wondering if the program where I currently practice as a resident will receive the results...
  17. knock0ut

    Dangerous to wait to register for NRMP?

    I am on the military HPSP scholarship and hoping to match military (we find out in December). I would like to save the $80 that I would waste on registering for the NRMP since I have a decent chance at getting a military spot (I know I'd have to pay $130 to register in December if I find out...
  18. Asklepian

    Interview Tips for MS4s

    Hey guys! If you're in the midst of the application cycle for this year, it's a very exciting time for you! I thought I'd go ahead and throw down some unsolicited advice that might be of help. Your time during the interview season is precious (and so is your money). Some tips: Geographical...
  19. Asklepian

    Interview Scheduling Tips for MS4s

    Hey guys! If you're in the midst of the application cycle for this year, it's a very exciting time for you! I thought I'd go ahead and throw down some unsolicited advice that might be of help. I know that med schools are generally recommending more applications and more interviews as psych has...
  20. H

    School With best IMG Match Rate?

    As the title reads, which FMG school has the best match rate? I have heard that there are some very good Carib schools (in terms of match rate) like SGU and maybe Ross [essentially the big three], but I recently heard that the first FMG school that Beaumont Hospital (an extremely white - biased...
  21. flasheroonie

    How does one find out if a fellowship program is going to be in or out of the match?

    A friend is pursuing fellowship training in the future and she wants to know how to find out which programs are participating in the match or not? On Frieda, only programs that have a complete profile listed will mention yes/no about NRMP. Those programs that have an abbreviated profile on...
  22. F

    MD & DO Reapplying after intern year

    I had to scramble into an intern year after failing to match PM&R. Can anyone explain what options are from here? I know that some PM&R programs will inevitably have Physician-only spots available, but as far as reapplying Categorical vs. Advanced, would it be fine to reapply Advanced and then...
  23. E

    MISSED the ROL deadline..

    I have a confirmation email from 9:00, but it still says "ranking" and not certified.. I was switching back and forth between my two top spots + kept re-certifying. I know, stupid stupid stupid mistake.. Is this even heard of? I'm sick to my stomach.
  24. T

    Which hospitals are 18 non US IMG MATCH into EM Residency Program (1891 spots) in 2016?

    I am a non US IMG, will be applying for MATCH 2018 and really want to get into EM. From the SAP Crystal Reports 2016 MATCH, only 18 non US IMG get into EM that has 1891 position available. If anyone has any information, connection, friends, friend of friend, rumors, etc. about which hospital...
  25. L

    Unmatched DO Applicant

    So I got the bad news today. Didn't match Ortho in the Osteopathic match. Thought about doing EM and applied to it, but decided way late that I'd rather scramble than commit to a life of ER medicine. So I am stuck in a seriously bad place. Still haven't accepted any DO positions such as TRI's...
  26. NoMatchMD

    Inside story on the residency shortage

    More than 8,000 doctor graduates for each of the last 5 years have not matched into a post-graduate residency position. This "fall-out" compounds each successive year and the deficit continues to grow. Without post-graduate training these unlicensed doctors cannot work in Medicine. They are...
  27. A

    Help regarding possible prelim mistake on ERAS now NRMP?

  28. OdysseusMD

    An unexpected but exciting prospect: From Surgery to Pediatrics?

    Hey guys, So, I'm applying this September (2017) for the Match. For the longest time I was interested in Surgery and Surgery only (with the hope of subspecializing in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery or General Pediatric Surgery). Nevertheless, as the next Match season approaches, I'm finding myself...
  29. jvlop

    What to look for in residency programs?

    Hello, I am starting to think about doing my research for residency programs. I was wondering: 1. What should I look for in programs? 2. Where to look for this info? 3. How to organize all this info? I want to do Ob/Gyn and I would prefer to be in the east coast.
  30. R

    The order of your Rank Order List

    I got into a discussion about this today. Does the order of your rank order list influence your probability of overall matching vs not matching. I'm talking about a list with all the same programs and therefore number of programs. Does the order you put your programs in affect your chances of...
  31. LymFo_maniak

    Official 2016-2017 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Hi Future Hematologists, Oncologists and Trans-planters !!! Here we begin this year's ordeal !!! Good luck to everyone.
  32. B

    NRMP Waiver Request

    Hypothetical situation: Applicant scrambles into a prelim position during SOAP. Another program in NRMP offers applicant a categorical position after the SOAP ends. Applicant has not signed any paperwork outside of the SOAP. What should the applicant do? What are the chances of a waiver...
  33. B

    Position Wanted Anesthesia position wanted (available immediately)

    Graduate of U.S. allopathic medical school seeking anesthesia residency position. Have completed PGY-1 (CBY) and PGY-2 (CA-1) training in anesthesiology but willing to start at any level. Available immediately. No geographic restrictions.
  34. P

    "Same rank level" on NRMP couples match algorithm - SOS

    Hello everybody! I tried looking for the answer to this everywhere could someone with information on this please help us out. The NRMP couples match video just barely touches a fact where it says couples have to be " ranked at the same rank level" to successfully match together. Me and my...
  35. M

    NRMP questions

    This is so confusing so let me tell you what happened after the osteopathic match today and then ask questions. I did NOT take the USMLE and did NOT match today. I applied to as many programs as I could in the scramble but haven't heard back yet, although I do have an interview on Thursday. I...
  36. G

    The Switch to NRMP

    As we progress to 2020, all the osteopathic programs that become pre-accredited and finally accredited will be trickling over to the NRMP from the NMS. I wanted to see if there is a list of the programs that have switched over already, and if there isn't we should start one right here. As far...
  37. G

    ERAS certification question

    Can I submit and certify my application tomorrow if my school has not uploaded my medical school transcript yet? Thank you.
  38. S

    Applying to EM, only 1 SLOE !

    Hi All, So I am hoping to apply to Emergency Medicine this cycle. I currently have a regular EM LOR, but I will receive my first SLOE by the middle of October ( finish EM rotation by then) and second by the middle of November. Is this too late in terms of applying because I won't have the...