MD & DO Incoming MS1s Nervous Venting Thread *Share Your Greatest Fear*

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Not an MS1, but im one of those people that suggests preparing for Step 1 from the start of school. Float by and pass your internals, but the more time you dedicate towards Step from the start, the better position you'll be when the time comes for the only exam that matters.

Use zanki from the very beginning, and use Boards and Beyond as you're going along, and you'll be in a superb position by the end of the year.

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Guys i just finished my 2nd day of classes. It's pretty bad lol. I'm loving the material but damn there is a lot and with the first exam on monday im shaking pretty hard in my boots.

are you at an MD school? Who the **** gives you an exam after 2 days of school?
Anyone else feel homesick already? I kept thinking “I can’t wait to move out, meet new people, & start a new journey.”

Now, I feel painfully homesick even though my home life wasn’t too great. (Tense relationship w/ family & haven’t spoken to best friends in yrs since they moved too).

I just feel uneasy since moving bc I can’t explore my surroundings w/o risking being mugged. No joke 3 blocks from the area is gang territory. I hope I dont end up as the med school’s next cadaver. D: