1. medflava

    Psychiatry Residency Interviews in Missouri

    Hi guys, Can you tell me if you had any Psychiatry residency interviews in Missouri? If so can you let me know how it went? These are the programs I can think of? 1. Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Program 2. St Louis University School of Medicine Program 3. Kansas City University...
  2. N

    AMA: DO Interview/General Pre-Medical Help

    Hey everyone, before anything, @Goro has an extensive guide to medical school interviews and one for DOs as well that you should all check out if you haven’t. I was blessed to receive 9 interview invites from DO schools...I attended 7 of them with 6 acceptances and 1 waitlist even though my...
  3. P

    Likelihood of getting more interviews?

    It's mid-December and I'm getting really worried. Here's the run down. GPA: 3.85; science GPA: ~3.80; MCAT: 510 (Chem/phys: 126, CARS: 128, Bio/Bio: 129, Psych: 127). I finished secondaries mid- to late September. I got a name change and became a US citizen some time over the summer and...
  4. V

    ***2019-2020 Integrated Vascular surgery 0+5 Interview invite thread***

    Finally time to start this thread for app season! Format like before: Date offer received: Program name Thank you all!
  5. M

    Anybody else list experiences in ERAS under the wrong category?

    Hi everyone, I submitted my ERAS application this Sunday, and NOW I notice I put a good amount of experiences under the wrong category. I proofread my experiences multiple times on different days and thought I was careful. I don't know how I overlooked the category originally selected. Now I am...
  6. J


  7. strappysandals


  8. D

    Job during interviews?

    Hi Everyone! I was hoping to get some opinions on my job situation. I currently work as a research fellow, and this is a 12-month position that cannot be extended. My 12 months is ending the first week of September. It is unfortunate because I have gotten a few medical school interviews for...
  9. ashway

    5 Waitlists... Any Advice?

    Hey guys. So I am currently sat on 5 post-interview waitlists after this application year. I applied to 9 schools and had 5 interviews. Here are my stats (I know it's long but just to give you a good idea): 3.85 cGPA, 3.95sGPA with 4x4.0's in a row my junior and senior year (got a 3.5 my first...
  10. M

    UCONN Post-Bacc 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen a current thread for UConn's post baccalaureate program for 2019-2020. Where is everyone in their application and has anyone heard back?
  11. Junior22

    Abdominal Transplant Interview Season 2019 for 2020

    Thought I'd start a thread with interview dates for abdominal transplant programs given the lack of information available with the new common application this cycle. Feel free to add. Cheers. Duke -- 3/7 Henry Ford -- 4/24, 4/30 Ochsner -- 3/11, 3/12, 3/13, 3/28, 3/29 (April dates forthcoming)...
  12. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  13. O

    Programs that don't screen using Step 1

    Hello all, Has anyone come across any community programs that have NOT used Step 1 to screen potential candidates for categorical GS positions? Does anyone have a good resource to look at potential programs in this way?
  14. J

    Western U Interview

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can give some insight into how the interview for Western U was? I know it is different for everyone but any information about what questions were asked, essay question, and how the interview structure /day was like would be extremely helpful!! Any tips and...
  15. boundlesscorpuscle

    Cancelling Scheduled Interviews

    I have been extremely lucky to receive many interview invites this cycle at a lot of great schools. I had originally planned on attending any interviews I received, but I hadn't anticipated how many invites I would get and exactly how expensive travelling would be. Now that I have an acceptance...
  16. toastytoes

    What now? After interviews, before ranks

    Hey, So mostly done with interviews, thank you cards sent, and getting ready to submit this rank list and find out already. What have people heard about communicating with your top choices prior to ranking? Is it standard to email your top choice and tell them they’re your number one? Top three...
  17. LizzyM

    How the Grinch Stole Interview Day

    All the pre-meds in Who-ville, liked interviews a lot, but the Grinch who lived just south of Who-ville did not! Now the Grinch hated interviews, the whole interview season. Don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. I could be that his suit was a little bit tight. It could be that his...
  18. M

    Interview Coaching

    Hi all premed students I am a PGY-5 Radiologist in the NJ/NY area who has been conducting interviews for medical school admissions for the past 3 years. After approximately 100 interviews, there are many applicants i wish i could have coached before they came for their interview. I would...
  19. M

    Interview Coaching

    Hi all premed students I am a PGY-5 Radiologist in the NJ/NY area who has been conducting interviews for medical school admissions for the past 3 years. After approximately 100 interviews, there are many applicants i wish i could have coached before they came for their interview. I would...
  20. U

    No texas interview [texas resident]

    Primaries submitted end of June Secondaries submitted end of July and first week of August MCAT: 512 [128 x 128 x 128 x 128] GPA: 3.6 cumulative and 3.6 science with upward trend and A's in most upper levels Do I have a chance or no? Edits: - 3 semesters teaching assistant (biology) and...
  21. A

    High stat applicant with no interview invites, just rejections/holds in November

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on how I should proceed at this point in the cycle. I'm a white male with a LizzyM score of 78 (3.89/522), disadvantaged applicant (grew up poor, single mother physically and mentally ill, full-time job since age 13) with a full-time (40+hr/wk) job in...
  22. P

    Tools for Scheduling Interviews

    I'm using Gmail and Google Calendar right now, but it seems a little overwhelming being attached to my phone 24/7 (or at least during working hours on weekdays), especially when I'm on interviews. Is there an app or program or something to help with this?
  23. T

    Is it too late for interview invites?

    I know it varies by school but I submitted all my secondaries by august 23rd and have only heard back from 3 out of 17 schools (with one interview and two holds). Does this likely mean that I won't be getting any more interview invites? I know I should just be patient but I am having trouble...
  24. O

    How long did you wait to hear back from an interview?

    Hey guys, about how long did you wait to hear back after you had your interview? Specifically UHCO but other programs as well
  25. E

    General Admissions & OTCAS St. Augustine OTD May 2019

    Hey, everyone! I applied to St. Augustine's OTD program for the May 2019 entry date (San Marcos). I was told that I'd hear back from them in about 6-8 weeks after applying. It's been a few days after the 8 week mark, and I wanted to know if anyone else has heard back yet. - Erin W
  26. H

    Help! Graduating in 6 years...drop out?

    (erased for privacy)
  27. S

    Out (as queer) during interviews?

    Hi All! Hope this cycle is being kind to you! I was wondering if you guys could advise me w/ regards to a question I’ve been agonizing over for a while: should I refrain from outing myself as queer during my interviews? Some context: this would not just be a random interjection. I feel like...
  28. S

    Fired for Diversion, found innocent, who will consider hiring

    Long story short: Worked for a chain pharmacy, as an intern up until the point I received a Pharmacist job offer full time. Two months later, I was accused of diversion, fired, complaint sent to the BOP, went to court, and I was later found completely innocent. The BOP response was that there...
  29. emgy

    Glaucoma Fellowship Application (apply 2018, start 2019)

    Anyone else out there applying to glaucoma fellowship? I thought I would start a thread. It is hard to know a ton about each program so if anyone has anything to add/share please do! Bascom Palmer Palm Beach (email 9/7) Interview Date: Nov 9 Boston (email 8/25) Interview Dates Sept 29, Oct 20...
  30. T

    Interview attire questions: engagement ring and hijab style

    Hi everyone, I'm a woman who wears hijab and also has been engaged for more than a year. I wear a simple diamond ring on my left hand, and swap between wearing my headscarf the "classic" way that looks obviously Muslim and a style that is more like a head-wrap (showing my neck). I'm a...
  31. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Update medical schools with change of plan?

    I was signed up to continue my fire education with a second class from September to November and I mentioned this in my AMCAS application and many of my secondaries for the "what're your plans" prompt. I've very luckily received 4 interviews as now. I couldn't schedule them so I wouldn't miss at...
  32. A

    Interview Invites

    Hey all, just wanted to make a thread specifically for 2018-2019 Interview Invites and dates to keep everybody in the loop. Here's mine so far: School: University of New England Invite Date: 8/23/2018 Interview Date: 9/21/2018 Stats: Undergraduate: University of Georgia GPA: 3.83 Observation...
  33. E

    What do optometry schools look for when screening you for interviews?

    Hey guys! Does anyone know what schools look at when screening candidates for interviews? Is it just GPA’s and OAT scores? My situation is that I don’t have a consistent grade trend. Some semesters I did well and others I didn’t. I also have some D’s and F’s that I’ve retaken a little too...
  34. Fel Cactus Fru

    Interview Rush

    In the past week, I've received 4 interview slots all for the end of August/beginning of September. What I'm worried about is having 3 in a span of two weeks at the end of August and having to miss about a week of school for them. All of the schools are at least a 5-hour drive there and back. I...
  35. futuredoc1020

    Official MD Interviews 2018-2019 Cycle!

    I was trying to look for a thread where people can post interview invites and decided to create one myself! Please write the school name, date of interview invite and date of the interview! Good luck everyone :clap:;):thumbup:
  36. H

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2020-21

    UPMC sending out interviews Indiana University filled Feel free to update any new information
  37. SoMuchMCATAhhhh

    Advice Heading into Interview Season

    Hi folks! Had some questions regarding the level of applicant I am for Gen Surg, and the types of programs I could reasonably be a good applicant for. Goals wise- I'd like to head into academics in the future, and do a residency in a bigger city (mostly as this provides my SO with good job...
  38. Eyelovesurgery

    Surgical Retina Fellowship 2019-2021 (applying 2018)

    With the target date of SF Match approaching, let's start the surgical retina thread for the interview season. Here is a google document (click link) to keep track of interview dates and to share information during the trail. Feel free to add pages and/or edit the existing pages to make this a...
  39. I'm_a_dogtor


    Hello potential readers for this thread! I have been submitting secondaries (typically within a week of receiving) and was wondering when interviews usually begin to be scheduled for the following schools: DMU, ATSU (KCOM AND SOMA), AZCOM, CCOM, HCOM, NOVA, PNWU-COM, PCOM, RVU-COM, UNE-COM. I...
  40. S

    How do schools normally hand out invites?

    Do most schools email or call? If they can't reach you on the phone, will they end up emailing? Asking because I will be out of the country in August and I'm afraid that I won't be able to receive calls. Thanks!