1. Bulliedinschool2doc

    New Medical School coming to California

    https://abc30.com/gavin-newsom-merced-uc-medical-school-gov/11166201/ Gov. Gavin Newsom is throwing his support behind UC Merced's effort to build a $210 million on-campus medical education facility. Newsom arrived Monday morning to speak with administrators and witness the university's future...
  2. D

    Unfilled GPR or AEGD Residency Seats 2021

    Hi! Is anyone that has started his or her GPR/AEGD residency aware of any unfilled seats in the program? There isn’t an official list posted anywhere, and emailing program directors has proven to be ineffective to. Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Help!: FIU HWCOM vs Creighton U

    FIU: Pros: 1. In state and cheaper 2. My family lives 10 minutes from the school 3. I did my undergrad here 4. High diversity 5. Good research opportunities 6. Community focused curriculum 7. High Step 1 scores Cons: 1. High cost of living 2. Low research funding 3. Driving to clinical...
  4. S

    University of Chicago's new MPH

    So I just got accepted to UChicago's non-accredited new MPH program. Like, I'd literally be in the first class ever. I'm basically posting this to see if attending this would be a bad idea. Obviously the school is good, but their MPH is brand new, and they don't pop up on the CEPH...
  5. G

    Loyola Chicago Post-Bacc May 2021

    Hello, I'm a 27 year old career changer stating my post-bacc at Loyola University Chicago this May. I'd love to connect with any other incoming students.
  6. Caffeine Matters

    MS4s going in to FM

    Just wanted to reach out to all my MS4s on SDN who are going through this unique virtual era due to Covid and need to connect with residents! Feel free to message me if you have questions about FM intern year. I am a current intern with a university FM program.
  7. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2021 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2020! Dear Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. I participated in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston program site in 2018. This year, I have again been selected to serve as an SHPEP Ambassador. My goal as an ambassador is to...
  8. yuh

    Been over a month and haven’t heard anything?

    Applied to ~25 schools and haven’t heard anything from 1 school sending secondary. It’s been over a month since I completed my AMCAS. I understand COVID is pushing back the schedule, but I haven’t even received secondaries from schools that don’t screen. Is anyone else in this position? What, if...
  9. M

    Why can't I add some medical schools?

    I am applying for the AMCAS 2021 application cycle and am unable to add a few schools which are not in my list. They appear grey, like if I had already added them to my list. l know that they're still able to be submitted for the next 6 months. Anyone else running into this problem?
  10. baigern

    2020-2021 Texas A&M Dental Post-Baccalaureate Program

    Didn't see a thread for this year's TAMCOD PBP application cycle so here's a thread for everyone that applied. Good luck to everyone applying!
  11. Menaisnassuos

    2021 CCM fellowship application

    Hi everyone, I’m a CA2 that is applying soon to anesthesia critical care fellowship. It seems there aren’t much information about the programs online. I tried to reach out to several programs and they all paint a very good picture about schedule and experience which might not be totally true...
  12. K

    Pre-Dent help!

    Hello All, I am a non-traditional student. I just finished my microbiology class at a community college and now transferring to a 4 year in January. I have all science classes left to finish.Biology I & II, Chem II,Organic I & II, Bio-Chem, Cell Bio, Genetics,Physics. I have it planned out to...
  13. F

    Hampton DPT 2021

    Starting a thread for c/o 2021! Has anyone heard back from HU?
  14. D

    Stockton University DPT Class of 2021

    Anyone on here committed to Stockton's DPT Program? Is there a facebook page?
  15. R

    UTMB DPT Class of 2021

    Hello, friends! In an effort to connect with future classmates, I have created a group on FB titled "UTMB DPT Class of 2021." To ensure you join the correct group, please double-check that "Chase Christy" created the group. Thank you and congratulations!
  16. W

    General Admissions & OTCAS VCU OTD acceptance

    Hey guys! Has anybody who applied for VCU regular decision been notified of acceptance yet? I received acceptance offers from other schools but their deadlines are going to pass soon....
  17. P

    Ohio State University 2021

    I am curious to see how many people have put a deposit down for OSU. Hopefully we can connect as there isn't a fb page or anything yet. Fell free to comment, etc.
  18. D

    SDSU DPT Class of 2021

    Hey guys! Just wanted to see if anyone has heard back yet from San Diego State? Also thought I'd make this to keep everyone updated for anyone interested in attending their program. Currently struggling with their essay and video portion. Any ideas for the video? What has everyone done for...
  19. I

    UMES C/O 2021

    Seemed like a thread for this class didn't exist, so I created it. The intention is to get familiar with all others that can't wait to begin their studies at University of Maryland Eastern Shore DPT program. Looking forward to hear from everyone that'll be attending in the Fall and what you've...
  20. Y

    University of Pacific Class of 2021 (Fall '17 Applicants)

    Hi ya'll, I realized nobody has made a thread for this year so here it is... Anyone submitted their application for Early Decision yet?
  21. S

    Need to get laptop for Dental School 13 '' or 15 '' Macbook pro?

    Hi everyone I am in the market for a laptop for dental school this August, and was deciding between the macbook pro 13 '' or 15 ''. However I haven't been able to decide between the two as I have never had a macbook pro before. Would the extra size of the 15" be hard to handle in dental school...
  22. N

    University of Maryland Dental School Waitlist Question

    Does anybody have a rough estimate of approximately how many people get placed on the waitlist every year at Maryland and if there is much movement for in state or out of state waitlisted applicants? Wanted to know for myself and others. Thanks!
  23. morrison18

    MUSOP Classs of 2021

    I will be starting the pharmD program at Marshall University in the Fall. I thought I would start this thread to get to know the people I will be studying with for the next four years!
  24. D

    EVMS Looking for roommate for 2017-2018 semester!!!

    I currently live with 2 ODU students (both guys) and we are looking for a 4th roommate to move into a house approx. 5 minutes from campus.
  25. whitwhit

    USC School of Pharmacy c/o 2021

    Greetings everyone, Didn't see a thread, so I thought one should be made. Did anyone get accepted? What's your status?
  26. J

    Accepted To Roseman Thread + Roommmates

    Everyone who's been accepted to Roseman, please post in this thread! I made this thread primarily because I am looking to make friends with my fellow SDNers and couldn't find threads dedicated to future students mingling. I am also looking for roommates if anyone is interested :)
  27. E

    UDM Waitlist Class of 2021

    Whoever is wait-listed at UDM, we can use this thread to give updates on our status over the coming months.
  28. W

    Class of 2021: Holding multiple seats.

    I started this thread to discuss those who hold multiple seats before committing to one school. If you can post what schools you are holding a seat and reason. In addition if you are interviewing soon at a school you would drop your current acceptance to, please share. PLEASE do not be specific...
  29. maverick313

    ****Official University of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry C/O 2021****

    I'm sure I haven't been the only one looking for this thread right??? I couldn't find one so I created one. If anyone is feeling rambunctious about connecting with classmates, feel free to create a Facebook page! I am NEEDING to study for a final right now and don't have the time to create...
  30. E

    Maryland or NYU ?

    Hey y'all - is anyone else in this predictiment? I just want to know other people's thoughts. I was accepted to both programs and I'm not instate for Maryland. Just looking for opinions from students or people who are also looking into both of these programs! Everyone always talks money about...
  31. D


    Decided to make this thread since it hasn't been made yet, anyone thinking of attending KGI? Or has anyone already been accepted?
  32. wcwhitty

    Interviews at UHCO and UIWRSO

    Anyone have feedback or tips for interviews at UHCO or UIWRSO? I have interviews at both coming up and I have looked at the interview feedback on SDN, but I am wondering if anyone has gone to an interview at either school this year (or last year) that could give some more tips.
  33. S

    WCVM/UCVM C/O 2021

    Hi guys, not much going on yet but thought I would start a thread for this year!
  34. Csadler

    VCU School Of Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Has anyone that applied ED heard from VCU yet? Also, what are everyone's stats?
  35. F

    Texas Tech Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Hello all, who is applying to TTUHSC SOP for Fall 2017?
  36. M

    ** Univeristy Of Texas COP 2021**

    Couldn't find a thread yet for the application this year for UT Austin! I submitted for early decision and wanted to see if anyone else is on here who did the same!
  37. Toothout

    **Official West Virginia University School of Dentistry Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    This is the West Virginia Thread. Who else applied here?
  38. LVKE

    ***The Indiana University Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Where are my Hoosiers at? DDS CLASS of 2019 1,508 Applicants 106 Accepted 71/35 Residents/Nonresidents 57/49 Male/Female 3.62 GPA Overall Average 20.20 Average DAT AA Good luck to all! I was first batch, the dates I had are listed below: Application mailed: 6/24...
  39. Mr.Smile12

    2017 **Official Case Western Reserve Univ School of Dental Medicine DMD 2021 Thread**

    Welcome to the Official Thread for Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine for the entering class of 2017 / DMD Class of 2021. This thread is being monitored by director of admissions, Dr. Emil Chuck, so keep all conversations here as professional in tone. Information for...
  40. Devastating

    Colorado State c/o 2021 Hopefuls

    It's finally time to start this thread! Who is applying? This will be my second time applying here. CSU is without a doubt the closest I've got to a "dream school" (not that I'd turn down an acceptance from a more affordable school :laugh:), so I'm excited to see what may happen as I improve...