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Jan 13, 2017
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Hello friends!

I'm new here, and I've never been the type of person to post on forums, but I genuinely feel very lost right now and would appreciate any input from folks who are pre-med / have gone through the med school application process.

My story in short:
I'm Canadian and I went to an Ivy League (not talking HYP), double majored in Human Bio and Economics. I always wanted to be a physician and so in college I took all the pre-requisites, worked in a neuroscience lab, engaged in social action / volunteering at the local hospital, etc. Junior year summer, wanted to explore life outside of what I saw as a very restrictive "traditional pre-med" bubble, and so went out of my comfort zone to explore finance and consulting. I became very interested in and took an internship in healthcare investment banking in New York, and after I graduated went back to work there full time because I felt as if I still had a lot to learn about the healthcare industry as a whole. Fast forward to now - I've realized that despite the perks of my current career in finance, I still want to go to medical school and ultimately practice as a physician, really connect with and help people in a way that I feel I cannot, continuing on in finance. Looking for advice on how I can do that in the best way while positioning myself to 1) not get deported 2) get a good look from competitive medical schools and 3) not waste any time being unemployed in the process

Other details:
-cGPA: 3.97 sGPA: 4.00
-Have not taken the MCAT
-would like to ideally transition to a job with fewer hours in New York so that I can stay here / still be earning an income while applying, but not continue to get slayed by banking hours and demanding culture

What are some of the factors that you guys would consider? Like I said, this is a total shot in the dark, but any feedback would mean so, so much to me. THANK YOU!

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Do more volunteering with patients, and service to others less fortunate than yourself, to show that the altruism is till there and driving you.

As a Canadian, you'll need to ace the MCAT.