1. I

    PSLF and moonlighting

    Hello, sorry to bring this up if it's been brought up before but we are running into this situation at my institution were we are trying to set up moonlighting opportunity for residents but don't know how to proceed with respect to compensation. We are technically paid by a non profit and the...
  2. O

    Speculating about loans and paying them off?

    Okay disclaimer: I’m a premed and just am having anxiety on how feasible it is to pay off my loans by myself if I go to medical school. So I recently read of a study where it said a majority of the medical students have parents who paid for their education. I will be taking out loans and...
  3. T

    Finance/business/consulting extracurricular involvement as a premed

    I am looking to join finance/investment/consulting orgs as a freshman premed. I'm interested in business/finance/management and specifically how it intersects with healthcare. Some of the clubs have a healthcare focus or a healthcare division. How would medical schools view this? Could they be...
  4. T

    Starting school with credit card debt

    Hi there! I am starting dental school this summer which is super exciting but unfortunately I have about $10k left in debt. This was a result of two cycles, dental assisting classes, and traveling for interviews. I know it was an investment. I was hoping my current job would have paid all of it...
  5. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  6. M

    Finance/Oil and Gas Dentist? Red Flags?

    Alright SDN I want to hear your thoughts. I am now a graduating senior at an above average state school. During my freshman year I kept getting in trouble with my school in the dorms. I was caught twice in the dorms with alcohol and received an MIP. I was also caught and arrested with a...
  7. C

    PSLF Guy

  8. DocConk

    What business-related concepts do you wish schools did a better job of exposing to medical students?

    My school has a Healthcare Management and Business Principles interest group that I help to lead, and I'm trying to find future topics for our lectures and group sessions. MY QUESTION: What business-related topics do you think physicians ought to know about, if they ever want to get involved...
  9. T

    Ex-Ibanker now resident AMA

    I worked in finance, made the switch to MD, now PGY-2. Happy to talk about career change, finance, existential crisises, etc.
  10. neuroace

    Do you know any MD that makes more than $9M/yr?

    Rumor has it they exist...
  11. frosted2

    Repayment options?

    Hello everyone, My SO and I will have about 500,000 in loans between the two of us once it is all said and done (all federal, interest rate between 4-7% on all). I put these numbers into the loan repayment calculator and the numbers are super confusing. For example, how in the world will doing...
  12. D

    How Much Does Medical School Actually Cost

    I was recently doing some math trying to calculate how much medical school actually costs, and the answer is kind of surprising. Assuming a student needs to borrow $60k per year in medical school and pays off the loans five years after residency, the student will spend approximately $360,000 on...
  13. B

    Any fellow financiers?

    I was wondering if anyone else is coming from an IB or other finance background. I did 2 years in Middle Market IB within a Structured/HY muni group and I’m now in a corporate banking coverage group at a Bulge Bracket as an associate. I was wondering how folks found the process. I have...
  14. W

    Free (Giving away) Free $2000 Investing Course - Only on SDN

    Hello SDN members--this is Buck Joffrey, MD board certified ENT and host of Wealth Formula Podcast. I just finished production on a personal finance course that I wish I had when I finished training. As a fellow medical professional, I'd like to offer you this course for free. Please use the...
  15. F

    I was out of college for 4 years.

    Hello to everyone out there. I initially dropped out of college after my first semester due to personal family problems. It has been 4 years and my family seems to be quite stable again. My parents encouraged me to go back to school and I wasn't a bad student either. I enrolled in CUNY Baruch...
  16. Piglet2020

    Financial Aid 'Award' - Loans after potential scholarship?

    I received my financial aid package, which offers ~50k in federal loans to cover COA. I don't see myself spending 2k on transportation, insurance, etc, so I probably wont take over 30k in loans. I have ~3 months to accept/decline this award. What I'm worried about is how merit scholarships play...
  17. MechEDoc

    Looking for someone to explain the business of emergency medicine!

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster. I am an emergency physician that works in a environment where I have no understanding of what is charged on my behalf or the cash flow of emergency department. I'm a pretty typical emergency medicine physician who sees 2 to 2.5 patients per hour. Given a...
  18. H

    Is it REALLY possible? Becoming a DPT while serving in the National Guard..

    Is it Really possible? Becoming a DPT while serving in the National Guard.. First off, this is my very first post on SDN - I have realized how valuable some threads on here are to others! Hearing from those who have gone down the paths that others want to go down provides people with incredible...
  19. F

    multiple government loans options?

    Hi, I'm a Canadian planning on applying to US DO schools this year. But I am really worried due to the tuition costs!! I know people get provincial loans (osap) + bank loans + family contributions but is it possible to get multiple government loans like osap + federal loan + bank loan...
  20. S

    Physician Compensation Annual Change 2010-2016 By Specialty (Medscape Compilation)

    While looking at physician salary there have been large changes year-to-year; and I wanted to get a more normative picture of how compensation has changed which might explain/predict trends. Below are the charts showing the change in salary in percentage and total amount from year-to-year for...
  21. Piglet2020

    Financing Med School

    Hello! I would like to learn more about loans/grants for medical school. I submitted my FAFSA yesterday. I don't think I would be eligible for free $ as my parents' income is over the need limit. So far, my state school hasn't sent me any info yet about financial packages. What should I do now...
  22. D

    post bacc advice for a finance major

    Hi SDN! I'm new to these forums, but I really appreciate reading all of your insights and advice. I am a 23 year old Finance/Economics grad from NYU Stern, and I have worked one year in an investment bank (trading) before something non-work related came up and I quit. Happy to elaborate on that...
  23. Piglet2020

    Med Merit Scholarships

    Do merit scholarship decisions come out around the same time as financial aid packages (~Spring)? Can it be combined with need-based grants/FAFSA? How likely do med schools give merit scholarships anyways? Is it just for top percentile students? I don't think I would get a full scholarship for...
  24. NIBC2017

    World's Largest National Investment Banking Competition: OPEN

    Hi folks, My name is Simon and my team is hosting the 2017 National Investment Banking Competition in Toronto, the largest investment banking competition globally for undergraduate and graduate students. Founded in 2007, NIBC attracts competitors from over 100 universities to compete for a...
  25. D

    Help with Major

    Any help would be appreciated. I will be a college freshman this year majoring in Finance at a pretty well ranked undergrad business school. I want to ultimately pursue medicine but am torn about whether I should stick to this major. I have heard that med schools don't like vocational majors...
  26. F

    Finance major for med school?

    Hey, everyone. High school senior here who will be attending college next fall. The title says it all. I have intentions to go to med school but not the commitment to major in a traditional pre-med school major i.e. biology, biochemistry since I need a back up plan, which in this case would be...
  27. E

    Why do Doctors work so many hours

    Just out of curiosity, why do Doctors work so many hours/week? I've heard some say in the next decade we will experience a shortage of doctors. If this is the case, I understand. But some say that the field is becoming over-saturated. Is it simply that some doctors work more hours to make more...
  28. S

    Free 110 page book : how to avoid scams, save money. Awesome.

    Hi This free book is just awesome. How to avoid scams and save money for international students. https://media.wix.com/ugd/654734_22e37f9a5dbb402daa2508abef1473ea.pdf Not just free and useful, but is also fun to read. So, so true the stuff the author talks about. Makes us realize what a...
  29. PB&Jam

    How did you go about making a budget?

    I will be entering medical school this fall, and I've gotten some pretty generous financial aid, but will still need to take out loans. I (luckily) didn't need loans for undergrad, and was pretty financially stable without making a concrete budget. The most "budgeting" I did was deciding to go...
  30. I

    Student Loan HAAAALP

    Hey guys, this is a completely self-serving thread, and for that I apologize. I just graduated pharmacy school, and am trying to put myself in the best position financially as possible. I also have found so much good information from this website, and know that by asking I will likely receive...
  31. A

    Loan advice + Specializing?

  32. N

    Research vs. Internship this Summer

    I have an offer from a major financial institution to do healthcare finance but I also have a research opportunity offer from a pretty prestigious program/university. On one hand, I think I will learn a lot in the healthcare finance internship, but I'm also afraid of appearing "unfocused" or...
  33. A

    Accepted to two private schools, need advice!!

    So I have been accepted to Western U and Roseman and am really torn now that the excitement has worn off and the price tag shock has really kicked in. I'm working on applying to a 3-year HPSP (missed the 4-year deadline) and hopefully the NHSC as well. Being that there are no guarantees to...
  34. H

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness 2017

    OK 4th year students about to match and blah blah blah. Time to think about loans and debt. What is the current status of PSLF? I'm seeing differing information on whether PSLF money that is forgiven at the end of the 10 years is actually taxed or not. Is there a cap on the amount of...
  35. L

    Disability Insurance

    Does anyone know of companies that provide disability insurance for first year medical students? Most of the companies I have reached out to do not offer policies until 3rd/4th year. I have contacted my school's financial aid office and am waiting to hear back. Thanks!
  36. L

    Loans :-( Fast payback?!

    Hi all, My topic is concerned with loans most of us aspiring doctors are all too familiar with and an important decision I have coming up. Let me start with a (somewhat) brief background: I have a very, shall we say, "different" background. I always wanted to be a doctor, did well in high...
  37. F

    MD Investment Banker Looking for Help

    Hello friends! I'm new here, and I've never been the type of person to post on forums, but I genuinely feel very lost right now and would appreciate any input from folks who are pre-med / have gone through the med school application process. My story in short: I'm Canadian and I went to an Ivy...
  38. kgab94

    BS in Finance to Medical School, do I have a chance?

    I am graduating with a B.S. in Finance in May of 2017 with CGPA of ~ 3.1 , I was previously an engineering major, but I really want to become a doctor. I learned that during my internship at a trading company as an analyst, I realized that I wasn't meant to be in the finance field but medical...
  39. G

    New blog

    Hey guys, I recently started a new blog aimed at trainees and young attendings. The goal of the blog is two-fold: increasing personal finance literacy and understanding healthcare finance/operations. I've been getting some traffic and subscribers mostly from Google searches but would appreciate...
  40. JoannePrada

    Any Financial Advice for Incoming Medical Students?

    I thought the thread for the award miles credit card was cool and was wondering if any current/former medical students had any other advice or hacks when it comes to life/education expenses in medical school?