1. B

    DO Student International Clerkships/Rotations

    Hello, I'm currently an M1 at a DO school and I was wondering if any DO students have successfully applied/completed clerkships in South Korea. Thanks in advance! Fwiw, I'm ethnically Korean and have family near Seoul.
  2. S

    SMP or something else after grad?- Anxious International Pre-med Senior

    Hi there! I'm a current senior very interested in med school, but definitely need to prepare before I even apply. For context: I am a male, Asian international Bio major at a T20 with a current cGPA 3.63 and sGPA: 3.4 and will likely remain so (kind of a weird trend neither up or down, kind of...
  3. Sushanth Alladaboina

    General surgery residency

    As a international student, it is very hard to get general surgery residency directly after doing MD So Is it easier to get general surgery If I apply for general surgery residency after doing my internal medicine surgery
  4. WildWing

    Forum Members Webinar - 2/13/2023 - Applying to U.S. Clinical Experiences and the U.S. Residency Match

    HPSA, the parent organization of the Student Doctor Network, is partnering with Education USA and AM Opportunities on a webinar discussing the U.S. medical school admissions process, obtaining U.S. clinical experiences, and the U.S. residency match: Date: February 13, 2023 Time: 5:00 PM Doha...
  5. W

    WAMC/School list: 4.0/527, International

    Hi everyone! I'm a junior looking to apply in the next cycle and wanted some feedback, mainly on my extracurriculars, and whether I would be competitive as an international applicant! All hours are those projected out to May of 2023, when I'll start applying. Thank you in advance for any input...
  6. Okita814

    Med School options as International student in Canadian University Undergrad.

    Hello, I’m a second year undergrad from Japan currently studying Molecular Biology in Canada. I’m an international student and after lots of consideration, it was deemed that getting into Canadian med school is impossible. I can’t get a PR quick enough and I don’t have the time to waste two...
  7. T

    Unique to-PhD-or-to-not-PhD situation before MD (with an international twist)

    I’ve scowered the forums and found similar situations, but maybe someone has insightful advice for my specific situation. Heads up- go get a coffee, it’s kind of a long one. Profile Age: 28 BS: Microbiology, minor Sociology, State University, 2017 Worked full-time throughout undergrad. GPA...
  8. D

    Applying to dental schools as a green card holder in the US

    Hello. I am just about to wrap up my 3rd year in a dental school in my home country. My parents have recently learned that they won the DV lottery. Sadly enough, I am way past my age limit in order to be eligible as a derivative. I'm planning to stay in my home country while my parents will try...
  9. kanoshuusai

    Any F-1 international applicants this cycle/current dental students ? What are my chances...

    Heyyy all, my first post here! I am an international student with a F-1 visa (just graduated from a US University) and I just finished my DAT few days ago. My stats: (DAT: 21PAT 24AA 24TS with 30 on Ochem -> which was my weakest subject during undergrads :cryi:so happy with this score) GPA...
  10. jyy3gx

    Korean Medical School vs. American Medical School

    Hello I am a non-traditional student who is planning to transition medical school. I used to be a premed in undergrad but gave up my 3rd due to the workload with engineering classes. Now I have been looking for different options and ended up with either doing a post bacc and go to a American...
  11. Z

    Any international medical student attending Caribbean med schools? Help Wanted!

    Hello, SDN fam! I hope people are enjoying a great start to the week! I’m working on a project for a student group and we would like to put on a panel where international medical students attending Caribbean schools can speak to our international premed students and share their experiences...
  12. N

    General JHSPH or LSHTM?

    Hi All! I've applied to the full-time MSc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM (not yet accepted) and the full-time MPH at JHSPH (I've been accepted). My goal is to work in international emergency nutrition - with a UN agency such as UNICEF, WFP, WHO or an INGO, USAID...etc. For JHSPH I...
  13. yokiguz

    Can I directly network with a school via email?

    I am an international/Canadian who will be applying to MD and DO schools next year. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to send emails out to some schools now. I have found 2-3 that I think I would be a great fit at and I am in the ~90%ile stat-wise according to the MSAR. I'd simply...
  14. C

    If a foreign dentist from India got accepted to a U.S. Perio Program, would they be able to practice Perio in the U.S., once they pass the Perio Exam?

    Once they have the perio certification, would they need to re-do their DDS/DMD in U.S. to work in private practice doing Perio, or is the Perio degree itself, enough?
  15. Z

    US anesthesiology residency - transition to UK

    Hi, I am currently in a US anesthesiology residency with possible plans for fellowship afterwards. While my hope is to work in the US after training, I have personal reasons that make me want to keep the option open of moving to the UK (where I am allowed to live and work) in the future. From...
  16. A

    American AEGD & Canadian GPR Programs (2021)

    Hello Everyone, I am currently an Australian dental student looking to pursue an American AEGD or Canadian GPR program in 2021, any information on program exposure (beyond what is available online) would be greatly appreciated. To clarify, I am not looking for licensure within the United...
  17. S

    RCSI Foundation year curriculum

    I got accepted to the 6-year medicine program at RCSI-MUB. I was wondering if anyone who has gone to RCSI and taken the foundation year could tell me about the topics usually taught. I will be joining the school after 2 gap years so I wanted to review the relevant materials and get a jump start...
  18. jwarren10101

    Do schools care about foreign masters grades?

    Hi all, I am currently doing a masters. I know that AMCAS does not have an option to upload foreign transcripts - but do you think schools would want to see my grades during this program?
  19. L

    Clinical rotations in US for international student?

    Hi all, I've posted previously about thinking about going to a European medical school after finishing up undergrad in the states. In short, I ended up going back to my home country and am now a 1st year attending Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Studies last 6 years and each summer we...
  20. D

    Becoming a dentist via nursing as an international student

    Hello. I am a foreigner. Originally I wanted to apply for Bachelors in Biological Science in order to work for one year in my specialty and apply for the Canadian PR. This was a preliminary for applying to dental schools because the tuition for foreigners is rather draconian. However, after...
  21. coconutts

    Best MD Programs for International Study?

    Hello, International study is something incredibly important to me, and I would love to be able to do work/study abroad during medical school. I was wondering if anyone knew of the best medical school programs for this. I have found that Weill Cornell Medicine is very strong in this facet...
  22. L

    US Student Looking to Study in Germany

    Hello! I'm new here and this is my first post, so please bear with me, but absolutely tell me if I should do things differently! I am a 2017 grad with a BS in forensic biology. I completed all my pre-med classes, but I tanked my GPA, which is why I have not bothered to take the MCAT or apply to...
  23. B

    Volunteering dentist

    Hello. I would like to ask you like an international dental student who wants to continue his education in the US and get license there after graduationin my home country is it a good idea to go in Egypt through AIESEC and volunteering there for 45 days in dental clinic, and get a certificate...
  24. S

    Going to Medical School Overseas (Not Caribbean)

    [If this is the wrong thread, could a moderator help me move it to the correct one?] Is there anyone here who had a profile that could have gone to an allopathic US MD program, but elected instead to go to medical school abroad (e.g. Europe, Asia) because they were sure they wanted to live there...
  25. B

    Better profile

    Hello. What I have to do to make my profile better and with bigger chances to accept me for the application to the dental schools for international dentists in USA ? Thanks
  26. B

    GPA for dentists ???

    Which dental schools do not require gpa for international trained dentists ? Or we dont need it at all ?
  27. M

    Decline in international MD/PhD acceptances

    I'm an international student planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the upcoming cycle. I knew this was going to be an uphill battle and that things would be stacked against me as an international student so last year I made a spreadsheet including every program that said they accepted...
  28. R

    F-1 International Student in USA - Advice

    I have noticed few international (non-USA) members here and there posting individual threads asking other members to comment on their chances of getting accepted into a PhD program or an internship (I know it is harder to get an APA accredited internship as an international student) or a post...
  29. D

    International Practice Rights?

    Pod student here. I understand that DPM is an American degree with no guarantee of practice rights abroad (heck, there's no guarantee of practice rights state-to-state), but I would be very interested in working in Southern Europe seasonally if not full time. Does anyone have experience with...
  30. B


    Hello. Like an international trained dentist who wants to practice in the US should I give the ADAT when I want to apply in dental school or its not required.
  31. B


    how long does the nbde scores are valid for international trained dentist ?
  32. B


    Hello, I am international trained dentist, can I get around 200k dollars like federal student loan(aid) through FAFSA or they wont give me so much money for my 2 year program.... cos i dont know any cosigner
  33. B

    Student visa

    Hello. When I am approved to obtain student visa and finish my education program for DDS/DDM how can I continue stay and practice in the US without going back to my country ?
  34. N

    Canadian Trying to Study in the States

    I recently received an acceptance offer. The next steps are to pay my deposit and try to figure out how am I legally allowed to study in the states. From my understanding, I need some type of Visa to study in the states for the 4 years? On the US embassy website it states: " Canadian citizens...
  35. I

    OMFS chances for non resident student (B.S. and DDS in the U.S.)?

    Hi I am interested in 4 or 6 yrs OMFS residency and I wonder how does my foreign residency change my chances of getting in. I know a lot of places require U.S. residency but is it just fewer programs accepting international students or you also need to outperform the other applicants a lot to...
  36. F

    Using STEM Extension of OPT for Residency

    Hi! I am an international medical graduate currently enrolled in a master of health informatics program with F1 visa. The master program is count as a STEM field for the 24 month OPT extension. I am wondering if F-1 OPT with 24 months extension, in this case, can be an option for a pediatrics...
  37. LindaAccepted

    Medical Writing About Your Experiences Abroad

    You studied, worked, or volunteered abroad and now you want to include part of this in your personal statement. Maybe you want to show that you’ve experienced a different culture or that you’ve managed to go outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ve had interesting experiences – met people...
  38. A

    International Student with Phd

    Hi, I am an International Student getting a Phd from the States. I just applied to med schools. Anyone else like me or similar?
  39. U

    (international) fork in the road.

    Before I get to my question I feel like it's vital to point out that I'm a US citizen with dual citizenship, currently in my third year of med school in a Mexican medical school in the national program. I plan to complete my internship and residency in Mexico, because I feel the hospitals have...
  40. C

    Specializing as an international student trained in US dental school

    Hi, I am currently a D3 attending an accredited US dental school. As you may have assumed from the title, I am an international student who has no US citizenship nor a green card. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will have any limitations in applying to specialty programs. I am specifically...