Jefferson Class of 2008

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Yes, they do. On their "secondary." My undergrad college puts your SAT scores, HS rank, and any scores of AP tests you released at the top of their transcript, so that is how I got mine.

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burlypie said:
I got a 2 bedroom to share (with whom I don't know yet...scary. But with my finances...) in Barringer. I haven't gotten my paperwork yet, but for those of you who know when your lease starts, was it what you requested on your housing form? I was a dork and said August 1 on the form, not realizing that I might want to get settled first.

Any clues?

Well, I got my Martin room (big suprise). My lease starts July 31, which is actually Ideal for me because that's when I'll be arriving. One of the advantages of living in a dorm is that I don't have to move furniture, so I think I'll have enough time to get settled in during orientation.

As for summer plans, I'll be in Mexico! :hardy: I leave KY on July 7 and then fly directly from Mexico to Philly July 31. I'm excited, so excited. :D I'll spend about half my time volunteering in a free clinic and studying medical Spanish and the rest of the time lounging on the beach, snorkling, etc. :thumbup:
I'm not doing anything too interesting this summer although I wanted to go the Olympics and tour Europe - Unfortunatly, the Games start after we are in school. However, I'm getting to do something I really enjoy - working with a youth sports program that I have worked with for the last 2 years. I've got some small trips planned as well.

What are you guys doing about furniture? Just buying second hand stuff? Are there any good clearance/warehouse places around Philly/South Jersey?
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Hi all future Jeffersonians! I'm so excited for August, but I have a desparate request. I'm moving on Saturday (July 3!) from one place about 3 blocks from Jefferson to a place 2 blocks from Jefferson (and 5 blocks apart) and being the weekend of the 4th, am having trouble drumming up helping hands and muscles! :(
If you are already around Philadelphia and want to meet at least one other classmate that will be forever indebted to you, please let me know! I have a moving van and only one bedroom of stuff (bed, couch, that kind of stuff) and my new building has an elevator. If you're willing to donate your hands and muscles for one afternoon, please let me know!
You can email me at [email protected]

P.S. I found my apartment through Todd the apartment guru ((215) 922-2480) and he's awesome!
I won't be down in philly until mid-July despite the fact that my lease starts tomorrow. I will be living off campus about 10 blocks away.

As for my summer, it has been kind of dull. Nothing too exciting. I have been hanging around Long Island. I did go to the U.S. Open at Shinnecock, which was more fun than I thought it would be. I might go down to Hilton Head for a week, but that is still up in there air since my financial situation right now isn't very strong. I have been working odd jobs to try to get some money together so that I can get the transmission on my car fixed. Which brings me to a question: is anyone bringing their car to school? I'm fairly certain I won't simply because parking is expensive, but I haven't completely decided yet.

In terms of furniture, check out and I can think of at least 2 Ikeas in the area. All my furniture is already down there waiting for me to take it out of storage (I need my dad to come with me to rent a van, since I am not 25 yet).
One word will solve all of your household needs: IKEA. I have priced out my enitre apartment's worth of stuff, kitchen included, online and the grand total is $800 . . . not too shabby.
Still in italy, having a blast!
I went to Europe (France, Switzerland, England) for about 2 weeks. It was awesome, life-changing actually. Now I'm back on Long Island doing basically nothing.
I'm definitely going to be buying most, if not all, of my furniture from ikea. I :love: Ikea! Glad to hear everyone else is having a good time as well!
is anyone been checking their jefferson email? i was checking mine on occasion and logging into the pulse but there was never anything there. Then yesterday I logged in and there were 70 emails going back to april! There was even a request for my white coat and name tag information. i'm panicked!
Acc333 said:
is anyone been checking their jefferson email? i was checking mine on occasion and logging into the pulse but there was never anything there. Then yesterday I logged in and there were 70 emails going back to april! There was even a request for my white coat and name tag information. i'm panicked!

I'm a latecomer to this who thing, but I can't seem to log into my jeff email. I received the email from IT services about the whole pulse thing. I can log into pulse, but I cannot log into jeffmail. I just assumed that it would take a few weeks for my account to be created.
My computer deleted the e-mail we got re how to use Pulse, get Jeff e-mails, etc. Can someone tell me where you log onto the system, how you log on (system ID, password), etc.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to meeting you guys.

Also, for those of you who got computers, it seems as if several got Dell. Did you get any advice from Jeff about buying a new computer? If so, whom did you contact.
i didn't get much help re computers, but i know jefferson has a discount with dell if you order their system.
i think they must be having email issues b/c my account used to both send and receive and it hasn't been able to receive anything in the past month, although sent mail hasn't been returned. weird
Thanks. Does anyone else know how to get the campus key or if Jeff offers help in choosing a computer?
Call IT. They'll send you your campus key & password.

On the computer, they have a deal with Dell, but it's not a very good one. If you have something to use for the first month or so, wait, because they sell off old campus computers for dirt cheap at school sales. If not, get whatever computer you like best, Dell or otherwise. If you can't afford it, call Financial Aid, they will increase your student budget for it.

I'm getting a mac. IT said any computer should work fine.