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This thread is making me even more anxious. I am on a High Priority waitlist and just sent them a LOI. I just want to be in already. I loved Jefferson!!!:scared:

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To give you an idea of what how many people are currently holding Jeff accepts: Notes from the Feb 11th 2004 meeting (I got this off the JeffLINE):::

ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE:: (for this current app year)

7599 applicants, 1.5% more than last year
294 accepts offered, 264 holding
22 accepts offered to children of alumni, 21 holding
14 MD/PhD, 13 holding
36 Minority, 34 holding
Does anyone know how many were interviewed? Also, when the big movement for the waitlist begins? Cannot wait to hear...
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I'd guess most of the movement starts after May 15 when those holding on to multiple acceptances must give up all but one. Good luck.
I am also anxious to hear about a waitlist decision. My apartment lease here in philly is up on May 31. I would love to be able to finalize a decision and look for other housing options before then. I can also put all of my stuff (furniture, etc..) into storage locally while I spend the summer back on long island. My reason for being anxious is a matter of convenience.
Sooooo, there seem to be a lot of us from Norcal (especially San Francisco) and I was thinking it might be kinda fun to get together for coffee or something. PM me if you are interested!
I am VERY anxious about the Jeff wait list. I am on the high priority wait list. I have asked this before but does anyone know any specifics about the high priority wait list compared to the regular wait list. I heard that it just gets you before the committee a little sooner but not sure. DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW?
Hi, sorry I don't know anything about the waitlist at all as far as what the priorities mean. Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out well in the end!
For what it's worth, I think that a lot of people get in off the waitlist each year. My host when I came for the interview said that she and most of the people she knew got in off the wait list. I think your chances are good, just hang in there.:)
Has anybody found decent off campus housing yet? I was thinking about Victory, but it seems a little costy. Maybe we could get some roomates together?
So . . . second look is fast approaching. I have a non-refundable ticket to philly and I HAVEN'T HEARD A PEEP from Jeff. Anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone heard anything?! Who would be the best person to contact? Thanks!
I called the addmissions office about this today, they first told me that they had no plans to send us any sort of confirmation. Then, when I asked for a list of potential hosts they said that they would be e-mailing them in a couple of days (w/in the next week.) I was thinking that maybe if we have trouble finding hosts, some of us might want to split a hotel room. PM me if you're interested.
DOes anyone know what the class schedule looks like for the first year? I read another post at some point and was left with the impression that, aside from anatomy lab days, we'll be out of class by noon or 1.

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Hey y'all,

New to SDN, but wanted to give a grand hola to fellow Jeffites - I'm gonna be in the first year too! Woohoo!
Hey all ya Jeffites who will be at second look, Celticmists and I were talkin about trying to arrange a little SDNers gettogether. Who's game?
i live in philly and if a bunch of future jeffites want to get together, i'm game!
Yeah, people to hang out with! Another question, what is everyone going to wear to the dinner thingy on thursday? I'm going casual on friday (hopefully I'm guessing right). For the people in philly, how is the weather?
cold. it's still in the lower 40's and 50's here, but hopefully it'll be low 60's by april if that helps. it's pretty unpredictable, but it shouldn't be terribly cold.
Does anyone know anything about Victory housing? It seems to be the most aesthetic of the buildings, but also possibly very expensive. I guess my question is more does anyone know how much it costs to live there?:confused:
Hey all my second-lookers!
So if we actually intend on hanging out afterwards it might be good if we knew what each other looked like! Long, light brown hair, brown eyes, 5-foot-4, quasi-tan (first name is Lindsey).
There's so many damn options on this SDN thing...I feel like I can't concentrate on any one spot for too long cuz of all the moving smily faces. Goodness.

Anyway, is the Victory building even being offered yet? I was under the impression that it's not quite finished. It's not listed yet in the housing section of the jeff website. But it'll be expensive and a half though for sure.

And I can't make it for the Friday festivities, but I'll be at that welcome thing on Thursday - I'm the gorgeous 5-footer asian female with the *gasp* black hair and brown eyes. ;)
I'm 5'7" caucasion, mid-length curly dark brown hair, brown eyes and freckles.
When is this second look weekend? I just interviewed last week, so I won't find out if I'm admitted, waitlisted, or rejected until next week at the earliest.
Has anyone received any info about a student host for the second look weekend? As of Thurs., I've haven't heard anything. I got the "agenda" e-mail, but nothing about the host thing yet.
I checked into Victory. It is no longer considered to be student housing. If you want to live there, you have to do it completely through Philly Mgmt. Also prices start at $1000.

So see you all at Barringer or Orlowitz.
Originally posted by SJBX
Has anyone received any info about a student host for the second look weekend? As of Thurs., I've haven't heard anything. I got the "agenda" e-mail, but nothing about the host thing yet.

I got the host list e-mail on Thurs just before the agenda e-mail. If you didn't get it (it was also attatched to a tour group form), they may have made a mistake. I'd e-mail adn ask that they send it to you again.
I don't see anyone's signatures changing; whats up?
so victory housing is definitely out? it was listed in the housing brochure i got this weekend...although there were no prices listed.

ps. is everyone going to the dinner on thursday as well? or just friday?
I'm going to the dinner thing on Thursday, though the question of dress still remains unanswered. So what is there to dooooo in Philly? I have all day thursday and I have already done the liberty bell thing . . .
depends what kind of stuff you like, as to what there is to dooo here in philly :) there's the art museum, camden aquarium is right across the river by penn's landing, and there's tons of good shopping right around the jefferson area actually (chestnut and walnut towards the higher numbered streets). pats and geno's isn't too far, and neither is south street (more shopping!). if anyone wants specifics, just ask!
Where are people staying Thursday night for the second look? I am having trouble finding a host. Thanks!
I'm having the same problem. Their host list seems too small (in my opinon) for a second look weekend. I think it is the same one they sent for the interviews. I have no clue how many people are going to attend, but even if 25% of accepted students are going this weekend that's nearly 60 students that would probably like a free place to stay.

Luckily, a friend of mine lives in Philly, so assuming I can't get a host, I'm going that route. Good luck, see you later this week.
What I meant to say is 25% of the 228 of each class (I know schools accept more than that), ok, I'll shut up now, you get my drift.
Hotels in downtown Philly are pretty pricey, ~160$/night! However, I just got on Priceline and nabbed a room at the Holiday Inn Historic District for 50$ (sat night.) Check it out people.
Not sure if this appeals to anyone, but if anyone wants to stay at my apt (I live with a couple other girls and my cat) for Thursday night, they're free to do so. The only catch is that my bf flies in Friday morning so the offer's only up for Thursday night. Since I gotta drive to the airport Fri morning, I can just drop you off at Jeff in the morning. PM me if interested.
Alrighty, can't wait to see all of you on thursday/friday. I'm heading to philly early tomorrow morning so I will be unreachable after today. Hope we can all hang out, I'm finally 21 so now I can actually check out the scene in Philly (I was 20 and 11/12 when I interviewed, sad huh). Anyhow see y'all there!
Is there anybody else who can't make it to Philly this weekend?
so how was the second-look thing tonight? I was hoping to make it and I'm so upset that I can't. Anything exciting?

Have fun tomorrow!
I was just accepted today, so it's too late for me to get to Philadelphia this weekend. (despite the "Location" field over there, I am in CA this month.)

It looks like I'm missing it. Those who went, let us know what happens. :)
Some have asked how the second look was, so here is a brief summary.

Thursday night - Reception - They had those sandwiches they gave us on our interview day, plus some other food (fruit, veggies, dip, etc). And beer, too. Not much went on here, just go to socialize with some people who might be your classmates. Some Jeff faculty and administrators were there (the dean, Dean Callahan, Grace, etc). Some people said their faculty interviewers were there. Some current students, including the 4 student admissions coordinators. I don't know what others thought, but I liked it, it was neat to get to meet some other people who were accepted and talk to some current students and faculty.

Friday - Started off with a breakfast (bagels, juice, muffins, yougart, though they forgot the spoon (Grace H. did get some later)) and a talk by one of the deans of student affairs. Just talked about the curr. and his office and what they do. Then, went to the Clinical Skills center. One doc showed us this dummy they have that they use to study the heart and each of us got these these stepthoscope things that had infrared boxes on them. He would program the dummy to have a certain cardiac disease, then we could all hear how it sounded. Sorry, its not the best description. Another doc, Dr. Berg talked to us about the standardized patients (60) that they employ and how Jeff incorporates them into our training. He also talked about the Clinical Skills center in general and the importance of being very observant, taking time to listen to you patient, and maybe most importantly, about the qualities of a good doctor/what a good doc does. He was GREAT. You can tell he absolutely loves his job. I wish I could hear him again or see him in action in the clinic.

After that, there was a doc who along with some students back in the 1990s, started the Jeff HOPE program. He talked about homelessness, Jeff Hope, and saw a power point presentation about Jeff Hope. Probably the best part was a slide show that he showed us of pictures that men with substance abuse problems took of things that had meaning to them. It certainly put a certain aspect of reality on this topic and a "face" on the people he was talking about.

After that was a lunch and we didn't even have to eat those sandwiches again!!! A good hot cooked meal. Again, some students and administrators there.

I had to leave after that, but they had tours of the peds, family practice, ortho, surgery/er (you picked one before) and housing after lunch. It was worth going to and I had a good time. I'm going there, so I was just trying to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy it.
Thanks for the update, SJBX!
Originally posted by pjm
I was just accepted today, so it's too late for me to get to Philadelphia this weekend. (despite the "Location" field over there, I am in CA this month.)

Congratulations!!!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

I really enjoyed second look, all the faculty that spoke to us were wonderful. It was clear that they really had a passion for both medicine and teaching. I also met many really cool fellow students to be and current students, I look forward to spending the next 4 years with these people.

I also toured one of the Orrowitz 1 BR apartments and a Martin dormroom. I thought that the apartment was really nice and had a great view. The Martin room was a little shabby, but bigger than I expected, with a fairly nice kitchen down the hall. I spoke to a couple of students who live in Martin and one of the desk managers. The students seemed pretty happy, and allayed my concerns about it being noisy. The desk guy had worked in all 3 housing buildings (not Victory), and said he liked Martin the best (things got fixed faster, etc.) He also said that the students tended to interact more with thier neighbors who include people from all the different programs in the University. The students told me that everyone was on a different schedule, so they never had problems getting a shower or whatever. I also learned that there's no shortage of Martin housing, whaile there are only like 12 efficiency apartments.
So anyways, I think I'm gonna opt for Martin, it's so much cheaper and I won't have to worry about moving/buying furniture.
I got my financial aid package in the mail today. I guess it was what I expected, although it doesn't make me any happier ;)

$50K in loans
$1K (heh) in grant

estimated budget is $56K

What #'s have you guys seen/are you seeing when you are getting your FA package?

PS-thanks for the second look update. How many people attended, would u say?

PPS- My EFC was 25K cuz of my husband. Also I am waiting on FA packages from 2 more schools, so for those of you waiting to get off the Jeff waitlist, within a week or so, I should be withdrawing if I get a good deal at the other 2 schools. Good luck!
Hey all! I just got that wonderful phone call from Dr.Callahan that I was accepted! And I only interviewed last week! I am totally psyched to be coming to Jeff (I grew up outside of Philly). Sucks that I missed the second look weekend but thanks for the recap. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.:love:
I got my financial aid package too. I got nothing...just the maximum in Stafford loans...about 44,000 worth and my EFC was only $55. I'll probably be withdrawing Monday for all of you waitlisters...hope someone gets my spot!!!!
Does anyone know what Jefferson requires / offers in terms of online work? Of course I've been through pulse, which seems useless. How about notes, slides, ect though?

I've also wanted to go mac for awhile now, but doubt it would work with the wireless system.

The only person I know at Jeff uses an old desktop, which seems to suit her fine. I'm thinking I might go the same way to save $. What are you all doing?