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kim: reapplicatoin

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Jim Henderson, Aug 23, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    Jim Henderson 10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
    I was waitlisted at UCLA and Univ. of Michigan this year. In retrospect, I think that I
    should have applied earlier.
    I am reapplying again right now, and I need to know what kind of job would improve my
    chances of admission.
    I have volunteer experience in a hospital and also in a molecular bio. research lab.
    Should I stick with research, since this was my area of study at school?
    I continue to do volunteer work. My gpa is 3.6 and my mcat is 32.
    Thank you for your help!
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  3. drhenderson

    drhenderson Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 24, 1999
    Columbia, MO, USA
    Kim, your GPA and MCAT are excellent. Did you only apply to UCLA and Michigan? Your
    credentials should get you into most medical schools in the country. The schools above
    are two of the most competative schools in the country. There are many excellent
    schools out there. Did you apply to others. I think the problem may be that you need
    to apply to more schools, rather than do more work or research.
    Could you please follow up with how many and which other schools you applied to?

    Jim Henderson, MD of

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