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  1. A

    LECOM Alternate/Waitlist 2020-2021

    Thought I'd create a quick thread for LECOM alternate/waitlists since it seems like loads of people are on it and the general thread is getting pretty long. While we wait for movement, maybe we can share where we're waitlisted? and if we're on the waitlist or alternate. Alternate at LECOM SH...
  2. T

    eaps and dual linkage advice?

    First time on here! Any advice on early admission apps?
  3. meowthmeister

    LECOM Early Acceptance Advice

    Hi! I’m honestly super confused about LECOM and med school in general, so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I‘m a 24 year old non-traditional Pre-Med (so bio) major anout to finish my first semester of my sophomore year. I have ~700 hours of “shadowing”, but this was...
  4. P

    Renting LECOM Erie; House for Rent

    Hi everyone! 2015 LECOM School of Pharmacy grad here, with a 4 bed 2 bathroom house for rent. Only about 50 steps away from the parking lot of campus (closer than Laurel Springs across the street)! We just recently purchased my life-long best friend's house, and are getting things...
  5. B

    LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy Class of 2023

    I started a thread for the LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy class of 2023. I received my acceptance on 09/25/2019. Feel free to post questions/comments. Please no negative/derogatory statements/comments or you will be flagged. I started up a Facebook group: Log into Facebook | Facebook
  6. A

    LECOM - Elmira, NY campus

    This is a new LECOM school opening in Elmira NY. Does anyone know how the rotation sites are or if they have any input on the pros and cons of this campus? Should I apply to a more reputable location like LECOM-erie, Pennsylvania or should I apply to this new york campus? not sure what to do.
  7. C

    [DO] Touro-Nevada vs LECOM-Seton Hill

    I am honored to have gotten two acceptances in this cycle to Touro Nevada and LECOM Seton Hill. Honestly, I've heard many things about LECOM on both sides of the fence, but not much about Touro Nevada (this campus in particular). I have to make a decision in a week, so I've decided to turn to...
  8. T

    LECOM Elmira: Anyone know if it will be in this cycle on AACOMAS?

    I know LECOM Elmira set a goal to start 2020, and I assumed it would be like LECOM-B and involve a separate application. Anyone know if there is word about a common application (as Erie and Seton Hill are combined)? Or better yet, any word that there were indeed no delays and will open on...
  9. R

    What are my chances? Recommendations?

    I'm sort of at a crossroads here and I'm not sure what my next move should be in terms of preparing for my dental school application. Any advice/tips is greatly appreciated... Undergraduate GPA: ~3.1 (I had one semester where I really f*cked up, for various reasons. I had 3 F's and a W this...
  10. F

    Post-Bach Programs for Re-applicant LECOM vs. OSU COM

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some general advice on my situation. I have a number of conundrums. Any constructive advice is most welcome. Thank you! My Stats: B.S. in Biology from University of Wisconsin Madison (2017) Certificate (Minor) in Classical and Near Eastern...
  11. Orion Pax

    Lecom Erie vs Pcom Phillly

    Hi everyone, I've been blessed to have been accepted to both programs for the fall of 2019. I'm trying to decide for sure which acceptance I want to take and would appreciate any thoughts anyone would like to add. I am leaning towards PCOM for many reasons at the moment. Would appreciate any...
  12. D


    Hello! I'm a current MMS student and most likely going to go the LECOM-B next year, because of the conditional acceptance that's tied into the masters. Just to clarify the 3rd year the school sets up your rotations for you and they are going to be your core rotations. 4th year you pick elective...
  13. DoctorDay12

    DO My chances?

  14. B

    Does LECOM-E have good match results?

    https://lecom.edu/content/uploads/2018/08/LECOM-2018-Match-Report-updated-8-1-18.pdf This is the most recent match results for 2018. I see that a decent percentage of students matched into allopathic residency positions. Does LECOM have a history for putting student into a good position to...
  15. N


    Hello everyone, I am a rising junior and am currently on the fence about LECOM's Early Acceptance Program. The program would guarantee me a seat at the school as long as I finish the required classes and keep the gpa at the level they want. However, the program also requires that I do not take...
  16. M

    Just started- terrified (LECOM LDP)

    Hi! I'm a fresh LDP Medical student at LECOM, and i'm absolutely terrified. I just need some advice. And to know I'll be okay. I want this so, so bad. And i'm so scared I'll lose it. I want to be a doctor. I've wanted to be a doctor for a long, long time. And I don't want to fail. It's my...
  17. medstudent1215

    Lake Erie COM Setton Hill Interview Coordination

    Hey, I was hoping to make a thread specific for coordinating some travel expenses together for hotels, transportation, etc. I guess I'll start off by noting that I am interviewing on 8/16/2018, and am interested in splitting a room with one or more people to minimize costs.
  18. C

    LECOM SH Interview

    hi, I am reading that others recieved an interview offer for LECOM SH where they got to pick a day in August they wanted. However, I got offered an interview about 2 weeks ago and they automatically told me to come 7/20. I’m wondering why my experience was then giving me an exact day this...
  19. 0

    LECOM Distance Pathway

    I have a 3.1 GPA and I scored 80 on the PCAT. What are my chances of getting accepted to LECOM's distance pathway? Should I retake the PCAT and try for a better score?
  20. Snickerdoodle1996


    does anyone know if LECOM requires a DO letter post interview? It was mentioned years ago on an old thread but there website says it is not required.
  21. H

    Anyone preparing to apply to LECOM in the upcoming cycle?

    Hi all. Was hoping to start a conversation about LECOM for those of us planning to apply during the upcoming cycle (summer 2018 start). I am coming at it from the perspective of a non-traditional student looking at the distance pathway, but would love to hear conversation from all sides.
  22. abtazz12

    Just received a LECOM secondary application email, to start class in 2018...?

    I applied to LECOM last year, to start this year, and got a rejection e-mail. I decided to apply again this year (to start next year, 2019). I completed the AACOMAS application, and got verified, a few weeks ago (in May). Well, today I received an e-mail from LECOM telling me to submit a...
  23. W

    LECOM Erie vs. Bradenton?

    Which is better?
  24. Stanelz

    *** The Official LECOM Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Hey guys it's that time again! To everyone applying to LECOM, good luck and I'll see you guys on the interview trail! LECOM begins interviewing in July* and conducts most of their interviews from September through January with smaller waves from January through March Acceptances typically go...
  25. snakeplant

    LECOM-B or CUSOM? help! pros and cons list

    Greetings so I am a Florida resident and im having trouble deciding where I should go for med school. What would you guys do? Thanks in advanced! note: have paid the deposit at LECOM but not at CUSOM yet LECOM PROS: 1 hour from home $32k tuition good match list will potentially get to room...
  26. F

    PBA class of 2022

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have any recommendations or tips for PBA? I think I will be accepted to be part of 2022 class. I’m between PBA, NOVA and LECOM. Which one is better?
  27. F


    Hello everyone, I have a decision to make and that is to attend LECOM-B Pharmacy's program or FAMU's pharmacy program. I only applied to these two schools and kind of limited myself but since these are my options now that I was accepted to both, I am not sure which school is best. Obviously FAMU...
  28. F

    LECOM-Bradenton vs. VCOM-Auburn

    I have interviewed at both schools and really liked both. I'm having issues deciding. I learn best via conversation, talking things out. So the Lecture style at VCOM versus the PBL at LECOM isn't as cut and dry a choice. In the lecture, I am listening for hours. In PBL I am reading all day...
  29. A

    LECOM rotations

    I heard that in LECOM 3rd year - one has to take the rotation, and then shelf exam and then also an internal exam worth 20% of marks. Has anyone heard that? Is that a good practice? Has the rotation issue been all sorted out at LECOM - Erie? Seems form other posts that there used to be an issue...
  30. Z

    LECOM D1 student AMA

    Ask me anything, I am glad to help with any questions you have of LECOM.
  31. D


  32. abisho15

    LECOM Post Bacc 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hey guys! Haven't seen a thread for this yet so figured I'd start one. Has anyone else applied for the post bacc yet?
  33. anatomicalagb


    I have an interview in February at the Bradenton campus and was wondering if there were any current students or applicants that had anything to say about the school/interview process positive or negative?
  34. anatomicalagb

    LECOM-B Interview

    I just got an interview at the Bradenton campus scheduled for February. Does anyone have a link for an interview thread for LECOM or know what the interview will be like?
  35. Saint Richie

    Need Help Deciding on a School

    Since the beginning of December, I've been in a bit of a bind. I received acceptances to VCU, LECOM, and Nova. Obviously, only one of them can be chosen, but I suppose it would be best to get other opinions. Despite being a Florida resident, VCU seems to be the cheapest option since LECOM and...
  36. C

    LECOM Bradenton, Rotations (2017)

    Hi all, Recently accepted to LECOM-B. Curious about the quality of rotations as of 2017 (and if anyone knows if it's improving). I'm determining quality by likelihood of getting out of the Bradenton area, and into a decent hospital. If anyone can share ideas on which sites are available/good...
  37. abtazz12

    What are my chances for LECOM-B, and how can I improve them?

    Hello everyone, these are my stats: B.S Integrative Animal Biology (2016) Minor: Chemistry GPA: 3.63 MCAT: 498 (second attempt); 493 first. Volunteering: >200 Florida resident I am also about to graduate from a medical assisting program. I did this in hopes of gaining more direct patient care...
  38. abtazz12

    DO What are my chances for LECOM-B, and how can I improve them?

    Hello everyone, these are my stats: B.S Integrative Animal Biology (2016) Minor: Chemistry GPA: 3.63 MCAT: 498 (second attempt); 493 first. Volunteering: >200 Florida resident I am also about to graduate from a medical assisting program. I did this in hopes of gaining more direct patient care...
  39. P

    LECOM Post Bac or MBS at RWJ?

    I have been accepted to the LECOM post bac and RWJ MBS program. I am having trouble deciding which one to attend for my gap year. Any advice/suggestions please?
  40. Dockt0rOktopusz

    LECOM Bradenton vs TouroCOM Middletown? Urgent! Deadline Tomorrow

    Hey everybody, I've been an long time on/off lurker here but I need your help and wasn't sure who else to turn to, this late in the game! I've been accepted at TouroCOM Middletown (I was part of their master's/postbacc program) and even put in the deposit. However, I just got off the wait list...