Long SOM (UT San Antonio) vs. McGovern (Houston)

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May 3, 2022
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I have currently been accepted to both Long SOM and McGovern and am having trouble deciding between the two schools.

Long SOM:

I have been offered a full-ride here, so I would be able to graduate without debt. I really enjoyed my interview here, but I've never been to San Antonio nor do I know anyone in the city.


I've been living in Houston for the past four years and developed a support system here. I also know the city and I know some of the people I will be attending medical school with. Also, proximity to the TMC is a huge benefit.

In the end, I guess my decision boils down to whether the advantage of a support system and knowing some of my classmates outweigh the debt I would accrue from attending McGovern. Or whether the clinical sites at McGovern would be superior enough to justify paying to attend. Any perspectives on going to medical school away from a location you know or from experiences at either school would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Jan 21, 2016
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San Antonio is a city of 1.5 million with more in its metro area, but seems less urban than Houston and the TMC. There are plenty of clinical and research opportunities. Cost of living is similar but you would be able to drive your car to school in San Antonio.

Your decision is debt - vs - friends and support system, as you said.