1. F

    Possible dismissal after being neglected by my school

    Currently going through one of the worst times of my life. I currently go to what I believe is a lower-tiered school (ton of issues i will bring up). I'm supposed to be in year 2 of school but I received my dismissal letter on monday. Already sent in my appeal letter and waiting for a date for...
  2. peanutbutterprincess

    500 MCAT SCORE

    Hi, if anyone has any stories and/or experiences matriculating at a medical school (MD/DO) with a 500 on MCAT (or near 500), please leave a comment down below!
  3. I

    MD schools that value an MPH

    Hello, I am currently finishing up a 4+1 MPH program and applying to medical school during the 2023-2024 cycle. I am curious if anyone could recommend MD schools that would really value this background in public health. Also, my concentration is in PH Nutrition so I would love a school with an...
  4. N

    Chances for top-tier IM residency?

  5. J

    3.381 GPA with Incredibly Strong Upward Trend

    Life was complex right out of high school. I joined the Marine Corps, enrolled in college, and also applied for and was accepted to Marine Officer Candidate School and contracted as a pilot for the Marine Corps. This was January of 2018 when I started college. My obligations to the Marines were...
  6. E

    Long SOM (UT San Antonio) vs. McGovern (Houston)

    I have currently been accepted to both Long SOM and McGovern and am having trouble deciding between the two schools. Long SOM: I have been offered a full-ride here, so I would be able to graduate without debt. I really enjoyed my interview here, but I've never been to San Antonio nor do I know...
  7. K

    Tulane vs. Indiana

    I am struggling so much trying to decide between these two schools. I am from Indiana so I have an in-state tuition rate, but I recently received a scholarship from Tulane that makes the COA about the same for the two schools. I went undergrad and did my master's at Tulane- I have fallen in love...
  8. Perchperkins

    Do medical students and doctors have time to pursue hobbies and have a social life?

    Hi folks! Hopefully I’m posting this in the right section. I’m a premed student and I love science. However, I also have other hobbies like painting, creative writing, hanging out with friends and what not. I understand that medical school is very demanding and that many students become burnt...
  9. Perchperkins

    Had a terrible semester as a 2nd year premed student - I feel kinda discouraged :/

    I doubt anyone's really going to want to read a sappy pre-med student talk about their grades, but feel free to stick around if you'd like. My first and second semesters of college I did quite well. I had A's, I was on campus and I was doing extracurriculars and what not. Since COVID hit and...
  10. velvetcoffee

    Transfer or not during Covid-19

    Hello all, I am current student at Texas Christian University (TCU), but I am thinking of transferring to Vanderbilt University. However, I have a perfect GPA at TCU as a rising sophomore with research opportunities and others activities lined up. I also have connections with professors from...
  11. M

    taking diff classes that put on amcas/secondaries

    If I take a diff english class than the one I put on amcas/my secondaries, what happens? For example, I was going to take writing in the medical sciences, but now may take something unrelated to medicine due to my schedule. Would I have to tell med schools?
  12. G

    Medical schools with condensed preclinical curriculums

    Does anyone have a list of the medical schools currently offering condensed preclinical curriculums? Preferably only 1 year preclinical curriculums? And does anyone know how long these schools have had these types of curriculums? Were they established recently or further back? Are they reliable...
  13. Y

    Is this an efficient way to study for my surgery rotation?

    Hello, So here's my situation at the moment: I'm currently on my surgery rotation in medical school and I have to study a big textbook in the next 6 weeks (when my evaluation is scheduled) while I also have to answer questions daily on the wards about anything my tutor wants that day (I can be...
  14. C

    Hard time during Third year help

    Hi guys, I need some help. I'm a new third year on psych consult service. I was asked to preform an observed H&P with an attending on a patient s/p suicide attempt and was super nervous as I've never talked to someone about this sort of thing before. I asked all the residents for their advice...
  15. D

    HELP: Current DPT student that wants to go to medical school.

    Hello all, I am currently going through a miniature crisis. I just completed my first year of DPT school and to be honest, I am underwhelmed. I want to do more, I want to be responsible for more, I want to be challenged more. I always had the thought of being a physician in the back of my...
  16. A

    Giving up medical school because of mental illness?

    I am a 4th year med student. Recently diagnosed with Bordeline personality disorder. I am depressed too. At the moment I am using antidepressants and receiving medical attention and believe I can finish medscholl. I am at the top 5%in my class. I am smart..But seriously considering if I can be a...
  17. M

    Is it possible to study for both the dat and mcat at the same time?

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased dat Bootcamp and was wondering if the bio, gen chem and o chem is the same for the mcat. I know that both exams have differences as far as pat, physics, bio chem, and math, but I wanted to know mainly for bio, gen chem and o chem. Thanks everyone!
  18. M

    Is it possible to study for the MCAT and DAT at the same time?

    Hi everyone. I purchased DAT Bootcamp a while ago and have been studying to take the dat. I wanted to know if the topics in bio and chem and Ochem will be the same for the MCAT. I know the dat has different topics like PAT and Calc and Stats and the MCAT has physics and Biochem, but let me know...
  19. Grimjow

    Azerbaijan or Turkey for med school

    Hello everyone I am a first-year medical student in Azerbaijan and I want to practice medicine in the US. However it worries me that I won't be able to build a necessary "foundation" let's say to do well on Step1. Do you guys think studying in Turkey instead would alleviate that? Is the turkish...
  20. C

    Chance me!

    hmu if you're down to chance me for medschool and ill give you my stats! thanks :D
  21. D

    Community College Coursework

    Basically, I’m already enrolled and have spent a year in a 4-year college. Unfortunately I dropped my gen bio last semester due to certain circumstances. Anyways I’m planning on taking gen bio at a community college next semseter while still taking all my other science courses at my regular...
  22. MeatballParmHero

    EMT Certification- should I do it?

    Hello all I am planning on getting EMT certified my freshman year of college by taking night classes at a local community college along with my undergrad studies. I've shadowed doctors in high school, primarily senior year, and most have said that this sounds like a fantastic idea...
  23. M

    personal statement help!

    hi! i just made an sdn account because i'm kinda desperate for some personal statement help! i have professors who are willing to help but i'm not really happy with where it is yet. i have been struggling for a while so would really appreciate any sort of feedback. happy to swap and read over...
  24. M

    The best way to prepare for the new MCAT (even though I do not have a strong foundation)

    Hey everyone! Whats the best way to study and prepare for the new MCAT? I do not have a very strong foundation in any of the sciences because I am a nontraditional student and took most of the classes a few years ago at a community college. I am not sure where to start.. Kaplan, Exam Krackers...
  25. M


    So I had a undergrad cGPA 2.9, sGPA 2.319, but I am currently in SMP with a 3.6 GPA; still continuing in SMP for 1 year. I will probably be re-taking Orgo I and II for 3rd time at university as a non-matriculated student since I had passed with Ds in undergrad. Also, I still have to take MCAT...
  26. H

    Current active duty Officer thinking about medschool

    So long story short, I am currently an Air Force officer with a BS degree in Behavioral Science -- Human Factors from a military academy. I always had a feeling I would end up wanting to become a doctor and unfortunately didn't decide until just recently. With that said, I need to take some...
  27. T

    What are my chances for med school?

    3.95 gpa Neuroscience and Molecular and Cell biology major at University of Arizona. 508 on MCAT 126 c/p 127 cars 128 bio/biochem 127 psych soc I also am a texas resident and my dad went to Tulane for med school, so I get an interview. Should I retake the mcat? thoughts?
  28. TaintedCactus

    My University isn't letting me advance in math or science

    My college, University of California, Riverside, won't let me advance in math courses because I'm an Anthropology Major and it's not required. I can't because of this even advance into science courses (bio, chem, ochem, physics, etc.) and this really messes up my dreams of attending medical...
  29. wizarddoc2213

    Temple (St. Luke's) vs. USF Morsani (SELECT)

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone care to share any insight on these two programs, which one may have an advantage over the other, and/or personal experiences? I'm a PA resident, so Temple (St.Luke's program will be slightly cheaper, especially with the St. Luke's 10k scholarship). For Temple's program...
  30. P

    What are my chances into getting into med school and what should I do to increase my chances?

  31. chemdoctor

    More W' or what

    Currently doing horrible in Bio and Bio Lab. Highest I can get in Bio Lab is a C+ and that's if I get a perfect. Doing horrible in Bio right now. What should I do? Already have one W over the summer with Orgo. Going through some personal family issues. Advice? I wasn't gonna drop Bio Lab... Help?
  32. R

    MD & DO give it to me straight

    Hi! I am a first semester junior at a really good university. My freshman year first semester I was stupid and took calc 3 when I couldnt handle it and got an F. Since then I have not received below a B in any premed class and one B- in a class for my major. I am doing well on the MCAT practice...
  33. M

    MCAT Spring 2018

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to create a feed for those of us who are/will be preparing to take their MCAT in Spring of 2018. I was hoping we could possibly exchange ideas on study plans, materials that will be used to study, etc.
  34. N

    30 yr old Nursing Home Administrator going to Med School...

    Hey Everyone, here we go. Would love some advice / encouragement on this. On the verge of making a massive change here at 30 years old. Since graduating college at the age of 21, I dove straight into the business world after graduating with a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration with a...
  35. S

    AAMC FL2 Question for Biological Sciences (HELP!!)

    Hey guys! I'm currently stuck on this question that I posted below. How can you analyze the "rate" of histone acetylation by western blot? From my knowledge, I thought Western blot just shows you whether the protein is there or not and the relative amounts (compared to control). Why...
  36. S

    Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everyone! I'm currently stuck regarding who I should pick to be my letter of recommendation. I'm applying to only Canadian Medschools (I live in Canada). Here are my options: 1. Research (did research for 3 years at a hospital and got 3 publications) 2. Science professor that I know very...
  37. I

    MCAT Crisis: In over my head?

    Hello guys, so I wanted to get some advice on a difficult situation I have found myself in. I graduated this last year with my bio degree with the hope of taking my MCAT at the end of the summer after full-time studying to get it over with before taking my 2 gap years. I had a lot of hope after...
  38. S

    Am I too old to become a doctor?

    I am 24, I will be 25 this coming September. Medicine and ballet have always been my top things. I'm alone in the world now after helping my mother battle lupus, but she died last year. I endured a very abusive household that didn't allow for me to study the way I wish I would've been able to...
  39. AcornFactory

    Most med schools don't require calculus anymore, right?

    I'm not majorly concerned about any of the other med school prerequisites....but calculus scares the **** out of me. I've successfully avoided math entirely unto this point. Now I'm in an algebra class, and that's fine, I'm getting an A; but I honestly think that I'm not capable of going up to...
  40. thenor

    Does sociology count as a non-science for letters of recommendation for med school?

    Hi Everyone, I developed a great relationship with my Intro to Sociology prof, and she enthusiastically agreed to writing me a LOR. Does sociology count as a non-science? I understand that it's a social science course. But we didn't do any actual typical "science" stuff in the class. It felt...