1. M

    Interventional Radiology Electives Advice

    I'm currently a third year medical student looking to apply to integrated IR and will probably apply to DR as a backup. So far I have done my psych, IM, and peds rotations, and am working on building an elective plan for fourth year. I don't have a home program, but was wondering if anyone had...
  2. M

    How many electives before ERAS submission?

    General question about M4 planning. It seems like several specialties (ENT, derm, pmr, etc) expect you to do at least 2 electives in the given specialty of interest. With all other requirements (step 2, sub-I, EM), it just seems difficult to realistically squeeze in 2 electives before submitting...
  3. Asclepius293

    3rd Year Elective - Interest in EM

    Hey all, In the luck of the draw, I'll be starting third year on elective. I'm limited on what I can choose from due to not having completed core rotations. To add to that, the emergency medicine elective is not available for my elective month. Any advice on what might be beneficial at this...
  4. H

    Anesthesia elective

    Can you please help me find an elective/clerkship in Anesthesia. I still didn't apply for a program as most universities require Step1 scores or do not accept international visiting students. If you know any program please let me know
  5. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  6. D

    Letter of references from different specialties

    I am interested in going into Family Medicine , but was also considering PMR as a specialty, therefore I have been mainly applying to family medicine elective rotations but also a few PMRs. I just got accepted to a PMR specialty for a couple weeks, and was wondering if it would be worth it to...
  7. D

    Canadian Electives compared to US electives.

    When i reach year 6 in my med school (m4 equivalent) , i am supposed to go to the US to do USCE to gain experience and get some LOR's. Came to my attention that i need ALL my core clerkships to be done by the time i apply , which isnt possible since in my school , we do some core clerkships in...
  8. D

    IMG looking for california summer electives + residency

    Hey there, i'm a 4th year medical student in Ireland, lookin to do my summer electives and possible residency in california or Hawaii. As i am looking for elective positions at the moment, it seems to me that most californian medical schools won't accept IMGs for elective positions. Does...
  9. medshousing

    Renting Marshfield Wisconsin short term housing New Listing on www.MedsHousing.com

    New Listing on www.MedsHousing.com "Perfect location for all medical professionals located in Marshfield Wisconsin. We are across the street from UW-Marshfield and 5 minutes from the Marshfield Clinic. We have 4 bedroom, 2 bath suites available- you can rent either one room for $400/month or...
  10. C

    Need Elective Scheduling Advice!!

    Hi everyone! I'm an IMG (from one of the top 5 Caribbean schools) about to finish my 3rd year in August. I won't be applying for the match this year as I want to be able to apply with a complete application (I wouldn't have my CK scores in and I probably wouldn't have even taken CS by the time...
  11. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  12. N

    IMG low step 1 interviews

    Seems like every IMG on this site has scored a 250 who is getting IVs. Would like to hear the experience of those with lower scores. I had a disappointing 219 on step 1. I'm an undergraduate in my home country. I only want to do neurology but I don't know how much of a red flag that score is...
  13. P


    I am an final year international medical student, willing to pursue IM residency. My quick question is which one is better: 1. Total 2700$ for 8 weeks - to work with a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist at a private clinic 4 weeks each- total 8 weeks. 2. 5250$ for 8 weeks to work at FIU...
  14. A

    International undergraduate dental student internships

    Hey! I am in the middle of my second year BDS and I was looking forward to doing an internship/electives in the US when I would be in my third year. Is anyone aware of any internships that accept third year international students?
  15. R

    USCE or research? which one is better for radiology?

    Hello, I am a last year medical student at a foreign medical school. I am planning to apply for radiology residency in the USA. I am in a desperate dilemma and I want to hear your reflections on it. As you already know USCE is said to be a 'must' for IMGs and I have been trying to get one but...
  16. G

    FIU PT Majors + Pre-requirements

    I'm applying to FIU because it's 12 minutes away from my place. I had a stressful time looking trough the majors, and trying to find something related to PT. These are the recommended bachelors in their page: Psychology, Sport & Fitness Studies, Recreation & Sports Management, Biology. (They...
  17. K

    Green book vs. blue book rotations

    Does anyone know if there are any inherent disadvantages (perception as less than green) for doing blue book electives. I will do enough green book to be licensed in all 50 states, but the rest blue. I want to match IM, not interested in prestigious programs (literally just want to match), am an...
  18. D

    Canadian applying for US electives...do I need a visa?

    I'm a Canadian studying in Europe (4MD program) applying for US electives for January to May 2018. A lot of these application forms have a section to fill out about visas but do I need one as a Canadian to do electives in the US? Do I leave it blank and apply after I've been accepted for the...
  19. R

    Electives for IMG

    Hello all, I am an International Medical Student from India and I am in my final year. I did all my core electives in India and I will be graduating in August, 2017. So, I am looking for clinical elective opportunities either in June or July. I gave my USMLE Step 1 and I will be wrting step 2...
  20. K

    Electives - which will help if any?

    So I'm trying to decide on electives for my senior year of college because I have a little wiggle room with credits. I'm wondering if I should just take whichever class interests me or if any of these will actually help with medical school (and admissions) and/or the MCAT. Options are...
  21. K

    Medical Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance for Elective in U.K./Ireland???

    Hi, I'm a medical student who studies in the EU with Irish citizenship and I'm married to a U.K. Citizen. I have always been able to get medical indemnity coverage through MPS for clinical electives in the U.K. and Ireland. However, as of October 2016, they have stopped covering citizens who...
  22. C

    Preparing for Rotations after Gap Year? 3 Months to Go. What Do?

    Hello, I am finishing up my gap year (research) and will be returning to 4th year in about 3 months. By this time it will have been an entire year since my last rotation (psych :/) I will be starting my first sub-i on inpatient Internal Medicine. Does anyone know of the best ways in which to...
  23. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...
  24. EMwolf

    4th Year Critical Care EM Elective Necessary?

    I read a lot of the previous elective questions on here and the general sense I get is that most would recommend spending time off if possible or doing lighter rotations. That seems really appealing to me but I have next to no direct critical care exposure in my required med school curriculum. I...
  25. nembry

    can you take the pre-reqs as electives for your degree?

    I'm thinking about majoring in Psychology so I am curious if you can take all of the med school prereqs as electives for the degree? The curriculum for Psychology doesn't include any of the med school prereqs so I would not wish to take extra courses. Basically I'd like to not have to take over...
  26. J

    Applying IM without IM electives?

    Tried to post this in another thread, but didn't get any responses. I'm an MS3 who just decided to apply internal medicine in the fall. I have two elective spots prior to ERAS submission (July and August), and plan to fill one of those spots with my IM sub internship. The other I am planning to...
  27. B

    George Washington vs. Columbia

    Hi, I'm a US international medical student (3rd year) and my medical school offers us an opportunity to do an elective at one of 7 US medical schools we are affiliated with. My top 2 choices are GW and Columbia but I'm having trouble choosing between them. Here's how I see it: GW: pros: Heard a...
  28. NYUyankeezfan

    VSAS - Med Schools vs Hospitals

    Hey all. VSAS allows you to apply for rotations with hospitals or medical schools. What exactly is the difference? If you apply for a school, say New York Medical College, does that then allow you to get placed at one of the school's academic affiliates? Thanks!
  29. pegasus4999

    Indian medical student who wants to do clinical electives in the USA. Please help.

    I'm in my final year of MBBS in India. I plan to do clinical electives in the US soon. Please help me out. I have not taken any USMLE steps. I'm going to take TOEFL soon. I have no time to prepare for USMLE Step 1 right now. I know some universities ask for that but i don't think there's a way...
  30. ru4real1666

    Fourth Year Medical School Electives

    I'm posting in the general surgery forum because I'd like more information on what people think are the most important electives/subinternships for a to-be surgeon. I will be applying on orthopedics, but I would like to have a strong foundation in managing complicated patients, especially...