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  1. M

    Non-trad MD worth it to do EM and global health?

    Hi all, Long time lurker on SDN, but this is my first post. I am a 40yo public health researcher with a PhD, trained as a social scientist. I started college at 17 as a pre-med but nearly failed physics my first semester - I was devastated because I figured I wouldn't be able to excel on the...
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    Volunteering abroad

  3. D

    Psychiatry residency programs with global health involvement

  4. A

    Applying Without US-Based Clinical Experience/Shadowing

  5. K

    WAMC-American student getting master's abroad, potential MD/PhD path, applying this cycle

    Year: I am currently in a non-science, bilingual (Spanish and English) two-year master’s program in Barcelona, graduating this July and likely defending March 2021 (instead of Sept 2020 so that I can use my student visa to stay in Europe for a WHO internship fall of 2020, if that still happens...
  6. S

    Malaria-resistant red blood cells for malaria patients?

    Infectious disease docs, Do you recommend transfusion / exchange transfusion of malaria-resistant RBCs for Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients (especially now that parasites are becoming drug-resistant)? Some background for those unfamiliar with malaria: Type O RBCs (universal donor...
  7. EpiLover12

    MPH Thank you for helping me choose schools!

    I have chosen.
  8. S

    CFHI Hawaii Experience?

    Hello! Recently I came across a program through Child Family Health International that would allow me to travel to the Big Island of Hawaii and learn about the impact of non-communicable diseases and healthcare on the native Hawaiian population. I found it very interesting as a global health...
  9. T

    General 2019 PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program Applications

    Old post
  10. N

    need suggestions for M1 summer

    Hi guys, was wondering if you can help to offer some advice for the upcoming M1 summer year. I am not sure what sort of commitment I should put into this brief 2 months period. I think our schools offer a good variety choices for summer but the degree of research is limited and a good number of...
  11. Setih

    Navy Global Health AQD

    Has anyone gotten the Global Health AQD? I am confused, asides from the USU online course that is not taking any students at this time, is there any other course that can fulfill for the AQD requirements. If anyone knows or has successfully obtained this AQD, would appreciate the gouge! Thank...
  12. S

    MD vs MD/PhD?

    Hi there, I'm seeking friendly advice from people who have considered both MD and MD/PhD programs. Before you jump on me for not knowing if I want to do a dual degree or not and telling me I can't do it halfheartedly...I know. That's why I'm here. A bit about me: I've been pre-med since high...
  13. Asclepius293

    Global Health Opportunities in taking a year off med school

    Hey all! I am curious if anyone has taken a year off in order to complete global health related studies in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th years of med school. I was thinking of either applying for a fellowship, research opportunity, or pursuing a one year masters in public health. The...
  14. sushi18

    Pros/Cons of MD in the Public Health field?

    Hi there, I am a non-traditional pre-med conflicted as to whether or not to pursue an MD. I have always been interested in public health, and want to devote my career to improving the lives of disadvantaged populations. Perhaps I want to have my cake and eat it too, but my dream is to be doing...
  15. Y

    Which MPH PROGRAM - BU, PITT, NYU, Emory

    Hey Guys! I have been deciding which MPH program to commit to. My options are Boston University MPH, University of Pittsburgh’s MPH program, NYU MPH, and Emory MPH. I’m planning to concentrate in Health Policy & Mangament. Any advice or suggestions, trying to decide. Thanks so much for all...
  16. anytimer

    Does this class count as BCPM or Health Science?

    I am unsure of whether or not these courses fall into BCPM or Health Sciences. The courses are as follows: Medicine 180A: Chinese Medicine – Its Cultural Origins and the Impact of Modernization (4 units) Medicine 180B: Integrative Medicine Practices in the Chinese Healthcare System (4 units)...
  17. B

    Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family, Reproductive Health vs Emory University Global Health

    Hi all, I have gotten into two excellent programs and am stuck deciding. I am currently working as a consultant in Kenya and won't be able to attend accepted student day or visit campus before the fall. I got into Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family and Reproductive Health and Emory...
  18. 6

    Any schools with strong public health programs?

    thank you!
  19. K

    PA's in Global Health

    Hello. I am having some trouble with the whole MD or PA decision. I would like to practice medicine, this is a fact. But, I'd like to be a provider to populations overseas in rural communities etc. I want to travel. Does anyone know anything about PA's in Global Health? Or can only MD's...
  20. K

    Global Health vs. MD vs. PA

    Hello. I am having some trouble deciding what to do after undergrad. I am EXTREMELY interested in Global Health and I'd like to be able to diagnose patients as an MD. Are there any residences/global health tailored medical schools in the USA? I'm having trouble finding these schools. Any help...
  21. N

    A word of caution to anyone considering the Cross-Continental MPH at NYU.

    I am in this program now, currently in Accra, Ghana. I gave up other more established programs to be here because I wanted the experience of living abroad for a year. However I believe I was severely misled about the program and want to warn anyone who is starting to think about their...
  22. thelampking

    Wilderness / Expedition Medicine

    Hey hey hey! I'm interested in wilderness medicine. Dream job: trekking up mountains while being able to practice medicine. It combines my 3 passions: medicine, fitness, and travel. Close 2nd dream job: Doctors Without Borders or another international health aid company. 3rd: FEMA (or something...
  23. ChinaCalHeartWatch

    Wanted: Global Health Students interested in Yunnan, China

    Interested in learning about the healthcare system in Rural China? Want to travel and experience new cultures? We are currently looking for students for our 2017 Winter Externship Activity from Dec.15-28th This is an exciting opportunity for premed students interested in medicine, especially...
  24. ChinaCalHeartWatch

    Healthcare Organization Global Health Opportunity in Yunnan China

    Interested in learning about the healthcare system in Rural China? Want to travel and experience new cultures? We are currently looking for students for our 2017 Winter Externship Activity from Dec.15-28th This is an exciting opportunity for premed students interested in medicine, especially...
  25. MedDesigner

    MD/MPH or BME ?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a non-traditional student looking to get deeper into the medical field. I was an Industrial Design Undergrad and focused on Medical Technology. I created a technology, no working on licensing for rehabilitation tech for deaf and hard of hearing. In my undergrad I focused on...
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  27. P

    USC Master of Science in Global Medicine 2017-2018

    Hi guys! I haven't seen this thread yet, so I thought I'd start one :) I just got accepted and I'm really excited to start. Has anyone else heard back? Are there any current students that have advice about the program?
  28. begoood95

    Voluntourism and adcomm cognitive dissonance

    Here is a quote by @Goro that I have heard here many times, on a post talking about volunteering abroad: How do medical schools square that opinion with the fact that many have a "global health" program? You say, and many other adcomms say, that pre-med students going abroad is...
  29. D

    Is a 7 year MD program worth it for someone interested in Global Medicine?

    Hello all, I am a new member, long time reader of these forums and have seen several posts regarding 7 year medical programs with pros and cons. The one I am considering is in my home state and would have me transfer schools for my junior year and then begin MS1 the following year. This...
  30. kalaylay

    What are my chances? - MPH, Global Health, Anthropology

    Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this thread...I'll list my info followed by my schools of interest! Info: (large US public university) Anthropology Major Psychology Minor Highly Selective Research Program Minor Major GPA: 4.2 Overall GPA: 3.7 (one bad grade first year, all A's since!) 3...
  31. rpflash100

    PhD Looking into PhD programs and running into problems looking for faculty

    One of the main reasons that I am pursuing a PhD program is to fill a large research gap (Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in MENAP; mostly Farsi-speaking areas though). But, there's a large gap there because not many people are researching it, which makes finding faculty to talk to, and...
  32. A

    Non-traditional and confused as hell

    Hello all, This is the first time I've ever posted on here so lets see how this goes. I recently graduated from a four year university (Boston University) with a major in International Relations. I started pre-med but was convinced by some friends that I wanted something easier (typical first...
  33. E

    Is social epidemiology right for me?

    Sorry I'm longwinded, but bear with me, I'm currently working at a prestigious internship in Public Health, while there my research mentor suggested to me that Social Epidemiology might not be the best end goal for me and what I want to do. I like working with people, talking to people...
  34. A

    MPH Which MPH Schools/cities connected to large international health organizations?

    Hi, I am interested in MPH programs with a Global Health focus, but I also want to go to a school where they are well connected or have opportunities with some of the largest International Health organizations, like the WHO, the CDC, USAID or renowned NGOs as well. Which schools would be best...
  35. S

    Personal Statement Based on Global Health

    Is it a bad idea to base a personal statement for medical school around wanting to work abroad in developing countries for international organizations, as medical school seem to be more inclined to accepting students interested in staying in the US, working in the US and giving back to their...
  36. R

    Masters Global Health In the UK?

    Hi, I am a third year student in biology/international affairs student at a top 50 university in the US. I am interested in doing a global health degree abroad and was looking at masters programs at Imperial College London, University College London, LSHTM, and Oxford. I was wondering how much...
  37. is_this_name_taken_yet

    Spanish or Global Health minor?

    I am a freshman undergraduate student and am considering a minor in either Spanish or Global Health. There is only enough room for one of them in my schedule and I don't know which would be better. Both are interesting but Spanish comes with the possibility of being able to speak another...
  38. younggotti

    Global Health, ID Fellowships as DO

    Posted this over in Pre-osteo but realised I might have a better time w/ responses over here. Hey all, I get that MD=DO and that you can practice abroad as a DO in a bunch of countries and join medical missions to basically all there are, but would anyone happen to know how international...
  39. N

    RN for MPH -Epi vs Enviro vs Global

    Hey Everyone, I have read a number of posts and researched a decent amount on my own, but keep going in circles trying to decide which concentration to pursue! I am applying for MPH or MSPH programs currently and am torn between Epi (or Global Epi), Environmental/Occ (with Global focus) or...
  40. P

    Global Mental Health fellowship at UCSF

    UCSF Department of Psychiatry is offering a two year fellowship in Global Mental Health starting July 2016. Fellows will complete mentored rotations at Navajo Nation and Nepal while obtaining an MPH from UC Berkeley and receiving a longitudinal curriculum in GMH from UCSF faculty. You can read...