1. thelazyvaca

    Buying a house, a practice, and paying off school debt — losing sleep. How?

    Optimistically please, How does a future pediatric dentist pay for a home, a practice, and pay off $500,000 worth of school loans in Texas? Is it doable? What am I missing here? No family and young. Will I ever be able to have the lifestyle where I am able to have financial independence? The...
  2. P

    Canadian DO Applicant Are my stats good enough?

    Hey Everyone! I'm a Canadian student with gpa 3.45 (increasing trend) and a 508 mcat with 500 hours of tutoring and DO shadowing. Am I competitive for DO medical schools? Which DO medical schools should I apply to? Please if someone could guide me it would be great.
  3. D

    PA or MD for an older applicant

    Hey Everyone I’m at a bit of a crossroads. A little background I’m 28 right now and have decided to go back to school after working as a medical technologist for the last 3.5 years. However I’m a bit conflicted whether or not I should pursue the MD route or PA route. Based on my age I won’t...
  4. J

    Chances of an MD/PhD

    So, I am trying to apply for an MD/PhD program at either UF or UAB and I was wondering if anyone knew the statistics on those schools. I am a double major in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences with a double minor in Mathematics and Honors; I take the MCAT for the first time in August, and I...
  5. J

    What Are Some Challenges Facing Future Doctors

    I’m a premed. I love medicine. I don’t love student loans. I don’t love it when doctors are making less and less. I don’t love it when doctors are complaining about their jobs and telling premeds to pursue something else but they don’t give specific reasons as to why they feel that way. With...
  6. Connor216413

    Veteran and ft worker

    Good morning everyone, As the title says, I am a 23 year old currently working FT, finishing up the remainder of my service contract in the reserves, and am a ft student. I work in the aerospace industry and am finishing up my second year of school... so I have quite a bit of time remaining...
  7. Andrew StudentLoanAdvice

    Do you have student loans?

    Do you have student loans? Are you confused about how to manage your student loan debt and ensure that you are following the right plan? Or, just want reassurance you are on the right path? I recently spoke with Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor about the state of student loans. We...
  8. Bookish_future_mergrey

    Germophobic doctor?

    So the last couple of weeks (& especially these last few days) I've been heavily pondering my pre-med track. As of late (since COVID, really), I've been what some people would call "excessively cautious" about not catching COVID or any other illnesses, for that matter. I wash my hands a lot and...
  9. G


    Hi, I am currently 23 years old. I am a hospice RN currently. I am on track to finish my BSN this coming December. Right now I have a GPA of exactly 3.50. I am considering the possibility of med school. I once was pre med so as far as pre reqs go I am only 3 chemistry classes off the mark. I am...
  10. Perchperkins

    Do medical students and doctors have time to pursue hobbies and have a social life?

    Hi folks! Hopefully I’m posting this in the right section. I’m a premed student and I love science. However, I also have other hobbies like painting, creative writing, hanging out with friends and what not. I understand that medical school is very demanding and that many students become burnt...
  11. Perchperkins

    Had a terrible semester as a 2nd year premed student - I feel kinda discouraged :/

    I doubt anyone's really going to want to read a sappy pre-med student talk about their grades, but feel free to stick around if you'd like. My first and second semesters of college I did quite well. I had A's, I was on campus and I was doing extracurriculars and what not. Since COVID hit and...
  12. thelazyvaca

    If you could choose a dental related masters thesis topic, what would it be?

    I am currently in a Clinical Genetics & Genomics masters program and I am getting close to having to pick a topic for my thesis. I understandably want to go the dental route for my topic. I have a couple topics in mind, but thought it would be interesting to see what other folks say while I am...
  13. M

    Can I Get Into Med-School? (Very Unique Situation)

    So my situation is very different than most. I have spent countless hours researching and speaking to doctors/medical professionals and have not been able to get a consistent stream of information. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. In no way am I trying to deliver a sob story or a tale...
  14. D

    Discounts for nurses but not residents...

    Anyone else keep running into discounts that exist for nurses or other medical professionals but NOT doctors or residents?? Ok ok I get that businesses are likely less inclined to give doctors, who are notoriously driving their cybertrucks to and from their billion dollar palaces a discount, but...
  15. thelazyvaca

    Has anybody been accepted/interviewed at MeHarry that did NOT take quantitative analysis? School suggestions would be helpful too.

    Hello folks, I am an applicant deciding on schools to apply to this cycle, and saw that MeHarry requires (urges?) applicants to take quantitative analysis. I have tried searching for this topic, and can not find any posts or website saying that it is strictly required. Also, knowing my...
  16. confused undergrad

    Teaching and research as an MD

    Hello, I am interested in learning about the opportunities to teach and do research as an MD. What do you have to do? Post-doc after med school? Get involved with research during med school? How? What would the teaching opportunities look like? I've heard that teaching at the undergrad level is...
  17. confused undergrad

    MD or PhD?

    Hello, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and minoring in Public Health and Chemistry. I just finished my second year. I was pre-med when I first entered college, but am now thinking about going to grad school for a PhD for a few reasons: I have a deep interest...
  18. M

    Advice for Shadowing Doctors

    Hi, I'm a rising sophomore on a pre-med path and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for shadowing doctors. With the pandemic taking place I was going to focus on shadowing as well as volunteer work in my area. It would be my first time shadowing doctors and I don't exactly know what I'm...
  19. thelazyvaca

    Which Masters Program Should I Choose Before Dental School (POLL)?

    Out of these programs, which program would prepare me the best for dental school (in poll)? Which program would look the best to a dental school? I understand it depends on the success of the program, how well I could do, and what I enjoy, but I am looking for an outside opinion that I may not...
  20. Perchperkins

    Is it okay to take premed prerequisites over the summer?

    So this summer I was considering taking calculus 1 over the summer. Due to corona, this class will be online but it will be offered by the college that I attend. Will it look bad if I take it over the summer as opposed to next semester? Should I take another course or not bother with it? I’m...
  21. Rose123902

    bipolar disorder and baker acts

    if I'm bipolar and have been baker acted 3 times between being 13 and 15 years old, will I be able to be a doctor in these upcoming years? my mother says that I will not, however, I'm not completely sure.
  22. L


  23. B

    Advice on whether to continue pre med track

    I failed Ochem last quarter (just barely) and retook it this quarter. Everything was going super well until the coronavirus pandemic happened (for more context finals were put online and to deter cheating they made the final longer and harder). I'm pretty sure I failed the final and thus the...
  24. P

    Just Give Me Some Hope (But don't hold back) - Horrendously Low cGPA and sGPA, Med-school possible?

    Hi everyone, It is the first time I ever post on a forum website, much less a forum site dedicated to aspiring professionals. Let me just start my story, and say that I will be overwhelmingly honest. I started community college back in 2015, I stayed for a few semesters in college but quickly...
  25. Perchperkins

    Being Pre-med and Having a Social Life

    Hey so i’m a freshman on the premed track. Whenever I say that I’m premed I hear people say that premed students have no social lives. I understand that choosing a career in medicine requires sacrifices and dedication. However, I still want to be able to have time for fun, family and friends...
  26. Perchperkins

    Will going to a therapist ruin my chances at medicine?

    I won’t go into explicit detail but I’m going through a rough time and I wanted to see a therapist or psychologist. I don’t have any mental issues. However, I heard that it stays on your permanent record. Could this ruin my chances at pursuing a career in medicine?
  27. C

    Should I stick with medicine? PLS HELP

    Hello! I just finished my first year as an undergrad pre-med student and for some reason am suddenly starting to have doubts about doing medicine. I figured I would post this on here rather than the pre-med forum in order to get advice from those who have actually experienced medicine. Let me...
  28. Perchperkins

    Is a Psychology as a pre-med major a bad idea?

    Hi guys! Well I’m a senior in high school and I’m going to be a freshman in college next semester. I’m going to be a premed student so I dwindled down my major options to either Psychology or Biology. I’m leaning towards psych though since it’s a tad more interesting. I know that people say you...
  29. J

    Need some advice

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading alot lately on physicians seeking mental health treatment. It concerns me, because I've always wanted to go into medicine and hopefully become a surgeon. To give a little context, when I was about 11 going on 12 I was hospitalized for about a week...
  30. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  31. A

    How do I improve MCAT score? (especially chem/phys)

    Howdy, So my first Princeton review full length I got a 499 (123/123/127/126) and I just took another PR full length today and got a 505 (123/126/127/129). My issue is with chem/phys obviously. How can I improve this score? I have approximately 30 days before I take my official MCAT (Jan 19th)...
  32. chemdoctor

    What does case by case mean on MSAR?

    I was looking at some schools and noticed that it said "case by case"/ Obviously, it means that it depends but what does it depend on? Stats?
  33. C

    Chase the MD dream or go PA and never look back?

    Hello, all. I'm currently a 28-year-old paramedic with a BA in Psychology from a respected university. I originally wanted to be a psychologist, then a psychiatrist, and ultimately a doctor in general - regardless of the specialty. I'm about to start taking my prerequisites for med school/PA...
  34. chemdoctor

    What would these average out to?

    I have a question about a retaken course. D+ and a B- would average out to a... I would assume C? And what about a C- with a B+ ? Just curious as to what those would average out to. thanks Was told to post in a public forum. Thank you.
  35. S


    If this is now allowed please delete admin. I have the whole prep package that I will not be using anymore. And they dont do any refunds.. yay. Anyways I was wondering if there was anyway to transfer and sell the package?
  36. Aquamarie

    Nontraditional: MD or Medical Research(PHD) Route?

    I switched from Nursing to Finance major and will graduate in May 2019 at 22yrs old. Recently Ive missed the challenge science brought me. I figured out recently I like researching things in-depth and I am always asking the why? question. So I've been drawn to wanting to conduct research at a...
  37. T

    Navy reserves then MD

    Good afternoon everybody! My name is Ivan I am a senior graduating from University of Central Florida this December with a biomedical science degree my goal is to become a MD/DO. I wanted to ask for your opinions; I am planning after graduation joining the Navy reserves or Air Force, and while...
  38. thelazyvaca

    My last final is May 10th, and I want to take my DAT and apply. Is that possible?

    My last final of Spring 2019 is May 10th. I want to take my DAT and apply that cycle. Is that possible? Would I have time to study and have the DAT and application processed before it would be too late? Having the DAT taken and application done before August is ideal, but that is why I am asking...
  39. D

    Community College Coursework

    Basically, I’m already enrolled and have spent a year in a 4-year college. Unfortunately I dropped my gen bio last semester due to certain circumstances. Anyways I’m planning on taking gen bio at a community college next semseter while still taking all my other science courses at my regular...
  40. A

    MD WAMC? : 510 MCAT, 3.7 cGPA with some setbacks...

    Hello! So for the stats: 510 MCAT, 125 C/P, 129 CARS, 128 B/B, 128 P/S 3.7 cGPA but not sure what my science GPA is. Probably 3.55-ish I'm white, female and grew up in both rural and semi-rural communities in Wyoming. By the time I graduate I'll have over 1600 hours of research, 70 hours of...