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Midwestern University MABS 2018-2019

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Hi all!

I have a phone interview to the Masters of Art in Biomedical Science Program at Glendale campus -- does anyone know what I can do to prepare for it? Any specific questions?

I didn't know they had an interview process for the MA BMS program...How did it go for you?

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Hey guys,
I was wondering if I could get some advice on getting into Midwestern's MA BMS program. Any info is helpful
I file just got completed yesterday. My uGPA is 3.03 and my mcat is 494. I have been working as a medical scribe for past 1.5 years. I have volunteer and research experience as well. My gpa is not very good, but I have an upward trend. I was just wondering what are my chances of getting into this program. Has anyone with similar stats get into the program?
I got into the Downers Grove Campus a few weeks ago and just interviewed at the Glendale campus on Friday. My stats are 3.15 sGPA 3.45 oGPA and 19AA. And yes I am doing this to get into dental school.
Hi, did this help get you into dental school?
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