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Nov 15, 2018
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Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots of research and talked to several recruiters and have found lots of information about becoming a physical therapist in the Army, but almost none about how to go through therapy school in the Air Force. I want to make the right decision and join the branch that suits me best, not the one that offers me the most.
I was wondering if there was anyone on here who was/is in the Air Force or is joining that can give me any sort of information on becoming a therapist through the Air Force.

I like to have as much information as possible so if anyone wants to add any info from either the Army or Air Force, that would be great!

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