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  1. T

    transferring to sgu

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  2. T

    transferring to SGU

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  3. butterscotchyes

    Is Caribbean school the best option?

    I applied to both M.D. and D.O. schools last year, but I think the main reason why I didn't get in was due to my uncompetitive science GPA (around 3.3). My regular undergrad GPA was 3.5, MCAT score 501, and I recently went on a medical mission trip abroad. In terms of medical volunteering, I...
  4. X

    Caribbean IMG, a perspective from a successful story after struggle.

    Hello, Medical school is over for me and I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience given that I used this forum considerably during my medical/pre-medical school years and found it rather helpful. In particular, I want to share my story from the moment I applied to medical school...
  5. S

    Is Caribbean Med school that bad?

    Hey guys, so its almost application time. I know there's a lot of bad stuff, like attrition rates, residency matching, and them being "for-profit." I have a 3.6 cGPA and got a 501 MCAT first attempt (which I am retaking to improve). I'm apply this cycle, but hypothetically, if you're rejected...
  6. C

    UNIBE school of medicine

    The program is totally self study. But its to the point that the professors are complete unqualified and exams have questions that are totally unfair. The university claims to have an English program, but its so fake. More than half of the professors can't even speak fluent english, meaning...
  7. C

    How is American University of Antigua as a med school?

    Im looking to transfer from my terrible university once i take the Step one. Has anyone ever done it before? How is AUA as a university? How are the rotations in the states?
  8. D

    Low gpa, alright MCAT; chances at Caribbean schools?

    So, myy GPA is a 2.92 cum, 2.7 sci. and my mcat is 505(28 on the old one). I just finished sending in my transcipts, letters of rec etc. to St. George, AUC and Ross. Because of my low gpa, I was wondering what are my chances of getting into these schools(non MERP). For EC's they're above...
  9. C

    AUA vs SGU

    Which school is better to attend? I know tuition cost so much more at SGU vs. AUA. AUA now allows students to get federal aid. Which school has better residency placements? Has anyone attended AUA?
  10. -N7-

    Advice on Med School options...

    Hi guys, I've been lurking on this site for about 2-3 years now, and have always valued the interest members have in helping each other and in offering advice. As such, I finally summoned the courage to post my own case here in the hopes of getting some much-needed advice. To make a long story...
  11. C

    Caribbean Medical School or US Physician Assistant Program

    Hey all, Would you recommend Caribbean medical school (SGU, ROSS, AUC, SABA) or a US PA Program? A little info regarding my specific circumstances: I graduated with a BA Psych and Minor Bio (bioI/II, chem I/II, anatomy, physio, neuroscience, invert zoo, vert zoo, pharmacol) with a 3.95...
  12. frank29

    Low GPA chances

    I am going to enter fourth year of undergrad in Sep 2016. Presently my GPA is around 2.65 overall and science. I live in Canada. I am going to write my MCAT in Aug 2016. I am interested in applying to DO schools in US. Do you think I have chance of admission in any of DO school for the year 2017...
  13. truckboat

    Surgical Sales Rep Accepted into SGU, Wanting a Psych or Family Medicine Residency- is SGU Right?

    Hello All, This forum is absolute gold. I appreciate the information, thank you for offering this much value to the process. Quickly, my stats: MCAT: 492 GPA: 3.69 Background: Have worked in orthopedic/spinal implant sales since 2005. I wanted to get into a psychology grad program to get...
  14. M

    Housing in Saba

    I'm going to be starting at Saba University this May and I know that first semester students must live in the Hillside Dorms, but what are the choices for housing afterwards? Can anyone recommend any ideal places that they or someone they know lived after their first semester?
  15. D

    Need Rotation Advice

    Hello all, I am a 3rd year medical student from a Caribbean University. I just need to complete a couple more core rotations as I did most of them in Atlanta. Here's where the problem starts, my school allows me to schedule my rotations anywhere. I had to move from Atlanta recently as my father...
  16. S

    Plastics is the goal. Caribbean student need help!

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys have any advice for me. My situation is the next one: I am a 22 year old medical student cursing my 4th year on a 5 years and a half medical program on dominican republic, which is caracterized by its trimestral program. Unfortunately I am currently 1 year behind...
  17. M

    Gap Year or Caribbean Medical School?

  18. tdangie123

    The end of foreign for-profit med schools

    I just found this online: Welp I guess this...
  19. S

    MUA pre-med program applicants?

    Hi everyone! I just applied to Medical University of the Americas Pre-Med program and now I'm waiting to hear back. Has anyone else applied to this program? Has anyone applied and heard back from them?
  20. N

    Advice Please!

    So, my cGPA is a 3.45 and my sGPA is a 3.02. I have not taken my MCAT yet so I understand that it is difficult to give advice without this piece, but I would take a course and for arguments sake assume an old scale score in the upper 20s, low 30s. I have shadowed an MD in the field I want to...
  21. P

    Taking a year off during Caribbean med school for surgery

    I need some help from current medical students either in Caribbean or US based med school. Is it possible to take a year off during Caribbean med school either between first and second year or between second and third year (in order to undergo surgery)? Or would this significantly reduce your...