1. D

    Next Step Full Length Exam: good resource early on?

    Hey guys! Apologies for the long post. I am just starting to study for an MCAT retake. To give you a little background, I took the NextStep free diagnostic on 4/12 while I was still in classes and got a 495 (ouch, I know). I began studying full time on May 4th using a new study method once my...
  2. M

    For Sale $150 - MCAT books & Flashcards: NextStep & Kaplan PLUS extras!

    9 book series of 2018-2019 NextStep, JUST before their new 2020 lesson plan update. Copies have minimal notes/writing in them - mostly just some underlining. Kaplan books range from 2015-2018 version and 1,000 flashcards include access to the app. Also included is the PREMED PLAYBOOK 3 series by...
  3. R

    I need some insight on these practice NS FLs

    I am concerned about my most recent NS FL 5 exam. I took it today and I was only able to finish P/S. Did anyone else feel FL 5 B/B passages and questions were very long and worded poorly compared to other exams? My goal is to score 512 on actual. Or was it just a very bad day for me? (my B/B...
  4. L

    MCAT question.

    Hi. I'm retaking the mcat for the second time. first score was a 500. I've been studying for the last 8 mos. I took AAMC full lengths about 7 months ago. Just retook them this month. Scores are 513/514/520. Is this representative of how I will perform? Anyone been through this? Also, I took a...
  5. P

    For Sale Tons of MCAT books for sale

    Hi all, I have a ton of MCAT books for sale. See below for details. The books included in each set are pictured. - Kaplan 2nd edition set: All in new condition - Kaplan 3rd edition set: Everything in new condition except Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, which are lightly used - Kaplan 4th...
  6. N

    Next Step MCAT books for SALE

    I'm moving and want to sell my MCAT books ASAP! Most of these books look untouched; only a couple books have minimal writing in them. My score went from a 495 to a 508 and all credit goes to my practice with Next Step :) Message me if interested. NS (total 6 books all for $75 + shipping)...
  7. A

    MCAT Kaplan vs NextStep

    Hi! I am taking the MCAT this September 1st (in about 6 weeks) and I've taken 5 practice tests already, in the following order: Kaplan FL 2: 504 (C/P 127, CARS 127, B/B 127, P/S 123) Kaplan FL 1: 504 (I reset the test, and forgot to record) Kaplan FL 3: 509 (126, 127, 128, 128) AAMC Sample Test...
  8. F

    For Sale TBR 2016-2017, EK, Kaplan, NextStep Psych, and TPR Hyperlearning books for sale

    MCAT Books for bid on ebay. Please look at description for information. I'm happy to answer any questions. TBR 2016-2017: Berkeley Review MCAT 2016 and 2017 copyrights | eBay Examkrackers 9th Edition: Examkrackers MCAT 9th edition | eBay Kaplan 2015: Kaplan MCAT 2015 - 7 book series +...
  9. P

    For Sale Selling: Nextstep & EK practice tests

    Nextstep practice tests 1-4, available until October - $50 Examkrackers practice tests 1 & 2 (originally $50 and $35, respectively) - $25 and $17
  10. S

    Buying MCAT full lengths

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase MCAT Full Lengths. I'm interested in NextStep and ExamCrackers. PM me if anyone has any for sale! Thank you!
  11. chelsrebecca

    For Sale **SELLING MCAT PREP BOOKS (The Berkeley Review, Examkrackers, NextStep)!!!**

    I used these prep books this past year (january-july 2017) and found them all very helpful! These books helped me get accepted into medical school on my first try, hopefully they’ll help you too! I am not looking to sell the books I have listed in sets as individual copies but contact me if you...
  12. neutralobserver

    Retaking March 24th and used all AAMC resources already.

    So I had intended on taking the Jan 25th exam, and I still am, but voiding it due to practice FL scores not at my target (510+). :( I am planning on going for the March 24th one, but I have an issue. I have used all the AAMC resources (3 practice FL's, SB's, OG, etc.) and I used most of my TPR...
  13. B

    Other Materials I Might Need For The MCAT

    I am wondering what other materials I might need for the MCAT. I plan to take the MCAT in July or June if I feel that I am ready for it at that time. Materials I have: AAMC: Official MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Question Pack, Volume 1 The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (MCAT2015)...
  14. D

    MCAT Books for Sale! (TBR, EK, Kaplan, TPR, NextStep, Official Guide)

    Have recently been accepted to medical school and am selling all MCAT prep books that I used for the post 2015 MCAT! The Berkeley Review 2012 (8 Book Set): ~$150+shipping (great condition, no markings) -Includes General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II, Biology I & II...
  15. O

    For Sale Bunch of Like-New MCAT Stuff

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted and will definitely never need my MCAT study materials ever again! :soexcited: All of the following materials I purchased new, and I have kept them unmarked so that they can serve their next owner as well as they have served me! The exception may be...
  16. lacrimaererum

    For Sale Selling NS FL 1-4

    Selling NS FL 1-4 with 4 tries left for 1-2 and 3 tries left for 3-4. Account expires January 8, 2018. SOLD!! or PM me with offers. Thanks! Edit: Sold!!
  17. N

    NS & TBR book sets on sale!!

    Hey Guys! I took the MCAT last summer and didn't get around to selling my books until now. They are still excellent for the recently changed MCAT. Most books look untouched; only a couple books have minimal writing in them. All these books helped me raise my score from a 495 to a 508 :)...
  18. G

    Next Step Full Length Inflation

    I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored NS1 503 NS2 503 (58% Correct Overall) However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section. So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average...
  19. marcosma

    The Action Potential? (NextStep FL #4, Q21)

    The question is as follows: When an odorous molecule binds to olfactory receptors, the cell transduces the information into an electrical signal that travels to the brain for processing. Which of the following accurately describes the state of the voltage-gated channels on this cell during the...
  20. N

    NS & TBR book sets on sale!

    Hey Guys! I took the MCAT last summer and didn't get around to selling my books until now. They are still excellent for the recently changed MCAT. Most books look untouched; only a couple books have minimal writing in them. All these books helped me raise my score from a 495 to a 508 :)...
  21. NoodleSloth

    Selling MCAT books! (TPR, Kaplan, NextStep, ExamKrackers, AAMC) + some random novels

    Hello there! I'm selling a ton of MCAT books/sets as well as random books if anyone's interested. I have tried my best to keep the books in like new and unwritten/marked condition, but there are some minor imperfections that have been stated below. Kaplan Complete Set SOLD (Not pictured) I also...
  22. P

    MCAT Score/Prep Advice!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted some insight on the basis of my scoring on my previous practice MCAT exams. I know these questions are rather redundant, but am seeking peoples advice since I'm sure others have similar inquires. I have recently taken 3 total practice exams so far, but don't know how...
  23. M

    How to increase my score?

    So here is where I stand so far on my full lengths: 1/20/2017 Kaplan FL 1: CP 124 - CARS 121 - BB 124 -PS 123 - total 492 2/6/2017 Kaplan FL 2: CP 126 - CARS 121 - BB 126 - PS 124 - total 497 2/27/2017 EK FL 1: CP 52% - CARS 32% - BB 40% - PS 63% 3/21/2017 Kaplan FL 3: CP 125 - CARS 123 - BB...
  24. biancadoc

    NextStep FL 4, B/B Q8 - Causes of low blood pH

    Which of the following could NOT explain a patient who presents with a blood pH of 7.0? A. Anaerobic respiration leading to lactic acid buildup B. Hypoventilation C. Carbonic anhydrase working only in the reverse direction D. Underproduction of bicarbonate Answer is C. This is...
  25. kaymellow

    NextStep/Kaplan/EK FL score comparison to ACTUAL MCAT spreadsheet?

    Can someone pleaseeee send the link that shows how people scored on FLs and how they compared to their actual MCAT score? I can't seem to find it. THANKS!!!!!!
  26. W

    For Sale Berkeley Review - Like New

    Berkeley Review 2013 - $250+shipping Books are like new, only flipped through pages 4-5 times. Didn't get much use out of it. No markings, no folds, no underlines, barely touched Still can be used for new exam, since Bio book is the same, and almost all the material is the same. Physics has...
  27. M

    Next Step Full Length 1 - Bio/Biochem Q24

    I'm reviewing my FL 1, and I'm confused on Question 24 of the Bio/Biochem section. Q) A follow-up study by the researchers showed that the Y chromosome experiences a much higher mutation rate than the X chromosome. This is likely due to the fact that: A) the X chromosome encodes more proteins...
  28. A

    WANTED 1-10 Next Step Practice Exams

    Please PM me if you would be interested in selling your access to the Next Step FL practice exams.
  29. Orlandoc

    Next Step FL 1-4 Scores / How to improve?

  30. B

    Psych/socio AAMC official section bank

    Going for the jan 28 mcat. So I spent 3 months going over the Kaplan/nextstep mcat content reviews and did a bunch of fl/qbanks. I scored well on the official aamc section banks in all section except psych/socio. There are all these terms and concepts that I've never seen, not on kaplan, not on...
  31. L

    Shot at 520+?

    Hey everyone! I'm signed up for Jan 28th, and I wanted to get some feedback on how I was doing, and if 520+ is possible. NS Half-length: 508 (125,129,126128) AAMC Official Questions: 72% (82%, 60%, 75%, 71%) NS 3: 511 (128,125,129,129) AAMC 1: 517 (131,128,130,128) Bio 1 Q Pack: 85% That's...
  32. L

    Too many FLs? and What AAMC material should I buy?

    Hey everyone, I just finished EK 4, got a 72% (82%,60%,75%,71%). I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on Jan. 28th, but I'm not sure what AAMC material I should purchase. I currently have the sample test+both scored FLs, +the AAMC flashcards. Considering the time I have left, would it be better to...
  33. L

    NS First FL: 508, Reschedule or Keep working?

    Hey guys, I'm currently signed up for the Jan 28 exam, and I just finished my first NS FL: got a 508 (CP/125, CARS/129, BB/126, PS/128). That's a lot better than I expected, though clearly I still have some material to review. I'm about halfway through material review, but I'm not sure if I...
  34. Upstage

    502 on NS FL 1

    Hey everyone, Just took my first scored FL and got a 502 on the free NS 1 exam. I've been studying for about ~3weeks now and just wondering if this score is representative of the real MCAT at all and if i'm at a good spot for my Jan 18th MCAT test date. Score breakdown: Chem:125 (30/59...
  35. G

    For Sale Selling Next Step FLs 1-10

    NextStep full length exams 1-10. 6/10 are untouched, others have most starts left. Expires Jan 11th, $90 obo. Message me! :) (I know I don't have much activity on this forum, but my username is also the same on the Reddit mcat forum if you want to authenticate my account.)
  36. B

    Anyone looking to buy NextStep FL 1-4?

    Will sell for a cheaper price than can be bought online! Message me.
  37. A

    Nextstep Full Length 2: C/P #25

    QUESTION What would be the approximate ratio of lactate to lactic acid in the final Lactated Ringer's solution after the initial preparation by student A? (Relevant passage information: pH of solution = 6.6, Kb lactate = 2.5 x 10^-11) a. 1:10 b. 1:1000 c. 100:1 d. 1000:1 <---correct answer...
  38. GCS-15

    Next step vs actual

    How do the next step tests compare to the actual one? Can anyone who's done next step 1-10 and taken/gotten the score from the actual test chime in? I'm not really liking my next step progress: 508, 510, 505, 506, 509, 506 my scores are fluctuating a lot and lately, the chem/phys and bio psgs...
  39. TheHound

    Thoughts on Nextstep CARS 108

    Just wanted to find out what people think of this book ? Anyone who has used NextStep 108 and subsequently written the MCAT or can compare to the 2 available AAMC practice tests? Personally, I find the passages too dense and the questions vague.. Score significantly higher on both TPR and EK...
  40. I

    NS 5 compared to AAMC scored

    I saw someone post awhile back that NS 5 is very similar to the AAMC scored. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Similar in the fact that it took passages/concepts and my AAMC score will be inflated when I take it, or similar in terms of difficulty/passage length etc..