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    Need Help Making a List of possible Med Schools

    Hi all! I’m a rising senior (one semester left) needing some help making up a list of medical schools -AA female -cgpa: 3.5 -sgpa: 3.2 -mcat: taking very soon and i’m scoring consistent 517-520 -B.A Biology -Africana studies minor -President of my university’s Black Student Alliance...
  2. B

    Excellent stats, terrible ECs, looking ahead to this cycle

    I found out yesterday that I got a 526 on the MCAT (132/130/132/132), and Im currently carrying a 4.0 that I don't anticipate losing. I am majoring in biomedical sciences at UCF and have a minor in statistics and am in my Junior year. The issue is my ECs are lackluster at best. Based off of my...
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    2020-2021 Low GPA High MCAT Thread

    Hi Everyone! These seemed to get quite a bit of love in the past so I figured I would continue the trend. Applying this year with a 3.5 cGPA and 3.3 sGPA, 515 MCAT. Lots of clinical work experience. Currently planning on applying to ~40 MD Schools and 3 or so DO schools. Anyone else in the same...
  5. N

    MD & DO Any help/advice appreciated. cGPA 3.16, sGPA 3.3, and 516 MCAT. Pretty big upward trend.

    Hi, Caucasian male, jumped around a lot from program to program in undergrad, and extenuating circumstances with family health made my GPA start out really low. GPA Freshman : 1.54 67 credit hours was still a freshman. Sophomore : 2.66 Junior : 2.95 Senior : 3.16 cGPA: 3.16 sGPA: 3.3 Upward...
  6. T

    522, 3.85, lackluster ECs, WAMC and School List?

    cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.78. (upward trend, 3.95 average after freshman year) MCAT: 522 (131/131/129/131) Residence: TX Race: Asian, Male (ORM) Undergrad: State school, Major: Biology, Minors: Medical Humanities, Chemistry Clinical Experience: 80 hours volunteering and shadowing at a medical clinic...
  7. F

    WAMC, School List Help? Good app, bad gpa

    Non-trad 3.6 s/cGPA (had a 3.1 first semester and 3.7s after.. idk if that constitutes a trend) Took my mcat recently. I was hitting 522's on AAMC FLEs. Let's say that I get 516-522. Retaking an expired MCAT. 2500 hours as a hospital technician, 500 hours as a scribe 150 hours clinical...
  8. M

    URM (AA) Male.. I need serious help. WAMC!!!!

    Hello, I need serious help with constructing my school list. I have a 2.6 gpa cum. 2.9 science and 525 mcat. I know that it is rare to score that high with a gpa that low but I did the unthinkable. I'm just now starting to volunteer at both clinical/nonclinical places. No research However...
  9. S

    Rocky Academic Career, 518 MCAT

    So I believe the biggest weakness on my application has always been my academic career and it has been rocky. I know that schools typically like upward progression but i've had ups and downs which i'm worried will hurt me, every time my grades have dropped however I have picked them back up...
  10. S

    Applying to more schools later in the cycle

    Hi everyone! I submitted my secondaries very early on, and have not heard anything back with regards to interviews. I'm starting to think that my list may have been too top-heavy (MCAT 521, cGPA 3.6, sGPA 3.5), I applied to mostly top 20 schools. Do y'all think it would be worth it for me to...
  11. W

    MD & DO WAMC: 3.4c/3.2s ; 3.7 grad ; 518 MCAT.

    1. GPA: Undergrad: B.S. Pure Mathematics: 3.42 Cumulative, 3.2 Science. Upward trend. Those upper level proofs classes were not nice to my science GPA. Sucks because C's are good grades in those classes, but I know adcoms won't see it that way. I got my act together senior year and made the...
  12. S

    Low GPA, 4.0 masters, high mcat- MD/PhD

    Hello, fellow SD'ers. So, I'm currently an undergrad/masters student whos applying MD/ Ph.D. this coming cycle and I was wondering if I could get some help/opinions. So I go to a relatively average school nothing with real name recognition. While doing my undergrad I kinda goofed and ended up...
  13. T

    MD & DO WAMC re-applicant, TX resident, 519 MCAT, 3.5 GPA

    Hispanic Texas Resident cGPA: 3.49 sGPA: 3.44 (C+ in both Ochem 1&2 but A's in Systems Phys/Genetics/BioChem) MCAT 5/5/18: 519 (129/129/129/132) (old MCAT from 2015 was a 31) - 160 hours of physician shadowing (orthopedics and interventional cardiology) -Worked as Community Assistant at...
  14. F

    3.14 cGPA 3.41 sGPA 517 MCAT

    Hello! I am looking to gauge my chances at the following schools: -Burrell -LECOM (Bradenton or Eerie) -Alabama COM -West Virginia Basically, just tell me where to apply, and tell me if I have a decent chance. Bio: I am a nontraditional applicant. I just...
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  16. S

    WAMC for top 10 school, high mcat, low GPA

    Hi All! Just trying to ease my mind here, trying to gauge whether my dream of getting into a top 10 (or top 20) school is viable, or if I should adjust my expectations. I have a high MCAT score and a relatively low gpa. My extracurriculars are really strong, I have consistent clinical...
  17. prairiemusic

    WAMC/Advice Needed

    Hello friends, I had a rough final semester and I'm not sure what to do next. I'm at a 3.0 cGPA and 2.9 sGPA, with a 516 MCAT. I've finished all the prereqs but I took Biochem instead of Orgo II. I'm a black lesbian and my ECs are average atm, so I'm planning to take two gap years and boost...
  18. Future_Doc1997

    What are my chances?

    So this may be kind of long... I’m not the smartest, but I am a hard worker. Averaging B’s in most of my classes needed to take (i do have a few C’s) However one horrible semester brought my GPA down tremendously & it’s been hard trying to bring it back up (currently at a 2.58) I’m taking...
  19. Shubniguroth

    MD PhD with very high MCAT and very low undergrad GPA - WAMC?

  20. Happymadness

    Would love some reassurance, URM, low GPA, high (?) MCAT

    Removed! :)
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    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I can't find much for Canadian Students. I know there are the monthly threads, but there's barely any responses there. Thus I'm posting here, please let me know if I should post elsewhere! Anyway, I'm in my 4th year now of a Science...
  22. S

    What are my chances as a black female, low gpa/high mcat?

    What are my chances of being accepted into a md or do school as a black female? My gpa is only a 3.1 but I have a 516 MCAT. I have published research, health-related trip to Haiti, and one year experience as certified nursing assistant (CNA). My last year of undergrad I made straight A's, so I...
  23. H

    DO was relying on grade replacement now what?

    hello, long time Lurker 1st time poster. Before I start I know the reality of my grades. My current cGPA is 3.1 with a sGPA of 2.6. MCAT of 518. I did terrible during my undergraduate years. No upward trend and I'm not going to make excuses for myself. I was being lazy. I did not care about...
  24. K

    MD & DO Non-traditional 2.91 B.S. GPA, 3.9 M.S. GPA, 515 MCAT

    Short Story: Nontraditional applicant 2.91 B.S. Biomedical Engineering GPA 3.9 M.S Statistics GPA Significant shadowing/volunteer experience in undergrad but that was 5+ years ago. No recent volunteer or shadowing experience. Extensive Research Background - several conference abstracts, two...
  25. M

    low GPA high MCAT advice

    Hello everyone! I know you have probably read many of these posts so i'll try to keep it specific to see if I can get any helpful advice. I have graduated a decent university in Canada with an overall 3.2 cGPA and my first two years were quite poor and affected my cGPA badly. However, I obtained...
  26. E

    3.83 GPA, 517 MCAT, Upwards Trend

  27. A

    MD What are my chances: atypical applicant

    Hello, Note: This post has been edited for anonymity purposes. Thank you for your thoughtful answers, I have a better understanding of where I stand at this point. Summary (Edited): I am applying next summer to MD schools, and would like some advice/opinions/guidance on what schools I...
  28. T

    MD & DO 3.0 GPA. 520 MCAT. SMP Texas Resident

    hi guys! first of all thank you for reading this and helping me out! I struggled my last two years of high school (dual credit program) and first two years of college so my GPA tanked completely. I have many F's, D's, C's, and 3 W's. (Gen Chem, bio, and Ochem have F's) I was going through...
  29. dllsl7

    Need expert advise for deciding future!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and help me! I am a senior in college with a GPA and sGPA of 3.2 and an MCAT of 512. I have leadership/ mentoring activities for a year, team building activities, 200+ hours of shadowing, some research experience and an upward trend in GPA. I was...
  30. A

    Need Advise (low cGPA, high sGPA, high MCAT)

    Hey guys. First time poster and looking for some realistic advise. I'm a non-trad Canadian applicant. Did a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in 2012 and hated it. Low GPA (around 3.0). After much shadowing and lots of research of career in medicine, I have decided to pursue medicine. Now that I...
  31. R

    Where to apply? MCAT 523, cGPA 3.3, sGPA 3.5

  32. E

    MD/PhD Chances Low GPA/High MCAT

  33. M

    3.9+ GPA, great MCAT

    I'm an Asian male at a top level UC. I'm actually only a sophomore right now but I was wondering what my chances are of getting into a low to mid level med school with the following: 3.95+ GPA (assuming I am able to keep it) Great MCAT score (don't know what qualifies as great at this point) 2...
  34. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  35. M

    MD & DO What are my chances? 3.1 gpa 520 mcat

    hello everyone! This is another what are my chances thread! I am an asian female, texas resident, and senior applying this cycle. I took my MCAT last summer and I got a 520! GPA wise i haven't been so lucky, i was enrolled in a dual credit program in high school and didn't do very well so...
  36. D

    Success stories: 3.0 or lower GPA & MCAT

    Hey everyone! I've done a post like this before but not with much response. I need some success stories to see where I stand and what I need to do to improve my application. I know adcoms look at the whole package but need an idea. If you can answer the following questions that would be...
  37. T

    Low GPA/ High MCAT advice

  38. B

    Chances for 3.2 GPA w/ 512?

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.2, double major in engineering science and chemistry (four year breakdown: 3.433, 2.54, 2.412, 3.22, 3.588, 3.175, 3.60; I am planning to achieve a 3.7 in my last semester to continue the upward trend and hit the 3.2 cGPA. The drop off in my second and third semesters is due to...
  39. R

    What are my chances? (3.18/3.43/520)

  40. S

    DO what are my chances for DO schools? (nonscience major, low gpa, high MCAT)

    Hello all :) I am 23 years old. Graduated undergrad as a history major with a 3.098 cumulative GPA. Then I did a postbacc program at Drexel for non science majors and got a 3.1 science GPA. I took the new MCATS and got a 512. I have a number of ECs including 100+ hours of shadowing, research...