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Did Rochester general release all of their invites ?

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Did Program Directors get an updated conversion chart for the Equated Percent Correct scores back to the old two digit? Or is it the same chart that got ‘leaked’ last year?
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What’s the latest notice schools will give for an interview. If not from initial batch. Less than a week?
Anyone know if Rochester Regional health is a new program? I can’t find much online on this. Any info on the program is appreciated
Anyone know if Rochester Regional health is a new program? I can’t find much online on this. Any info on the program is appreciated
Yeah it's new this year. They didn't open their application until early November
Overview for the Rutgers OMFS program (2023 Update)

The program provides a well-rounded full scope experience that is shaped by the individual resident's desires and interests. Residents are held at high standards and expected to lead clinical decisions as well as perform with clinical efficiency and skill as early as PGY-1. Interested applicants are encouraged to participate in an externship. You can also find additional information regarding the Rutgers OMFS residency program on Instagram page and website.

The Program has a 4-year track and a 6-year integrated MD track with New Jersey Medical School in addition to having 4 non-categorical interns.

  • We are full scope OMFS. OR cases include dentoalveolar, orthognathics, surgical cosmetics (one of the very few programs that perform surgical cosmetics in the country), hard and soft tissue reconstruction, any and all maxillofacial trauma, TMJ, and ablative head and neck cancer and pathology (in conjunction with ENT team that harvests, anastomoses, and manages postoperative monitoring of free flaps)
  • Craniofacial cases include primary cleft lip and palate repairs (one of a minority of programs that do this), alveolar cleft bone grafts
  • Lingual nerve and Inferior Alveolar Nerve exploration and repairs (Dr. Ziccardi is one of the busiest surgeons in the country in regards to these procedures)
  • Dentoalveolar (high volume of cases from University Hospital Clinic, Dental School Clinic, and Faculty Practice)
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • TMJ surgery including arthroscopy, arthroplasty and total joint replacements
  • Maxillofacial trauma (high volume due to University Hospital being a busy level 1 trauma center)
  • Maxillofacial reconstruction (i.e. soft tissue local flaps, large bone grafts with autogenous harvest, alveolar distraction osteogenesis, vestibuloplasty, fibula debulking for dental implants, trigeminal nerve microsurgery, etc.)
  • Benign Pathology
  • All ablative aspects of pre-malignant and malignant head and neck cancer including tracheostomy, neck dissection, full oral cavity cancer and salivary gland ablative procedures with Dr. Shanti
  • Non-surgical and Surgical Cosmetics (*Based on resident interest* one of the busiest programs in the country in regards to this - ability to perform surgical cosmetic procedures in dental school and in OR, along with full range of non-surgical procedures offered such as botox/filler/PRP injections/dermabrasion/chemical peels)
  • Dental Implants and associated procedures: OMFS residents combined place 600+ implants a year. It is very common to graduate with 300+ implants placed, full scope of procedures performed (GBR, autogenous block grafting, free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafting, all on X procedures with zygomatic and pterygoid implants, immediate loading of prostheses, sinus augmentation). Dental Students and prosthodontic residents work up many cases for surgical management
  • Sedations: Performed 3 days a week at University Hospital & 5 days a week at Dental School. Most graduates have between 400-500 anesthesia cases by graduation

· University Hospital is our main campus in Newark, NJ. University Hospital is a busy level one trauma center offering a large pool of trauma patients consisting of assaults, GSWs, MVC, and work-related injuries.
· Most of the residents live in the surrounding lively upcoming neighborhoods including Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Edgewater, suburban towns and even New York City.

· Car required
  • We have reserved guaranteed block time 4 days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), along with 1 Wednesday a month. We mostly operate 5 days/week (or more if needed) with added-on traumas or elective cases.
  • We predominantly operate at University Hospital, but elective cases are also done on a 1-2 times/week in Newark Beth Israel in Newark (~15 minutes from University Hospital) and St. Peters Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ (~35 minutes from university hospital). Chiefs and/or seniors also attend additional orthognathic cases at John F Kennedy hospital in Edison (~20 minutes from Newark) with Dr. Aziz weekly
  • All this block time means that we have the case load to fill it consistently. The program far exceeds the CODA program requirements in all categories.
  • Takeaway: A lot of OR time (practically daily), diversity in cases

· Multiple with large volume and wide scope
1. University Hospital clinic:
a. Daily, average of 50 patients/day
b. Average of 3 residents see and treat all patients, with attending supervision
c. 4-5 IV sedation cases booked for 3 times/week, run by mid level or senior resident
d. Dentoalveolar, infections, traumas, pathology, pre and post ops
2. Dental School Clinic (located right next to university hospital, the buildings are connected):
a. Multidisciplinary practice with patients who come from outside referral, self-referral, referral from other dental school departments (general, orthodontics, pediatrics, oral medicine, dental student clinic)
b. Residents see and treat all patients, with attending supervision
c. IV sedations, procedures under LA +/- nitrous (dentoalveolar, sinus lifts, pre-prosthetic, implants, biopsies, botox, fillers), consults, pre-op, post-op, etcs
d. No responsibility to oversee dental student clinic
e. Daily: assigned 1 PGY-1 and 1 senior resident
PGY 1: Average of 15 pts/day
Senior resident:
AM: 5 IV sedations daily
PM: average 5 pts/afternoon sessions daily or an elective bigger case (see bullet points below for examples)
f. Extra OMFS chairs and IV sedations rooms can be used by residents not assigned to the dental school for elective cases. Examples cases include:
i. Multi-unit implants, All-on-4s, zygomatics implants, pterygoid implants, blepharoplasty, face lifts, lip lifts, chemical peels , various bone graft (split thickness, ramus block graft, etc)
g. Technology: Multiple implant systems available, 3D printing for in house guide making
3. Faculty practice in Newark
a. Dr. Ziccardi and Dr. Shanti
b. 2-3 times/week, half days
c. Attending clinic staffed by 2-3 residents
4. Faculty Practice in New Brunswick
a. Dr. Adachie: 4 times/week, staffed by 1 PGY-1
b. Dr. Shanti: 1 times/week, staffed by Chief Resident

· Midface alternates every third day between OMFS/Plastics/ENT
· Only at University Hospital (in house, without having to travel between sites)
· Dental call is covered by the GPR residents every day
· Averages to 4 times/month (split between PGY-1 class of 7 - 3 cat, 4 non cat- and mid levels).
· $25 stipend/call + extra $ (~$200/month for spending in cafeteria)

6 Year: (1 resident/year)

Highlights: (compare these to other programs)
· Only 14 months of med school (clerkships, no didactics)
· Get paid all 6 years of residency
o Average of 2 calls/months while in medical school unless excused during some rotations
· Pay in-state tuition (~$32,000/year) for 2 years of med school
o Tip: always ask programs how many years of tuition need to be paid, sometimes it is more than the years you attend
· 46 months of OMFS
· 6 months of general surg
· You complete whole intern year before clerkships, this allows you to navigate through clerkships with an advantage, and have adequate experience taking OMFs call when scheduled
· Note: Step 1 (Pass/Fail) is taken prior to the start of the program

Year 1: Intern Year
o 2 months at New Brunswick Faculty practice + Saint Peters OR
o 2 months at the dental school
o Rest of time is spent at UH clinic/OR
o Residents are paid at a PGY1 level

Year 2: MS3 Med school clerkships
o Average of 2 calls/months while in medical school clerkship except Medicine rotation
o Residents are paid at a PGY2 level

Year 3: Anesthesia/Medical school/Mid-level resident

o From June to August, residents will complete their first 3 months of Anesthesia training as a full anesthesia resident. Residents are responsible for intubations, running OR cases, taking anesthesia call during this time.
o From September to November, resident will complete 4th year NJMS requirements including 1 month of emergency medicine, 1 month of SICU, and 2 weeks of PM&R, (Completing 14.5 months of medical school).

o Step 2 usually taken early this year
o December to June, resident return back to OMFS on service rotation for 7 months. During this time, the resident will be responsible for IV sedation cases in University Hospital outpatient clinic, increased exposure to OR cases with expanded roles, and placement of implants
o Residents are paid at a PGY3 level

Year 4: General surgery/ Mid-level resident

o From July to April, resident will have 6 months of general surgery rotation as a 1st year general surgery resident. All general surgery rotations are completed in University Hospital.
o During this 9 month period, residents will also complete another 3 months of Anesthesia (total of 6 months).
o From April to June, residents return back to OMFS service with mid-level responsibilities.

o Residents are paid at a PGY4 level

Year 5: Senior

o Senior residents go through 2 month blocks between being the hospital senior, dental school, and float senior
o Hospital senior is responsible for IV sedations in the outpatient clinic during the week, increased role in the operating room including primary assist, and placement of implants
o Dental school senior is responsible for IV sedations in the dental school outpatient clinic as well as implant treatment

o Take a third of back up call/month. Average 1 primary call every 3 weeks
o Residents are paid at a PGY5 level

Year 6: Chief

o Chief residents rotate between attending/hospital teams in 2 month blocks. Each team has set attendings where the assigned chief will treatment plan, primary assist in the OR, and follow up on operated patients
o Chief residents will have increased exposure to implant cases with increased complexity including all of 4-6, full mouth rehabilitation cases
o Residents are paid at a PGY 6 level with a chief stipend

4 Year:
(2 residents/year)


Year 1: Intern year
o 2 months at New Brunswick Faculty practice + Saint Peters OR
o 2 month at the dental school
o Rest of time is spent at UH clinic/OR
o Residents are paid at a PGY1 level
o Later in the year, the two 4 year categorical resident reports for 6 months of Anesthesia
o Residents are paid at a PGY1 level

Year 2: Anesthesia/ off service rotations

o March to August Anesthesia training as a full anesthesia resident. Residents are responsible for intubations, running OR cases, taking anesthesia call during this time. No responsibilities to the OMFS service when completing off-service rotations
o August to May off service rotation which includes, 2 months of medicine, 2 months of trauma, 2 months of SICU, 1 month of Plastics, 1 month of ENT

o Residents are paid at PGY2 level

Year 3: Senior

o Senior residents go through 2 month blocks between being the hospital senior, dental school, and float senior similar to residents in year 5 of the integrated MD program
o Hospital senior is responsible for IV sedations in the outpatient clinic during the week, increased role in the operating room including primary assist, and placement of implants
o Dental school senior is responsible for IV sedations in the dental school outpatient clinic as well as implant treatment

o Take a third of back up call/month. Average 1 primary call every three weeks

Year 4: Chief


Chief residents rotate between attending/hospital teams in 2 month blocks. Each team has set attending where the assigned chief will treatment plan, primary assist in the OR, and follow up on operated patients
o Chief residents will have increased exposure to implant cases with increased complexity including all of 4-6, full mouth rehabilitation cases
o Residents are paid at a PGY 4 level with a chief stipend


Full Time Faculty
o Vincent B. Ziccardi, DDS, MD, FACS (Chair): Full scope OMFS, Nerve repair specialist, Cleft repair (Head of the craniofacial team), orthognathics, benign pathology, trauma, cosmetics

o Rabie Shanti, DMD, MD (Director): Fellowship trained in head and neck oncologic surgery/microvascular reconstruction at Louisiana State University Health Sciences (Shreveport). Oral Cancer, Oral Precancerous Lesions, Benign And Malignant Jaw Tumors, Salivary Gland Tumors, Osteoradionecrosis Of The Jaw, Medication Related Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw, And Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery. Rutgers OMFS alum.
o Hani Braidy DMD: Full scope OMFS, orthognathics, trauma, Benign pathology, Implants ( Along with Dr. Zweig runs the implant program)
o Barry Zweig, DDS: Head of the implant program at Rutgers, extensive experience in full scope OMFS
Salvatore Napoli DMD: Undergraduate clinic director of the dental school clinic, full scope OMFS
o Anayo Adachie, DMD, MD: Full scope OMFS, orthognathics (Posnick fellowship), benign pathology, trauma
o Chang min R Yim, DMD: trained in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and served honorably in the U.S. Army. Full scope practice
o Mostafa Alwakeel, DMD: Interested and devoted to evidenced based dentoalveolar procedures including bony and soft tissue augmentation

Part time Faculty
O In addition to staffing our predoctoral and resident clinics, many of our part time faculty bring OR cases to the program from their private offices covering the full scope of our specialty.
o Benefit of various perspectives from large range of faculty with many decades of practical private practice experience
o Dr. Shahid Aziz, DMD, MD, FACS :Full scope OMS Founder of Smile Bangladesh providing cleft surgery to the Bangladesh community twice per year bringing Rutgers senior and chief residents. Operates at University Hospital ~2 times/month, and residents attend participate with orthognathic cases at JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ weekly
o Pam Alberto, DMD
o Gerard Begley, DMD
o Mohammed Boukheir, DMD
o Emil Cappetta DMD
o Sung Cho DMD
o Husham Edani DMD
o Larry Gorzelnik DMD, MD
o Nancy Herbst DMD
o John Mullins DMD
o Victor Petriella DMD
o Hugo Quinones DMD
o Mohammed Rabah DMD
o Ignatius Scalia DMD
o David Serratelli DMD
o Imad Tamimi DMD
o Judith Tuchman DMD
o Marie Woke, DMD

Program Culture: 
Busy program with high expectations at all levels. There is a strong emphasis on didactic education and clinical learning. Residents are required to review past and current literature on all treatment that is rendered to patients. There is increasing advocacy and support for resident wellness.


Full scope with large volume for most procedures. Many orthognathic cases per year and total joint replacements. First hand nerve repair experience. >250-300 implants placed by the end of residency. Cosmetics (based on resident interest including rhinoplasty, rhytidectomies, injectables, blepharoplasties, fat transfer). Large volume of benign and malignant pathology cases with resections and reconstructions. University hospital is the only state run level 1 trauma center in New Jersey.

 Residents interested in continuing their training with a fellowship match from Rutgers OMFS. In the previous years, residents matched into their desired fellowships including microvascular with Dr. Ghali, orthognathic with Dr. Tucker, microvascular with Dr. B.J. Kim, and full body cosmetic fellowships

 Residents that graduate from Rutgers OMFS pursue fellowships and careers in both private practice and academics.

 All graduate residents in the past 10 years have passed the OMFS boards.


· Education Allowance: $1300 per year

· Meals: $25 per shift with an improved process to request meal money when your shift goes over 12 hours

· Orientation payment: 1 week in late June, $1300

· Chief Stipend: $3,400

· Extra on-call pay: $50 for each extra on-call shift. Here are the new amounts:

o 1st additional on-call duty: $200
o 2nd additional on-call duty: $300
o 3rd additional on-call duty: $350
o 4th and subsequent on-call duty: $400
· Leave: Expanded the definition of bereavement leave

· Mental health: A working group with CIR and Rutgers to discuss improving mental health care access for house staff

Thank you for reviewing the overview of the program. Again the best way for you to learn about the program and get a good feel for it and the residents and faculty is by doing an externship. If you plan to do an externship, please reach out to us via Instagram or program coordinator on recommendations for where to stay. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Feel free to get in contact with us via our Instagram page, or emailing our program coordinator Kisha ([email protected]) who can provide you with our contact information.

Rutgers OMFS Residents
How does Rutgers dual degree residents get paid a full PGY 2/3 salary while in med school? Very unique
Anyone interviewing with Jackson Miami this Saturday have any idea how this interview schedule works? It's very confusing to me
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Anyone interviewing with Jackson Miami this Saturday have any idea how this interview schedule works? It's very confusing to me

4 interviews. Each has its own zoom room. Then there's a social room to hang out in and talk to the residents. Youll be switching between all 5.
1. Henry Ford Hospital: In-Person - 10/19 & 10/20 - Email 8/15
2. Case Western: In-Person- 10/6 & 11/3- Email 9/6
3. UAB: In-Person- 10/16, 10/30, 11/14 - 9/7, 9/8
4. Indiana: In-Person - 11/3 & 11/6 - Phone 9/10 (multiple batches going out)
5. UCSF: In-Person - 11/3 - Email 9/14
6. Iowa: In-Person- 10/30 - Phone 9/15
7. UF Gainesville: In-Person 10/5, 10/26, 11/2 - Email 9/19
8. Michigan: Virtual - 11/07, 11/14 - Email 9/26
9. Vanderbilt (6 YR) - In Person: Dinner 11/17, Interview 11/18 - Email 9/27
(4 YR) - In person: Dinner 11/10, Interview 11/11 - Email 9/27
10. Carle Foundation: In-Person - 10/9, 10/31, 11/7 - Email 9/27
11. Denver Health: In-Person - 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5 - Email 9/29
12. UCSF Fresno: In-Person - 11/1 - Email 9/29
13. Kentucky: In-Person - 11/15, 11-17 - Email 10/2
14. Geisinger: Zoom (11/9, 11/10) with in-person luncheon & resident social (11/11) - Email 10/2
15. Mayo Clinic: In-Person - 10/26, 10/27 - Email 10/2
16. NYU (6 YR): In person - 11/07 - Email 10/3
17. UCLA: In Person - 10/30 - Phone 10/3
18. Rochester (4 YR): In-Person - 10/23, 10/30 - Email 10/3
19. Loyola: In-Person - 11/2, 11/3 - Email 10/3
20. Louisville: In-Person - 11/2, 11/7, 11/16 - Email 10/3
21. LSU Shreveport (6 YR): Virtual 10/23- Email 10/4
22. Cook County (both 4 & 6): In-person - 11/3, 11/6 - Email 10/4
23. University of Tennessee - Knox (6yr): In-person - 11/6 - Email 10/05
24. LSU Shreveport (4 YR): Virtual 10/23- Email 10/5
25. Maryland (6 YR): In person 11/14 (orientation 11/13) - email 10/6
26. UT Houston (6 YR) - In Person: 10/30 and 11/13. Virtual Option: 11/27 and 12/11. Email 10/6
27. UT Houston (4 YR) - In Person: 10/30 and 11/13. Virtual Option: 11/27 and 12/11. Email 10/6
28. Maryland (4 YR): In person 11/14 - email 10/7
29. Buffalo: In person 11/6- email 10/9, 10/12
30. Emory: In person 10/28, 11/19, 12/04 (med school virtual) - email 10/09, 10/10
31. Cornell: Virtual Interview 11/2 or 11/3 - email 10/9
32. USC (6-YR) In Person 11/17 - email 10/9
32. USC (4 YR) In Person 11/3 - email 10
33. Nebraska: In-Person - 10/30, 11/6 - Email 10/10
34. Emory (4-year): In person 10/28, 11/19, 12/04, 12/16 - email 10/10, 10/18
35. Cincinnati: In person 11/9, 11/10 - email 10/11
36. Lincoln Medical Center: In Person 11/16, 11/17 - email 10/11
37. UPenn: In person 11/9, 11/10- email 10/11
38. UF JAX: In-Person - 12/1 - email 10/12
39. Boston U (6 YR): In-Person social 11/15, interview 11/16 - email 10/12
40. Mount Sinai: In-person 11/6, 11/14, 11/16 - email 10/12
41. Boston U (4 YR): In-Person 11/9 - email 10/12
42. LSU NOLA (both 6 and 4): In-Person 10/25, 11/07 - phone call 10/12, email 10/13
43. Augusta: In-Person 11/1, 11/8 - Phone call 10/9, email 10/12
44. UIC (4 YR): In-person 11/13, 11/14 - email 10/13
45. UConn (6 YR): In-person 11/7, 11/14, 11/21 - email 10/13, 10/19
46. University of Tennessee - Memphis: In-person - 11/9, 11/13, 11/16, 11/17 - Email 10/16
47. Columbia: In-person - 11/29, 12/15 - Email 10/16
48. Zucker/Long Island Jewish (6 YR): Virtual - 10/30 - Email 10/16
49. Zucker/Long Island Jewish (4 YR): Virtual - 11/6 - Email 10/16
50. VCU: In-person 11/16, 11/17 (Social 11/16) - Email 10/17
51. Detroit Receiving: In-person 11/18 (Social 11/17) - Email 10/17
52. University of Washington: Virtual 10/31, 11/7 - Email 10/17
53. Tufts University: In-person 11/13 - Email 10/18
54. Tennessee, Memphis: In-person 11/9, 11/13, 11/16, 11/17 - Email 10/18
56. MGH: Virtual 11/3 & alternative dates - Email 10/18
57. Thomas Jefferson 11/28 and 11/30 - Email 10/18
58. Temple (6 YR): In-person 10/27 - Email 10/18
59. U of MN: In-person 11/16 - Email 10/18
60. Nova Southeastern (4 & 6 YR): In-person 12/8 - Email 10/19
61. NYMC: Virtual 11/8 - Email 10/19
62. Christiana Care: In-person 11/10, 11/17 - Email 10/19
63. Highland Hospital: In-person 11/16 - Email 10/20
64. Oklahoma: In-Person 11/18 - Email 10/23
65. One Brooklyn Health: In-person 12/18/23- Email 10/23
66. UNC: In-Person 11/17, 12/1 - Email 10/24
67. University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix: Virtual 11/6, 11/13, 12/04 - Email 10/24
68. Rutgers (unspecified) - In person - 11/29 - Email 10/25
69. OHSU: Virtual 12/7 - Email 10/26
70. Yale: In-Person 11/15 - Email 10/27
71. UMKC (6 YR): In-Person 12/6 - Email 10/28
72. University of Pittsburgh (4 yr & 6 yr): In Person 12/8 & 12/11 - Email 10/30
73. NYU (4 YR): In-Person 12/7 - Email 10/30
74. Ohio state: In-person 12/4 & 12/6 - Email 10/30
75. UCLA Harbor: In-person 11/7, 11/14, & 11/15 - Email 10/31
76. Montefiore: In-person 12/04, 12/05 - Email 11/01
77. Loma Linda: Virtual 11/13 - Email
78. Gundersen: In-person 12/8 - Email 11/2
79. Miami, Jackson: Virtual 11/18 - Email 11/1
80. Harlem: In person 12/7 & 12/8 - Email 11/3
81. Parkland/UT Southwestern: In person, 12/7 - Email 11/4
82. MUSC: In person, 12/4, 12/18 - Email 11/6
83. University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston: In person, 11/28, 12/7 - Email 11/2
84. UT San Antonio: In person, 12/15 - Email 11/2
85. Nassau: In person, 12/6 or 12/14 - Phone call 11/8
86. MedStar: Virtual, 12/9 - Phone call 11/9
87. Jackson Memorial Hospital: Virtual, 12/9 - Email 11/9
88. Texas A & M, 12/4 social 12/5 in person - email 11/13
89. Kings County, in person 12/4, 12/5, 12/7 - email 11/17
90. Howard, in person 12/15 interview- email 11/21
91. Temple (4yr), virtual 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 interview- email 11/22
92. Rochester General Hospital, in person 12/8 - email 11/28
93. Brooklyn Hospital, virtual 12/20 - phone call 12/13
Does anyone know if Christiana has a non-cat? It comes up on the PASS search but I don’t see any info on their website regarding an internship.
The wait is killing me. Happy Holidays everyone
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Anyone knows when programs usually certify their rank list from the time it opens to the deadline?
does anybody have any practice exams they can share? Thank you all
does anybody have any practice exams they can share? thank you
Good god dude you’re posting this everywhere. CBSE practice exams are available in abundance and extremely easy to access by googling “CBSE practice exams”.

Here I’ve done it for you:

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Hey everyone, I'm a resident representative from Geisinger OMFS and wanted to let everyone know that I'm available to answer any questions about our program. Additionally, we are currently taking applications for externships/observerships and have 4 available non-categorical internships for the upcoming year. Please see our post on the OMFS internships forum for additional information or reach out.

Good luck with the upcoming Match + any other remaining interviews, and congratulations getting to where you are now!
Anyone super anxious and nervous as hell?
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Question please; at what time the results are typically posted on the match day? Thank you
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Good luck to all tomorrow. Here’s your passed down right of passage bedtime story. Godspeed

“Twas the night before match day and all through the house
Not an applicant was sleeping, not even their spouse.
All the rank lists were numbered, submitted with care,
in the hopes that school "number one" soon would be theirs.

Hopefuls everywhere nestled snug in their beds,
while visions of third molars danced in their heads.
And me in my scrubs, i turned off the light,
and settled myself in for the world's longest night.

When from my iPhone there came such a clatter,
i sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the charger I ran in a dash; the screen came alive in a brilliant white flash.

The box on the screen blinked to notify me
It had just received an email that I needed to see.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a subject line saying omfs match finally here!

In a rush of adrenaline, my patience was gone.
I'm done with this waiting, let the match bring it on!
As true as sdn my confidence came, and I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

Now Parkland! Now, Vanderbilt! Now, San Antonio or UNC!
On, Baylor! On, UPenn! On, Florida or Kentucky!
To my life's next six years! Now don't make me wait!
Now bring it on! Tell me! Show me my fate!

As if in slow motion, the email opened up.
My eyes scanned the page, my fingers crossed for luck.
In confusion I searched, come on, what's the catch?
And then, in awful clarity, the words, "you did not match".

My body went limp, eyes rolled back in my head.
My life flashed before my eyes. I fell back on the bed.
My throat was closing in! My lungs found no air!
My hands clawed my throat, and ripped out my hair!

This just couldn't be right! Was my mind playing tricks?
Could I really go on? Add another year to six?!
What had I done wrong? What qualities did I lack?
I must run far away and never come back!

"No, no!" moaned my voice in an unearthly tone.
I was ruined, defeated... The match had won!
I writhed in my misery, sweat soaking my scrubs.
I pled for some assistance, some help from above!

I opened my eyes to a glimmer of light, the clock on my nightstand showing midnight.
I bolted up straight, and off the bed I fell.
Somehow I had slept-and dreamed myself into hell!

I gasped for a breath, I reached for my phone.
No new messages! The email from hades was gone!
I laugh in hysterics, I feel I could dance! My fate yet undecided! I have another chance!

The night is still young. Several hours remain,
enough for at least 10 more nightmares of the same.
My pulse starts to slow, my head is finally clear.
There's still 6 dreaded hours until match day is here!”
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Good luck everyone. If unfortunately you don't match and are interested in an internship then see below:

Lincoln Hospital is looking to fill a 1-year OMFS internship position with program start date of July 1st, although orientation may be a week or two sooner. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare candidates if they are applying or re-applying to OMFS residency next cycle or for candidates who wish to experience the full scope of the specialty and expand their knowledge. The interns will function as a PGY-1 OMFS resident, both in inpatient and outpatient settings. Lincoln Hospital is a level I trauma center and residents will be exposed to the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery i.e trauma, orthognathics, temporomandibular joint surgery, reconstructive and implant surgery, along with sedation and general anesthetic procedures.

Interested candidates should email CV and PASS application (if available) to [email protected]
Good luck to all applicants! If the match does not work out in your favor, please consider joining our team in Galveston, Texas!

UTMB OMFS has been approved for 2 non-categorical positions for the 2024-2025 academic year. We would like to extend an invitation to applicants seeking to strengthen their application for OMFS residency. We are a small, yet busy program with a low resident to faculty ratio that demands time in the OR even as a non-categorical intern. Duties involve taking primary call, covering faculty clinics, assisting in the OR, and daily administrative tasks. Will operate and function at a PGY-1 level resident. Please contact our Chair (Dr. Marwan [email protected]) and Program Director (Dr. Garcia [email protected]) to apply/interview for the position.

The following documentation is required for consideration:

  • Graduate of an ADA accredited dental school
  • CBSE score
  • Copy of dental school transcript
  • Current CV
Thank you, and good luck!
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The Ohio State University Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is accepting applicants for our one year noncategorical internship.

As an intern, you will be given the same responsibilities and opportunities as our first-year residents. The goal of the internship is to provide you with clinical and didactic experiences in the whole spectrum of the specialty.

Your clinical responsibilities will include outpatient services such as dentoalveolar, preprosthetic and implant therapy as well as conscious sedation training.

Exposure to inpatient hospital service is also provided in the fields of:

  • trauma
  • orthognathic surgery
  • treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders
  • reconstructive surgery
  • facial esthetic surgery
  • treatment of pathology
Interns are also required to participate in all conferences provided to our residents, including weekly seminars in the fields of oral pathology, anesthesia, dentofacial deformities, journal club and grand rounds.

To be considered for an OMFS internship, please email the following documents to Dr. Courtney Jatana at [email protected]. All documents should be in PDF format.

  • CV - Include GPA and class rank
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • CBSE Score (Mandatory)
  • Personal Statement
Non-Categorical Internship Positions (Non-Categorical PGY-1) available at The Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Starting as soon as possible.

Please note: Eligible candidates must have completed a 1-year GPR with valid certificate or have a valid NY state dental license prior to starting.

The Brooklyn Hospital OMFS program is an accredited 4-year OMFS Program in Brooklyn, New York. We practice broad scope OMFS and offer our residents the opportunity to serve patients in an exciting and highly diverse environment. We participate in the Match and offer 3 categorical positions each year. We are looking for hard-working, self-motivated and passionate individuals to join our team this upcoming 2023-2024 year. Time off will be granted for any interviews in addition to your vacation.

Primary responsibilities will include the following:
1. Dentoalveolar surgery, IV sedation, implant placements in an outpatient setting
2. Participation in the call schedule, responding to consults for maxillofacial trauma, oro-facial infections, and additional emergent conditions
3. Pre/peri/postoperative management in the in-patient setting
4. Operating Room 1st assist one-on-one on OR cases with chief resident

Educational opportunities provided by the internship program will include:

1) Weekly didactic lectures covering the entire scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery
2) Participation in weekly Grand Rounds
3) An introductory History and Physical course
4) Exposure to the management of oral and maxillofacial surgery disease and deformities in the operating room setting

Interns will receive the salary and benefits of a categorical PGY resident, depending on years of experience (Ex: If you finished 1yr of GPR, you will start as PGY-2 salary level). Our salary and benefits are very competitive compared to other programs nationwide.

Further information about the program and its history can be found at:

Dentistry/Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Programs

Harry Dym, DDSChair of Dentistry/Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and Program Director, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program


The following documentation is required for consideration:
1) Graduate of a ADA accredited dental school
2) 2 letters of recommendation
 (at least 1 of whom is an Oral Surgeon)
3) CBSE score (if taken, not a requirement)
4) Dental school transcripts
5) Current CV
6) Valid certificate of GPR completion or NYS license

If you applied this previous cycle, please forward us your completed PASS application via email.
If you did not apply this cycle, please forward the above documentation via email.

If you are interested, please email required documents or any question/inquiry to the following email:
Brooklyn[email protected]

On behalf of:

Harry Dym, DDS, FACS
Chairman and Program Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
The Brooklyn Medical Center
Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
155 Ashland Plc, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Applicants who are selected for interviews will be notified through email. We may request additional documents if necessary.

Note: Our program's location is perfect, in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn and surrounded by a nice beautiful neighborhood with amazing restaurants. We love it here

Thanks and good luck!
Hey everyone good luck with match today!

If you hear about any programs looking for a PGY2/3 level resident for July please let me know. Currently applying to transfer positions, and any leads are appreciated.

Thanks again and good luck everyone!
Can someone plz post unmatched spots!
- curious non-applicant for this cycle
Program matched at:
International Student (yes/no):
NBME scores:
Class Ranking/Size:
Programs Applied to/Interview Invites/Interviews attended/Programs Ranked:
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Program matched at: University of Rochester 4 yr.
International Student (yes/no): no
NBME scores: 73
Class Ranking/Size: top 5% Univ. of Michigan SOD class of 2018
Externship(s)/where: U of Minnesota, Arizona-Banner Health
Research: Undergrad wet lab only with one publication, nothing significant in dental school
Extracurriculars: class leadership positions for all four years, oral surgery elective program in dental school, member of various orgs like ASDA and OKU, worked in public health for 5 years after graduating and spent the last year and a half shadowing an omfs group and taking call with them
Programs Applied to/Interview Invites/Interviews attended/Programs Ranked: 27/6/6/6 and matched to my #1

I'm a nontraditional applicant so if anyone is looking to go back after being out for a couple of years then don't hesitate to reach out!
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I have a quick question, if you used different name throughout the interview trail than the name that you uploaded on the match app, does that affect your match?
Quick question:
Is it truly uncommon to secure a post-match position for an OMFS resident, only internship opportunities available?
Can someone please post what spots are unmatched? Thank you in advance!
Quick question:
Is it truly uncommon to secure a post-match position for an OMFS resident, only internship opportunities available?
It happens but it is difficult…there are usually only a few spots (most years 1-3 spots) that go unfilled. There are a lot of folks scrambling vying for those spots.
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Texas A&M School of Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department is now accepting applications for Non-Cat Interns. Please contact Kelly Schmidt (Program Coordinator) if you are interested. [email protected]