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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by xaelia, Nov 21, 2002.

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    Since we're getting a lot of admissions responses back, and we're probably getting more waitlists and hold lists than we are acceptances, I figured we could make a thread where anyone who had any information on the historical size of the waiting lists at any school, how many people they generally accept off it, whether it's ranked, etc.

    Just another resource for the paranoid to add some kind of straw-like numbers to grasp at when defining themselves and their chances. :rolleyes:

    For instance, I'm on the waiting list at Vanderbilt...I've read they expect to put about 300 on it and that its not ranked; does anyone have an idea how many acceptances they usually go to the waitlist for?
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    Katie (at Tufts) put together a great thread on this categorizing schools into amount of waitlist movement. It was on page one maybe 2 weeks ago. Do a search.
  3. you would be correct seaworthc, and I bumped up that thread for you guys and any other interested parties.:) thanks for your kind words and for trusting my somewhat reliable information. Unfortunately, xaelia, I don't really have any info on Vanderbilt for you on that list. I remember there was a guy named "legend" on here who was accepted off Vandy's WL last year, so you could look him up and PM him to see what info he has for you. In my experience, having come off an unranked waitlist, there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting pulled off the WL. If your stats are on or around the school's averages, and you write letters/e-mail to show your interest and add any relevant new information, the admissions committee will pay attention. If they are your first choice, let them know that too. But, I wouldn't recommend doing this now since they will not go to their waitlist until May (usually). Once you are on a ranked waitlist like SLU, there is very little you can do to expedite an acceptance. Fortunately, SLU has a good deal of WL movement continuing into July (they were the first school to accept me). good luck, and please add any info to this thread or "my" thread that you think might be valuable. :cool:

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