Opinion on my ECs, weak or good?

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Oct 13, 2016
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I'm hoping someone could give me some feedback on the ECs I have done up to this point. I have felt as if I had good ECs, but recently I've begun worrying I am missing some important stuff and wanted to know before its too late. I am planning on applying this next cycle in June, so if there are any recommendations or tips anyone has I would really appreciate it.

Medical Related Volunteering:
  • Approx. 150 hrs of volunteering in a hopsital - multiple wings of the hospital, wide variety of fields (Ortho wing, Cardiac wing etc.)
  • 40 hrs of volunteering in nursing home rehabilitation center - working with patients and physical/occupational therapists in patient rehabilitation.
  • 50 hrs of volunteering in optometrist office - giving eye exams, using some of the machines.
Non-Medical Related Volunteering:
  • Approx 100 hrs of volunteering at a food kitchen which serves dinners/provides clothing to underprivileged people in the city.
  • 12 hrs with M.D. Pediatrician
  • 12 hrs with M.D. Ophthalmologist
  • 20 hrs with M.D. Vascular Surgeon
  • 20 hrs with D.O. Vascular Surgeon
  • 8 hrs with D.O. Radiologist
  • Worked a summer as a Pharmacy Technician - filling prescriptions, dealing with insurance companies etc.
  • Worked at a camp ground the summer before Pharm Tech -I would run games and activities for the kids who were staying at the park, as well as maintaining the grounds at the park.
  • 1 research project through the SUNY STEM Passport Program (It was paid over the summer and pretty competitive)
  • Currently working on an Honors Thesis project funded by NYS through my college.
Awards and Recognitions (I dont know if this counts as ECs or not)
  • Deans List every semester
  • Multiple scholarships
  • Multiple awards through the Biology Department

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