1. WindmillChaser92

    AMCAS EC Writing Style

    Non-trad here with no undergrad pre-health advising office to ask these questions, so I apologize if it seems simple. What is the writing style admissions committees want to see for the 15 AMCAS Extra-curricular activities? Should they read like a more robust resume description, or should they...
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  4. Wayfinder

    Help me improve my EC's / Gap Year Work Question

    Hello SDN! Just looking for some feedback on my app's process, and job advice. Degree: Biomedical Sciences Graduated May 2018 local state university Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.81 MCAT Score: Test date April 2019 (Fingers Crossed! Just started studying.) Targeted Application Date: June...
  5. U

    What should I do to improve my app?

  6. M

    Consistency of ECs

    As I'm deciding what to do over the summer, I was wondering how important consistency and commitment towards your ECs are relative to doing a range of novel and diverse things. For example, let's say you have two choices for your summer: 1. Clinical AND non-clinical volunteering at the same 2...
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  8. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Update medical schools with change of plan?

    I was signed up to continue my fire education with a second class from September to November and I mentioned this in my AMCAS application and many of my secondaries for the "what're your plans" prompt. I've very luckily received 4 interviews as now. I couldn't schedule them so I wouldn't miss at...
  9. D

    High Stats/ lame EC's?? WAMC?

    MCAT: 522 GPA: 3.88s 3.88c White male. CA 1) Research 1200-ish hours with 3rd author pub 2) Hospital volunteer 300-ish hours 3) shadowing ER 60-ish hours 4) Teaching assistant 700-ish hours 5) some other misc camp counselor stuff... 6) really cool hobby 2000-ish hours Are my EC's too...
  10. M

    Classification of Volunteer Leadership

    Hi Everyone, I currently hold an unpaid leadership role within a rare disease non-profit (which I assume is "non-clinical" although medically-related). Without imparting too much information, my role is managerial and may help to provide previously unknown data related to this disease. To...
  11. J

    Tips on starting EC’s?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on sdn so please bare with me. I’m a 17 year old dual-enrolled student at my local college, this is my 2nd/3rd year of taking classes and I’m about half way done with my pre-req’s; I will have my AA when I graduate high school when I’m 18. I am pursuing a...
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  14. tomatobasil

    New to pre-dental... Help with app?

    Hi SDN, I have always been interested in dentistry from a young age, but allowed my family and undergrad advisor to bully me into being pre-med. I'm in my junior year and was forcing myself to shadow, be a medical scribe, etc. And I was just hating every second of it. All the time I felt so...
  15. I

    Will adcoms notice putting in many hours 2-3 months before applying? And does it look bad?

    I am planning to apply this cycle, and graduating this May, so I will be taking a gap year. I ended up doing the gap year because last year at this time, I came to the realization that my application wasn't where I wanted it to be as far as ECs, volunteering & shadowing hours, etc. So I took an...
  16. whosnisarg

    ECs during Undergrad

    Hey, guys! :) Starting my undergrad at Montclair State University (Major: Molecular Biology; Concentration: Medicine; Minor: Public Health) with the hopes of going to Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (I’m applying for their 7 year program my junior year to be more specific). I was wondering...
  17. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Very little college EC's.

    Hi there. I am set on getting into an MD program in the US. However, I believe my college EC's were sub-par. I went to a community college for years, and didn't really apply myself. I applied myself at my university after a mediocre semester and showed strong upward grade trends. My GPA upon...
  18. stayathomemom

    Old ECs, getting LOR from old college career/out of workforce, and physician shadowing for non-trads

    I have a few questions. My undergrad extended from 2001-2004. Would my ECs from way back when still "count"? They included: Volunteering in an ED National Residence Hall Honorary (Historian 1 year, President 1 year) Resident Assistant, 2 years (not sure if this is an EC or work experience)...
  19. W

    Confused about the sequence I should be completing my EC's

    Hey everyone, whenever I read med apps or chance me threads I always see people say stuff like: 50 hours clinical volunteering 100 hours volunteering non clinical 30 hours physician shadowing 6 months scribing etc., However, I'm very confused as a sophomore at the sequence I should be doing...
  20. S

    I need help deciding my major...

    I'm currently a freshman double majoring in Biochemistry (BA) and Music Performance (BM) and honestly I don't have any time at all to do anything, ever. I need more time because I commute (1.5hr commute one way) and I'm away from home roughly 14 hours a day, 3 times a week, and around 8-10 the...
  21. S

    Leadership Opportunities for Music/Biochem Major???

    I was thinking about providing private lessons (viola) to children from 4th~10th grade. I would be able to earn a lot more money in a short period of time (Seattle area students usually charge 45~50 dollars an hour, professionals charge 65~80), allowing for more time studying and volunteering...
  22. S


    I am a non-traditional freshman student entering my second quarter at UW-Seattle. (I was in a dual-enrollment program in high school) Currently a Music Performance (BM) and I DA'd into Biochem (BA); so I am a double major. Depending on how my GPA looks (mainly my sGPA) at the end of this year...
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  24. NeuroticButCute

    Do you need a contact for validating volunteer hours?

    I did a few years of volunteering in a hospital working closely with one particular supervisor, but took a year off from volunteering and when I returned to that hospital I was told the woman I worked with had gone to work for a different hospital. I have seen on several threads that AMCAS will...
  25. F

    Checkbox mentality

    *A long post... You might want to get a glass of Coke and popcorn to enjoy while reading this*:laugh: Hey fellow SDNers! I've recently spent a lot of time contemplating what new ECs I should start and I wanted to discuss it here with all of you! So here's my thing; I want to start something...
  26. bschaefer97

    How should I list this EC?

    Hi all, I recently developed a program at my university with the dean of the college I am in (a new minor) and was wondering how I should list this, or if I even should list it at all. Is this worth mentioning? If it matters, the program is a minor in a pre-medical related field (probably...
  27. J

    Which UK school consider ECs?

    Can someone tell me which graduate entry medical program in the UK considers ECs and one's academic CV? I am a Canadian currently studying in a Canadian university wanting to apply to UK med schools. I have e-mailed some schools and it seems that all of them only consider school/university...
  28. M

    semester + Gap year suggestions

    Hi all, I realized that if I wanted to I could graduate in 3.5 years. That is I can graduate in December if I wanted to and I currently have a 3.75 hoping to get that up to 3.8 in this coming semester. If I could graduate early do you guys think that it would be worth it given that I am pretty...
  29. papi_md

    Is volunteering as red cross first responder also considered a clincal experience?

    Hello sdn, Im planning to go to med school. Currently I work as an IT consultant and I hold a degree in physics. As I mostly read here in sdn, non trad students should get clinical experience regardless. I live in the philippines btw and would like to go to a US or even carribean med school...
  30. coramDeo

    EC Opportunity but not sure if Helpful

    Hello all, First time poster here, I posted a similar question to premeddit, but didn't really get helpful feed back so I figured I'd give it a chance here. I've recently been accepted a year-long program which I find is a tremendous opportunity, but not really sure if it'll be helpful for my...
  31. J

    Research vs. Extracurriculars for University Applications

    URGENT! I NEED TO CHOOSE CLASSES VERY SOON- please help:) I'm going into my junior year of high school. There is a class called Advanced Problems in Science where you spend the whole year working on and publishing an in-depth science project. Doing really well on your project can get you...
  32. K

    help!!! what do I do junior year

    Okay so I'm going to be a junior in the fall and am kind of nervous. if it matters I have a 3.74... Freshman year: worked in biochemistry lab Summer: did research at state medical center, poster, no publication 24 hours of volunteering at recreational therapy center for kids (I have been doing...
  33. bschaefer97

    Help me schedule my EC's/MCAT?

    Hi all, So.. I'll try to be nice and concise/organized with this...(but no promises)! I'm currently a Junior at a large state university. I plan on taking the MCAT in May 2018. My current plan is to take as many possible pre-MCAT courses as I can in the Fall 2017 semester (Cell Bio, Biochem...
  34. begoood95

    Long-Term EC Question (AMCAS)

    So when we're inputting the hours for our EC's in the AMCAS application, how would we describe something we've done for literally 17 years. In my case, I've practiced a certain martial art since I was about 4 years old, and began instructing at about 16; I'm 21 now, so I'll have 17 years total...
  35. H

    Help me pick and choose my EC's

    Sup Everyone? So I'm feeling super overwhelmed with everything going on right now and need help to break down what I need to focus on for med school. I am genuinely passionate about all of these, but I will be taking very aggressive courses this term and my premed advisor thinks I am taking on...
  36. R

    full time scribe or (legit) internship in Africa?

  37. D


    I have multiple volunteering experiences between 20-30 hours which are not really related. How would you post these in your application?
  38. pnwhmt

    ECs outside of campus?

    I live in a larger city but commute to a school in a nearby smaller city where I have a scholarship. I am a member of some clubs on campus and spent last summer doing research there, but generally I spend most of my time where I live in the larger city. My question is this: How do clubs outside...
  39. S

    What are decent ECs?

    Hey, So like the title says, what are considered decent extra curricula's? Whenever someone posts their stats (<<not sure if I used that right?) after gaining an interview invite, they usually give their GPA, DAT, state, and say that they have decent ECs...... so what exactly does the SDN...
  40. bioboy23

    MD Extra curriculars