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  1. caribuwu

    Are study abroad transcripts from non-US institutions seen by schools?

    Hi all! I'm studying abroad this semester in Denmark through a Danish program. I'm taking four high-level science classes (300-classes, highest tier at my home uni), but my home university only sees if I get above a C and lists it on my transcript as P/F, without factoring in grades to my GPA...
  2. B

    International Medical Aid Shadowing

    Hey all! I recently stumbled across the IMA website and I was wondering if anyone has heard about it/knows if it is legit. I have some shadowing experience in the US, but I wasn't able to go abroad in undergrad so I thought this might be a good way to do both abroad work and get some clinical...
  3. J

    Studying Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Just wanted to post this thread in the hopes that it might help someone out in the future. If you're looking to study Spanish abroad somewhere, I highly recommend the classes offered by the University of Guadalajara at their College of Spanish and Mexican Culture (CECM Colegio de Español y...
  4. D

    Study Abroad Credits - Do I include them at all?

    Looking at past study abroad threads, I didn't see this issue addressed... During my Junior year, I studied abroad via a 3rd party platform not directly affiliated with any US university. When returning, all of the classes were accepted by my home University, but appear as 'transfer' credits on...
  5. V

    Post-acceptance paperwork?

    I am thinking about studying abroad for Spanish in the summer before entering medical school, but my school says that since grades don't come out until late August, my diploma might come in October. On file it will also say that I will graduate college in Summer 2020, rather than June 2020. Will...
  6. D

    How much does a medical internship abroad help?

    If someone goes on a medical internship abroad in the summer for 1-2 months how would it be viewed by adcoms? A lot of people say it's just going to be shrugged off as tourism. However, what if the program entails doing more than just shadowing and you do more than explore the hot spots in...
  7. 1

    study abroad, 2 week program worth it

    Hey! just wanted to ask for advice- i got accepted to a 2 week study abroad program about global health and the opportunity to shadow docs in another country. I'd love to go but the program cost is around $5k. Do you think it's worth it? Will it help for med school apps?
  8. K

    Advice Needed

    I am in need of some advice, as the guidance system in my life isn't the best. I just finished my second year in a BS in biochem degree, and my current cGPA is 3.823 and my sGPA is 3.81. The problem comes in with my junior year. So, I know junior year is typically a lot of test prep, looking at...
  9. little_giant

    Taking SOCI/PSYC abroad

    My school does not require PSYC/SOCI classes for pre-med, but it does recommend that we take them, and I know many med schools also recommend this. I have no time to take any non-major classes anymore, so I cannot take either course at my US institution. However, I did take a health and...
  10. T

    Study Abroad Look Good?

  11. S

    Taking ORGO 1&2 at another university for the Summer?

    Hey everyone! Even though I've been stalking SDN for a significantly long time, this is my first post! Small tidbit about me: Sociology Major, Spanish Minor Sophomore at Top 50 Private University 3.6 Overall 3.4 Science GPA Black Female Due to my interest in my minor, I have formed my four...
  12. I

    Study Abroad while in Pharmacy School

    There are resources available at my pharmacy school, but they're limited. Can anyone share a program they participated in abroad - DURING pharmacy school? Internship preferable, but I want to see what my options are also. Thanks!
  13. N

    A word of caution to anyone considering the Cross-Continental MPH at NYU.

    I am in this program now, currently in Accra, Ghana. I gave up other more established programs to be here because I wanted the experience of living abroad for a year. However I believe I was severely misled about the program and want to warn anyone who is starting to think about their...
  14. K


  15. CUatthefinishline

    Exchange program =/= Study Abroad

    I just wanted to clarify if I should list this when schools ask about my activity in study abroad stuff. I participated in a student exchange program for one semester between my own undergrad and a much more distinguished one in the northeast. I've had some people call it a "study inbroad" or...
  16. M

    Study Abroad

    Did anyone study abroad and come back with terrible grades and are applying this cycle?
  17. E

    Studying Abroad Spring Semester + Interviews Feasible Or?

    I am a rising senior and have studied abroad in the summer, but never during a school year semester. My university recently released some incredible multiple country study abroad programs that I could see myself enjoying and would receive substantial funding for. However, I am applying this...
  18. kozmo1994

    Australian Med schools for American students

    Good evening I am an American citizen who just graduated with a BS in Health sciences and I am planning to apply for med schools in Australia. I want to live in Australia after graduating so I am not really concerned about practicing in the US. Med schools in the US are really expensive and...
  19. K

    Study Abroad AMCAS Confusion

    Okay so I've asked a wide variety of people (pre-health advisor, my university's study abroad office, AMCAS) and am still quite confused. I studied abroad in Fall 2015. I had to apply to my home university to be approved to then apply to my abroad program (Syracuse University). After studying...
  20. thisisatest1994

    Brunel or USC (entry-level masters)

    Hi all! I have been accepted into Brunel University in London and USC in the US. USC is a dream, of course, but it is also very expensive. I did receive a sizable scholarship, but it'll still leave me with about 130,000 in loans if I don't receive any other aid. USC is 2.5 years, and starts in...
  21. nembry

    please help me choose a school!!!!-- UT or UTD?

    I am a transfer student from a 2-year junior college. My goal is to attend Med School and become a doctor. So I was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin to study BS in Psychology. Later on, I received a letter inviting me into the Honors Humanities program that UT offers. It sounds...
  22. D

    Study abroad pre req question

    Looking for some input here. I am currently taking an equivalent of general physics 1 (of my school's 3 quarter general physics sequence) abroad. It will show up on my transcript as equivalent to my school's general physics 1 class (I got it pre approved) and I will have general physics 2 and 3...
  23. SashKoshOMGosh

    Should I put a special course I took for credit under the Experiences section of AACOMAS?

    I took a course on marine phycology because aside from medicine, I also am very interested in environmental science issues. I did receive credit for this course, but my transcripts obviously do not provide the full picture. I travelled to the Bahamas to do this course and actually worked out in...
  24. J

    Is it possible to study abroad the summer of application?

    (This is my first post so forgive me for any mistakes.) I've read through quite a few posts, but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I was wondering if it would be possible to easily submit my AMCAS app and all that good stuff while abroad in Ireland (from the end of May to the end of...
  25. S

    Study Abroad Before/After Getting into Med School?

    Hi everyone! I had a question about studying abroad. I'm currently a community college student, and am planning to apply to USC (I have pretty good chances of getting in; I have a 4.0 GPA and will have taken most required classes by the time I apply this fall). Assuming I get in, I'd like to...
  26. Threemethylcholanthrene

    Best use of gap year time? Thoughts/Concerns?

    Hi All, I wanted to ask what everyone thinks the best use of a gap year time would be. I recently just graduated ASU with a major in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell & Developmental) with a 3.58 cumulative. I think my sGPA is somewhere around 3.6 but I am not 100% sure. Currently I am...
  27. M

    2017-2018 Cycle? --> Good luck 2016 cycle!

    Hello everyone, First of all good luck on everyone's application this year. I would like to start to give a little background of myself and some questions I have. I just started my senior year but I am doing an internship abroad for a whole year. Basically, I am working with prevention...
  28. C

    Post Bacc Programs Abroad?

    I am a junior in undergrad and am hoping to get into DO school. I have some bad grades from previous semesters, no clinical experience, and very few extracurriculars since high school. Right now my chances to getting into DO school are slim to none. I am currently working on getting clinical and...
  29. R

    Paid Teaching English Abroad?

    Hi everyone! I'm really interesting in working abroad for a few months. I don't want to do medical-related work abroad simply because I feel as though I'm not qualified enough to do anything very significant. I would LOVE to do a program where you can teach English abroad for a...
  30. MrBoneless

    How to fill in retake that was study abroad?

    Hey guys, first post but I've been lurking about for a while and found lots of great advice here so far, I have kind of a unique question about my transcript. I received an A in an introductory theology class at my university in the US. Later on, I did study abroad in Peru, which had a...
  31. P

    2 week Study Abroad in Jan...Interfere with interviews?

    I am applying to PT school this summer of 2016 and am planning to take a 2 week study abroad from January 1st-12th for an English Composition class. Will this interfere with interview dates?
  32. F

    Semester long MD/PhD internships for Pre-med students

    Hey guys, I will be completing all my requirements for my B.S. in biology a semester early and I was wondering if anyone knows of any abroad (or U.S.) MD/PhD internships for Pre-med. I do have 3 years of research experience in computational biology but I am looking for more of a clinical...
  33. Alve24

    Going to medical school i china

    Hi, this is my second question here, but i wanted to hear some of the different perspectives on this. I'm friends with this kid who goes to my church and he is also majoring in biomedical sciences. I noticed his older brother was gone for a while and asked him what happened, he said his older...
  34. G

    Searchig for Europhian University with scholarship

    Hello I'm new out here ! need your help.I'm studying and living in Georgia and want to continue studying on Bachalor in European university( like in Poland,Latvia,England,Spain,Germany ect ),any of it which I can afford and which has English programs because English and Russian is the only...
  35. J

    Experience Abroad

    Hello everyone, I am a BS. in Biology Sophomore, and I live in NJ. I wanted to know any suggestions /advises from my fellow pre-vet students. I want to concentrate in wildlife/exotic but here is very rare to find a wide range of experience. This is why I was considering doing a semester abroad...
  36. F

    Research Opportunities Abroad Summer after M1

    So it's "strongly recommended" that you do research or something medical related during your last summer in medical school after your M1 year. I really want to travel abroad, and was hoping to scratch my wanderlust (sorry for using this really cliche word btw) itch and beef up my CV at the same...
  37. B

    mph/mha/ dental hygienist !?!

    hello, can anyone please suggest which course is better to study abroad after bds in india... mph/mha or dental hygienist?! also which country is better .... usa/canada/australia ?! and job outlook. i am really confused :(. please help !
  38. D

    Major & Study Abroad advice?

    So I'm planning the rest of my undergrad with my advisor and I'm pretty conflicted! My ultimate goal is to be a dentist and ideally start D school right after senior year. However, I'm also dying to study abroad and very passionate about Spanish and want to incorporate these things in my...
  39. K

    Community College Pre-Reqs and Shadowing

    So I have a kind of unique situation. I'm planning on applying for PT school in the summer/fall of this year. I currently have a 3.54 overall GPA with a Psychology major and a Chemistry minor, my GPA would be MUCH better if I hadn't done the chemistry minor but I began as pre-med so I needed the...
  40. C

    Continuous research in one place or a variety?

    I'm currently a sophomore doing my first semester of research. This summer I wanted to go to another state (personal/financial reasons) and hopefully find research to do there, as well as study for my MCAT . However, I am also planning on studying abroad the fall semester of my junior year. I...