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Jan 22, 2011
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Hey all,

I'm applying to Perio this summer 2016 to (hopefully) start in summer of 2017. There are lots of threads on here about residencies from '06 or '07 and I wanted to know some more current/up-to-date info about various perio residencies around the nation.

Which programs are heavy clinic-wise? I'd personally prefer lots of clinic time > research time. I've heard UAB, Baylor, San Antonio, Louisville, Washington, Oregon, Colorado are pretty strong clinically. Can anyone validate/deny this? Especially those who may have recently graduated or are currently attending these or similar residencies. Also, which programs are the more difficult ones to get into...

Please comment about your experience in residency, I don't want to apply blindly nor apply based on info that is 10 years old! Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!