1. A

    Step P/F - What does this mean for Class of 2023?

    I'm kind of freaking out right now. I go to a lower tier MD school, class of 2023. Knowing that Step is an equalizer for students that work their butts off, kill Step, even though they don't go to Harvard Med was really encouraging. Now I'm feeling like there's even more barriers in front of my...
  2. Drsoonenough

    Board exam results

    How many of you last year received prelim score of "pending review" actually got a passing score in june? I'm so nervous waiting for mid June for results...
  3. B

    nbde exams

    Hello. When I pass the NBDE exam can I do it again if I want better scores ? Or I should wait 5 years until the validity expires?
  4. P

    Pass/Fail Classes

    I was wondering if anyone knew vet schools' opinion on pass/fail classes. My advisor told me that taking one would not be an issue, but I am not sure about two. I took one last semester already and I want to take another one this semester since it is my last semester. Keep in mind that the class...
  5. 3

    Why is Kent State's most recent pass rate so much higher than before?

    The most recent published stat online is 81% pass rate for part 1 APMLE 2015-2017 with a 79% graduation rate. I saw somewhere on this form that 2019 pass rate is a 92%. What caused this huge spike? Are more people being held back in order to raise the stat or is the curriculum actually...
  6. D

    Would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades?

    Hi all, Here are my clinical grades: Surgery - HP Ob/Gyn - H Family Medicine - HP Outpatient Internal Medicine - P Psychiatry - HP Neurology - H Internal Medicine - H Pediatrics - H As the name of this thread says, would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades? i.e. when...
  7. P

    Putting the "trick" to rest

    There has been a lot of discussion on this board concerning the trick to find out if you passed exam prior to the release of the score report. Could people please post experience with the presence of a link to a new application and its association with a subsequent failure once the score Report...
  8. P

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass?

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass? It would help me a lot to know that other people had issues solving multiple cases and maybe ran out of time. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. P

    Step 3 question - help

    if cases end early but it doesn't say the patient is getting better but say a patient was scheduled for surgery and the program says that and ends the case, is that a good sign? If you run out of time on the case before the patient can improve but you put in the correct treatment regimen before...
  10. P

    Step 3 Day 1

    Step 3 Day 1- Day 2 in two days I am looking for someone to either let me know that I am like everyone else or if I did worse than I should have. Mostly looking for how people felt during their experience. To make a long story short...6 blocks. The first 2 blocks were very hard for some...
  11. D

    **2019 AEGD/GPR PASS/Interviews/Match/Non-Match**

    Thought I'd start an AEGD/GPR thread for the 2019 PASS cycle. Please feel free to post about any updates on invites, interviews or any application related info. Wish y'all the best!
  12. Captain Underplants

    How to view a non-waived evaluation in PASS?

    I think the title says it all, I ended up not waiving one of my evaluations in PASS, and now that it's submitted I can't see where to read/view the evaluation, anyone know where to find it? Thanks
  13. D

    Med school was going so well....until rotations. Advice?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the long post ahead, but I just wanted to post on here to vent as well as ask for some advice. I started clerkships 6 months ago, and things have really not been going to way that I had been hoping for. During preclinicals, I studied extremely hard and sailed through...
  14. Captain Underplants

    Regarding PEF in Pass Applications

    When a program lists a specific number of "PEFs" does this include the Dean's letter? which is the institution evaluation? Such as the one below: Thanks! Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF): The PEF is a traditional letter of evaluation. These evaluations are mandatory for every applicant. An...
  15. Captain Underplants

    Professional licensure in PASS application (for OMFS)

    Quick question, in the background info in PASS there is a section asking if I'm licensed to practice dentistry, as a student (senior graduating this year) do i still leave this as No since I obviously haven't received my license? Thanks
  16. G

    Apply to both GPR/OMFS in the same cycle?

    Hey guys! I'm a current 3DN, and I waited a bit too long to make up my mind about residencies. I always figured I'd fall back on an AEGD/GPR and just do general if I didn't decide on something. Recently I've been getting drawn in to OMFS and am seriously considering applying for a 4 year...
  17. T

    How to Pass Comp?

    Hey everyone! So I am soon going to be writing my comp exam for the second time in about a months time. Kinda stressing out. Last attempt I got a 59 and I need a 68 to pass. I thought I had studied a lot for the 1st attempt, but obviously was not enough. I was wondering if someone could give...
  18. A

    Step 2 CS permit disappeared- Does this mean i passed?

    Hello, Just wondering for my own anxiety's sake- 1) Has anyone had a Step exam where their scheduling permit disappeared (While the permit has NOT expired) and ended up FAILING? Thanks so much
  19. Expired Pharmacist

    Best Antibiotic lecture :: Naplex 2017

    Good Morning I am studying for the Naplex, I paid for the full Rxprep course, I found that the lectures on antibiotic is not really good, I kept looking on youtube, until I found this lecture, really easy to understand and remember. Feel free to post the videos that you find useful for the...
  20. A

    STEP 2 CS- Mistakes enough to fail?

    Hey everyone, Just wrote my Step 2 CS as a Canadian IMG studying in the UK and i made some mistakes that are giving me anxiety and i'm wondering if it is enough to possibly cause me to fail. - I auscultated the aortic and pulmonary valve for every patient, but i did not auscultate at the 5th...
  21. F

    Free (Giving away) $100 discount on Pass Machine

    $100 discount code on Pass Machine for boards prep for many, many specialities until end of July 2017. You can still use this code after July but it will only be $50 off. See here for a full list: https://www.thepassmachine.com/# My referral/discount code: AMB54953 Feel free to message me if...
  22. 56101991

    ADEA PASS: Is it possible to have two different letters of rec from the same professor?

    I'm applying to both GPRs and ENDO programs and want one professor to write separate LORs for each. PASS is not letting me request two letters from the same professor....any way around this?
  23. B

    PASS Machine Qbank for Basic Exam

    I've exhausted TrueLearn for the Basic Exam (remember most of the questions from when I took the ITE) so I was wondering if anyone else was using the PASS Machine Qbank. It seems more "basic" than TrueLearn at times but everyone says TrueLearn is the best (at least at my program). Am I wasting...
  24. step 1 2017

    Need A LOT of help for Step 1

    Hello. I am in dire need for help in passing step 1. I have studied for months to no avail. I cant even pass an NBME and I am getting terrible scores. I am at a point where I dont know what to do. This is getting very stressful and demoralizing. If there is anybody willing to tutor or help me...
  25. P

    Expecting CS score this Wed. 2/1 ??

    Eligibility document disappeared today (my eligibility would have lasted a number of months still). This does not have a bearing on pass/fail anymore from my understanding but DOES say scores are coming back this next week. Anyone else expecting? How are you feeling?
  26. S

    Letters of recommendation for specialty and GPR

    So I applied for a specialty and unfortunately did not get any interviews. I am currently applying for gpr's and was wondering if I should get new letters of recommendation. A couple of my letters were based on my specialty and don't know if it will affect my application to a gpr
  27. E

    NY MPJE- dr. Cutie notes 2016

    Selling Dr. Cuties Ny MPJE notes. They were very good! Definitely helped me pass. Didn't use anything else to study. Plus, I added 3 pages worth of questions and answers from my professor to them, and they are also EXTREMELY helpful in passing! Pm me if interested. Price negotiable.
  28. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Pass the USMLE and the COMLEX [Episode 172]

    The goal of this podcast is to help you get accepted to your top choice program. If that is medical school, one of your next steps will be preparing for the challenging USMLE or COMLEX exams. Today’s guest, Dr. Marcel Brus-Ramer, is joining us for a discussion about how to prepare for the USMLE...
  29. germindian123

    Periodontics Residency Application

  30. gucci

    Which Schools are P/F?

    Hi, I was wondering which schools are P/F, which are H/P/F, and which are grades. I know there have been lists before but I am aware this is something that is changing in schools and therefore some of the older threads are not entirely accurate. Is there anywhere to find this information out...
  31. B

    Orthodontic programs supplemental application stuff

    Does anyone know of any Ortho residency programs that don't require any or at least don't require much extra outside of the PASS application? I noticed 2 so far that don't seem to need anything aside from a 2x2 photo, but I was hoping someone might know of a few that don't have a lengthy...
  32. arindian470

    USMLE P.A.S.S Program Advice Updated

    Wanted to give you guys an update on P.A.S.S(pass) program. I noticed an older post on her about Pass from 2012 thought I should add my 2 cents to this. I went to a Caribbean medical school, I completed Pass program about a month back in order to study for the NMBE comp exam. My course offered a...
  33. P

    PhD/PsyD Cannot pass the EPPP :(

    I am reaching out to everyone and anyone after feeling extremely defeated. I have now taken the EPPP 4 times (yes you read that correctly) with no success. Let me start out by saying the first time I took the test was last March 2015, then August 2015, November 2015, and just today. Since last...
  34. F

    Free (Giving away) The Pass Machine $52 discount code/referral (code shown in post)

    Hello, If you need a $52 discount referral code for The Pass Machine (any specialty) just PM me and I'll send you the info need. It's not much but better than nothing! Good luck! EDIT: The code is AMB54953 which is entered into the coupon/discount code box when you input your payment
  35. ElleTori

    Naplex 2016, Taken end of February

    Just found out I passed the Naplex this morning!! :) Wanted to send out some encouraging words to everyone out there who is struggling through the material and let you know how I studied. Whether you have been out of the profession for some time or are currently graduating, it is possible to...
  36. acnelson13

    Perio Residencies

    Hey all, I'm applying to Perio this summer 2016 to (hopefully) start in summer of 2017. There are lots of threads on here about residencies from '06 or '07 and I wanted to know some more current/up-to-date info about various perio residencies around the nation. Which programs are heavy...
  37. N

    Which schools are NOT pass/fail?

    I know there's a thread for schools that are pass/fail, but what are the ones that are not (so I can try to avoid them lol) I'll start: University of Iowa (Honors, Near Honors, Pass, Fail) NYMC (Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail)
  38. L

    NBDE Study Materials - released exam questions

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - Previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in good condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  39. L

    NBDE study materials

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - Previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in good condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  40. U

    Advice on taking classes pass/fail?

    I have an economics course that I might get a B in and rather than have that affecting my GPA, I'd rather just make the course pass/fail. It is non-major and non-premed. I also have credit for the class from highschool, I just wanted to take the class to learn some economics. Can anyone give me...