1. V

    Interfolio Delivered My Letters to AMCAS for 3 times

    I submitted the letters from Interfolio to AMCAS in June. Then the schools received the letters on July 1st. But several days later, Interfolio submitted the same letters to AMCAS again on July 15th so the schools updated my letters (actually the same letters). What made me super confused is...
  2. T

    Using Interfolio for letters of rec

    I have been collecting my letters of rec on Interfolio and I plan to use that to submit the letters to AADSAS. I know it works by Interfolio generating a unique email address for every writer and you enter that in the place of the person's actual email address. My question is, by doing this...
  3. S

    Interfolio vs AACOMAS + AAMC

    Hey guys so I'm going to ask my teachers for letters when the application opens up (May). We're a small school so they won't have a hard time writing a letter for me. With that being said, if I am going to ask them in May, will it be useless to use interfolio? Also if I don't use interfolio...
  4. Punished Angeleno

    Letter of Recommendation Letterhead and Signature

    Hey everyone. So the general dentist I shadow just submitted my letter of recommendation on Interfolio and the website found that he did not include a letterhead or signature. Is this going to be a problem even though I already have his contact information in the "Experiences" section of my...
  5. A

    Interfolio Question

    I am storing all of my letters using Interfolio. I have all of them ready except two, and they are submitting to Interfolio around mid-July. I wanted to submit my primaries in early June. Can I still do this and submit my letters from Interfolio to AACOMAS later, even after I submit primaries...
  6. Justduckyy

    committee letter, a dentist letter, and an individual letter

    Is there any way to submit a committee letter, a dentist letter, and an individual letter? I unfortunately thought the committee letter counted as one slot on the evaluation page not three and my individual letter has already been written.... I had them upload it to inferfolio, but don't want...
  7. Z


  8. U

    Year-old unsealed letter...ask author for sealed resubmit?

    I have a strong, signed letter from a reputable person at a large healthcare related institution. Stupidly, when I asked for a letter of recommendation for my time interning under them in summer of 2016, I requested it as a signed letterhead pdf, and not as a sealed submission to a third party...
  9. A

    Confidentiality for LOR with Interfolio

    Hi, I am in the process of obtaining letters of recommendation. I thought to use Interfolio. However, is it alright if I don't select the confidentiality tab in Intefolio ("This request is for a confidential letter or evaluation.") because I want to be able to see the letters? I want to see...
  10. G

    PNWU DO 2017-2018 cycle

    Hello, I would truly appreciate it if someone could guide me about the letters of recommendation. In AACOMAS, you don't have to add letters of recommendation to submit it? I want to apply to this school, but I'm requesting letters via Interfolio. Does anyone know if the school would still review...
  11. Darth Revan93

    Help with Interfolio and AACOMAS

    Hello everyone! I have a little problem and maybe you guys and gals can help. So all of my letters of recommendation are confidential, except for my LoR from a family physician. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this physician does not have an email address, so he just mailed the letter to...
  12. HopefulDoc91

    LOR on official letter head & signed

    Does anyone know what schools are super strict about LOR being on official letter head and signed? My writers submitted their letters through Interfolio and I'm not sure if they wrote on letter head and signed them. Starting to freak out about having to reach out to all my writers and having...
  13. bunnybutt3000


    To use Interfolio on AACOMAS- We set up our account, can upload our CV and Personal Statement into our Interfolio account, and then we just submit the requests, right? And after we got them all together we submit it as an application to AACOMAS. Also, do I still need to add the letter writers...
  14. bunnybutt3000

    Interfolio- Am I doing this right?

    To use Interfolio on AMCAS- We set up our account, can upload our CV and Personal Statement into our Interfolio account, and then we just submit the requests, right? And after we got them all together we submit it as an application to AMCAS. Do the letter writers need a copy of the "Letter...
  15. HopefulDoc91

    Interfolio vs AACOMAS

    Are there any DO schools that do not accept LORs from interfolio? I'm trying to decide whether to use interfolio so I'll have my letters for future use if necessary, or just directly submitting them through AACOMAS. Thoughts?
  16. K

    Letters of Rec - Interfolio?

    Hello all, Just wanted to double check that Interfolio is the go to source for the exchange of letters of rec from our writers to AADSAS I've heard from many people that this is what they've used and it has seemed to work out great. I am all for it and don't mind spending the money one bit...
  17. B

    Uploading LOR

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is preferred to direct references to upload LOR to 3rd party like interfolio or directly to AACOMAS. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the two? Also, one of my references wants to upload the LOR sometime next week. If I choose the direct route, is it...
  18. Babbitt4MVP

    Interfolio AAMC ID and AMCAS ID

    I know this has been answered before, but those threads are old and I want to find out if anything has changed. With regards to LoR, in the 2017 AMCAS Instruction Manual it says: "In all cases, you must provide your letter author(s) with your AAMC ID and AMCAS Letter ID numbers to ensure that...
  19. Y

    Interfolio to AACOMAS/ AMCAS

    I asked LORs through interfolio. I was wondering if my professors first need to submit the letter to Interfolio, then only I can submit their interfolio email to my AACOMAS/ AMCAS application? Or can I just submit their interfolio emails to AACOMS/ AMCAS application before interfolio actually...
  20. P

    Letter of Recommendation for Secondaries

    Hey SDN. This question may seem painfully obvious but I have not found a clear cut answer to this so I'm hoping for some insight. I have submitted 6 letters of recommendation through AACOMAS for my primary application. All were sent via Interfolio. I have also submitted my secondaries for...
  21. M

    How much does interfolio cost (is my understanding correct)?

    So 19 to sign up. AACOMAS: 4 per letter - (and only need to send each letter once from Interfolio TO aacomas, regardless of how many schools you are applying to??????) AMCAS: $6 for first are free??? So assuming I have like 5 letters for each, I shouldn't have a total bill of...
  22. M

    Do i have to use interfolio for AACOMAS?

    Seems like there is a lot of confusion about it and it costs not a ton but a decent chunk of money? Is it worth it? It looked like AACOMAS also has the ability to send letters straight to them...? Thanks, very confused here so please help me! EDIT: Also applying to MD schools. Does...
  23. M

    How does interfolio work?

    Can i have several people write and submit letters just in case and THEN forward only some to amcas/acomas? Will this cost more? Can i forward letter to advisor at college to view without breaking rules? (I read this somewhere but it sounds a little fishy) Thanks in advance! -M4L
  24. O

    Trying to submit without LOR/Interfolio

    Hi all, Based on advice found here, I am attempting to submit my application today without my DAT & LORs. My DAT will be finished in July and I am anticipating a Committee Letter to be written in August. However, Interfolio has new directions that requires your letter be uploaded before you can...