1. B

    Will Organic be easier summer intensive at the local state college vs fall/spring at an Ivy?

    Background info: I'm hoping to go straight on to med school from undergrad, which means applying at the end of my junior year of college. I'm taking second semester inorganic chem and first semester Bio currently as a 2nd semester freshman. Got a 4.0 first semester, at a top Ivy. I'm a...
  2. Franzliszt1

    Will this make an Adcom roll their eyes?

    Dear SDN community, Hope you are all doing well. If I have to write about a time I failed (and how I responded), what is the general wisdom on writing about my organic chemistry course. I scored around a 55% and a 65% on my first two tests, didn't panic, turned it around, earned an A on the...
  3. chiralola

    Organic reactions

    So I’m a little confused, because there’s a ton of reactions in the Destroyer book (I made flash cards of all of them and it’s pretty thick) but on the Bootcamp tests I always see the same handful of reactions. Would you guys say it’s totally necessary to memorize all the reactions in Destroyer...
  4. manda4

    For Sale Cheap DAT Study Materials - ON SALE!

    These materials helped me study for the DAT and do well - I'm a D2 now :) DAT DESTROYERS/ODYSSEY: $70 EACH OBO! (shipping included) KAPLAN DAT: $20 individually or $10 with purchase of a destroyer DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great...
  5. D

    ACS Exam for Organic

    My Organic 2 class is taking the American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry standardized test for our final in a month. Has anyone else taken this exam? How did you study? Any tips?
  6. jg2021

    Tips on Surviving Organic Chem

    I have just finished my second semester of undergrad, hating gen chem all the way. I am more of a memorization person and the number of concepts frustrated me a bit. I'll be taking orgo, along with stats, microbio, genetics, and phys next year (split up over two semesters of course with a few...
  7. A

    E1 E2 Confusion?

    Hello everyone, Quick Q about the E1 vs E2 products, would appreciate some clarification! Do E1 and E2 products both use Zaitsev's rule to form the "most substituted" product? I am a bit confused, because I think that they do with the exception if a tertiary halide is attacked by a large...
  8. manda4

    For Sale DAT Destroyer, MATH Destroyer, Organic Chemistry Odyssey, and Kaplan For Sale

    These materials helped me study for the DAT! Now I'm a D2 and I realized these books can help another student out there. Private message me for pricing. DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting Organic Chemistry...
  9. L

    What is the fastest and most efficient way to study organic chem?

    I am feeling a bit discouraged with Organic Chem. Its been nearly 4 years since I've taken Orgo and I didn't do too great at it even back then. It is my worst science subject, probably because I only memorized things for short term gains. I watched Chad's videos but am still feeling a bit lost...
  10. R

    Organic Chemistry Lab Grade

    I took Organic Chemistry 1 this last semester (with the lab) and received a D in the lecture component and a C- in the lab. I am re-registered for the lecture, but am wondering if it is really necessary to re-take the lab. While I understand re-taking it and getting any grade above the C- would...
  11. P

    pcat without ochem

    hello, I wanted to know if organic chem 1 or organic chem 2 were tested heavily on the pcat? I have not taken the courses yet and want to know if I should wait and take the course if I will be able to learn some stuff on my own. I am familiar with some organic 1 topics but not the majority of...
  12. Isoval

    Where did the second 'o' in 'orgo' come from?

    Seriously, this makes no sense to somebody who calls it 'ochem'. Where ever did the second 'o' come from? Did you guys take orgonic omistry? :thinking:
  13. SciClin

    How important is the lab requirement for MD/PhD applicants?

    If I have 4+ years of experience in the lab (let's say ChemE), is organic lab really necessary? I will have also had 3 semesters of Bioengineering lab coursework too.
  14. shnarf9892

    TBR Organic Chemistry (2013) page 45 question #8

    I have attached photos of the passage, problem, and answer explanation in question. I was thinking it would be C, the unsubstituted alkene. I was okay with the explanation until it said that a lower heat of hydrogenation is found for choice D. Delta H for D is -26.4, while Delta H for option...
  15. nembry

    Anyone who thinks Organic Chem is easier than Genchem?

    I'm taking O chem 1 this Fall, just finished Genchem 2. are there any brave souls out there who seem to find more ease in O chem than they did in Gen chem?
  16. nembry

    Summer-- O Chem 1 w/ lab or Phys 1 w/ lab?

    Which would you guys advise that i take this summer? Organic Chem 1 with Lab or Physics 1 w/ lab? I will be taking them UTD and I attend UT Austin (which is very notorious for having difficult labs) during the regular semesters. Keep in mind I will also be working as a medical assistant 15-20...
  17. npag456

    Is Organic Ruining My Chances for Vet School? Do I Take The Fail or a W?

    I went to SUNY Oswego for 2 years as a Zoology major, and I have transferred to SUNY Stony Brook in Fall 2016. Since Stony Brook only accepts C and higher, my organic chemistry 2 grade did not get transferred over. So, as a result, I am retaking it and struggling very badly. Here are my chem...
  18. pnwhmt

    Biochemistry as a Substitute for Ochem II

    Thought I would share this here in case it's helpful to anyone: https://www.reddit.com/r/premed/comments/5xcgmv/a_nonexhaustive_list_of_schools_that_will_accept/ I feel that there is an overwhelming consensus that the second semester of organic chemistry is required for admission to most...
  19. 7

    Nucleophilicity: Polarizability vs Charge Distribution

    Hey! The TPR book I'm reading says that nucleophilicity increases as you move down within a group on the periodic table because it increases polarizability due to the negative charge being more prone to distortion around larger atoms. This make sense, but... I remember learning that having a...
  20. confidentandgood

    Organic Chemistry Exam Advice

  21. K

    What was the hardest prerequisite?

    Which science class did you get the worst grade in? Please vote using the poll.
  22. A

    MD/0D Math Skills??

    I just want to help people. I am in Pre Nursing because you don’t need advanced math skills, nursing dosage and you are done. I don’t want to be that nurse who regrets not going for their MD/DO, but if I know that my math skills won’t cut it or it’s too late to catch up on them, I can live with...
  23. JenTheNurse

    Pre-requisites from a Community College

    So a little back story I am American and my husband is Canadian, we're living in the states right now and I'm getting my undergraduate here in the states in nursing. transferring my nursing credentials up there is no issue, dealing with the visa process is no big deal (as well as something for...
  24. W

    Help me study by helping you study! Post questions here about content

    Hi I wanted to make this thread to see if people had content questions for the DAT. I usually learn best from teaching and was hoping people could ask me questions they have. That way, if I don't know the answer right away I can study it and reply, or further reinforce my knowledge! Shoot away...
  25. A

    Advice for O Chem?

  26. J

    DAT Breakdown! 22AA

    First off, before I get into the breakdown of my studying, I just want to thank everyone for their helpful posts and keeping this forum thriving and helpful for many! I took the DAT July 27th, I want to help people that were just like me, reading through the detailed breakdowns of others to see...
  27. A

    3 weeks until DAT

    Hi guys, I wanted to know what I should do in this situation. I have 3 weeks until DAT and my main focus has become the sciences, primarily the Chemistries. I have already gone through, Cliff bio book and will be done with the destroyer within the next 3 days . While I am doing Ok on Bio, it...
  28. S

    DAT Destroyer organic chemistry #67

    The question asks which reagents would be best to make isobutanol into isobutyl chloride. "SOCl2, Pyridine" was the correct answer. I chose an answer that included that along with HCl, but apparently HCl is wrong. The solution says that a shift would occur with HCl to give 2-chloro-2-methyl...
  29. moose786

    OCHEM #193 - 2016 Destroyer

    "Which halide will undergo SN2 reaction most readily?" I understand that all 4 choices suck, but I was between B & C when choosing the "most ready to undergo SN2". This is because I thought that even though tertiary halide is generally the worst scenario for SN2 to occur, you still get some of...
  30. M

    Organic Chemistry

    Hello everyone, So I know that I have to take two semesters of Ochem. I'm going abroad soon - but when I come back I have to do my capstone and complete some other hard courses. Personally, Organic Chemistry 1 - was really difficult, but I passed it. I have to take another semester of Organic...
  31. H

    How much ochem lab do I actually need for med school?

    I go to a school that's on the quarter system. This fall I went abroad and took three quarters worth of the organic chemistry lectures (a year of organic chemistry lecture) and one quarter of the corresponding lab. I am currently completing the second quarter of the corresponding lab. Had I not...
  32. P

    For Sale Dr.Collins PCAT 2016 update version for sale.

    Bought the Dr. Collins for the January PCAT. It really helped me get the 90 percentile from 40 percentile the last time. Just send me a message if your are interested. Thanks
  33. A

    DAT Learning Material

    Okay so I recently began studying for the DAT and plan on taking it Feb/March 2016. (haven't signed up yet). The books I have right now are: Cliff's AP Biology (PDF) DAT Destroyer '15 Math Destroyer '15. I have just gone over the biology section of DAT destroyer and have done 100 questions &...
  34. D

    Is the 2016 MCAT likely to include IR spectrum questions?

    I know that IR spectra questions did exist on the old MCAT, is it known if they're phasing it out at all?
  35. Possum737

    Estimated DAT score?

    So my DAT test date is 10 days away :dead: I have mostly been studying using DAT Bootcamp, Kaplan Blue Book and practice tests, Cliff's AP Bio, and Google for things that aren't clear. Just before I became serious about studying (about 2 months ago) I took a Kaplan practice Test and received an...