1. H

    AMCAS application - slight error. is this a big deal?

    So, I just submitted my AMCAS application yesterday but I realized after I made a mistake in my bio info. I put the wrong sex for one of my parents on accident. i immediately emailed AAMC but haven't heard back. on their website it says you can change DOB, sex, etc but does that include parents...
  2. D

    Is it too late for me to apply this application cycle (2021)?

    I haven't been the most diligent about apps and just started working on my primary app May 24th. This was mainly because I'm also currently studying for my MCAT (which I'm taking July 7th). In terms of apps I'm starting with a completely blank slate, meaning no LORs yet and need to write a...
  3. M

    Questions about Post-Bacc GPA and apps?

    Question about how MDs/DOs take into consideration Post-Bacc GPAs? A little background info on me, so in my undergrad I underperformed and ended up switching majors my sophomore year. Ended up scraping by but graduated. I ended up doing a Post-Bacc and did well. Undergrad Stats: Major-...
  4. akuko2

    APP procedures in Urology

    A recent episode of the AUA’s podcast Inside Tract (link below) mentions that APPs may be trained to perform cystoscopies, TRUS, prostate biopsies, and even vasectomies. Do you think that the expanded use of APPs in procedures would be a net benefit for urologist’s scope of practice and bottom...
  5. M


  6. D

    Should I retake the MCAT? 512 (127,128,128,129) and 3.42 cGPA, 3.20 sGPA

    Hello all, I recently took the MCAT for the first time and I am wondering if I should retake it/what are my chances of getting in? I got a 512 (127,128,128,129). My cGPA is 3.42 with a strong upward trend (3.14 first year, 3.83 last year) My sGPA is 3.20 with a strong upward trend (2.7 first...
  7. lodo.owl

    How bad is it, really? Past grief, multiple withdrawals, and stressing out.

    Hey all, kind of a long background story here but would absolutely love and appreciate any honest feedback and advice. Early 20s. Biracial female (African-American and French/Dutch). Currently I’m a sophomore at a state school. Started my freshman year with a 3.9, started scribing part time in...
  8. lodo.owl


  9. L

    Application process for AACOM

    I'm a first time applicant and have some questions about the AACOM application timeline. I was just wondering what are the steps to being verified? And what are the deadlines I am suppose to look out for? Because it seems a bit confusing to me. Another question is that I want to include my...
  10. B

    Free (Giving away) Giving away Peds Rap discount promo code Was given a code for $20 off. I have no use for it, thought I'd share. Should work multiple times.
  11. V

    Resources for keeping up medical knowledge while not practicing?

    Hello all! I am a recent vet grad from the US and have started a PhD program, so I am not currently practicing medicine. I am looking for resources to allow me to keep up my medical knowledge and maybe get a little bit of practice in. I went through the interactive cases on dvm360, which I...
  12. W

    Verification time

    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  13. B

    MD & DO Low stats, honest advice please.

    Hello, So I'm currently having a mental breakdown because I think I majorly screwed up my chances for med school. I graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and BS in Molecular & Cellular Biology. I graduated early, in 3 years instead of 4 (most people advised me to graduate rather than stay.) My...
  14. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  15. tomatobasil

    New to pre-dental... Help with app?

    Hi SDN, I have always been interested in dentistry from a young age, but allowed my family and undergrad advisor to bully me into being pre-med. I'm in my junior year and was forcing myself to shadow, be a medical scribe, etc. And I was just hating every second of it. All the time I felt so...
  16. P

    Seeking health professionals for part-time, web-based gigs

    We are an emerging wellness platform that provides people with all the resources they need to be healthy and stay healthy - when they want, how they want, where they want. Think Fiverr for health services. We are looking for entrepreneurial health professionals who are ready to embrace...
  17. C

    Which Smartphone Resource do you use?

    I am trying to get a feel for which smartphone resource I should use and why. Any answers would be very appreciated!
  18. shellsterpie

    Experience Section

    Hey guys! I had a couple questions pertaining to the experience section on the AADSAS. 1) For shadowing experiences, most of the shadowing I did were with local dentists for ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Would I put "per diem" or "temporary" for the status of my experience date? I...
  19. Jaboi

    Schools to remove off my list?

    Hey I'm re-applying to dental schools this cycle and wanted to apply to a ton of schools this time around just to be safe. I've got 21 schools that I was going to apply to but I feel like I should widdle it down a bit, don't wanna spend too much money applying. My GPA is 3.89 overall, sGPA 3.82...
  20. Y

    Figure 1: Medical app

    Hi! I'm a medical student and recently became an ambassador for the medical app Figure 1. The app lets doctors, nurses, medical students and other health care professionals share medical cases with the world. They often share knowledge, ask for help with treatment/diagnosis (you have to be a...
  21. O

    Advertisement Smart Optometry - smartphone/tablet app for eye care experts

    Hello everyone, I am sharing with you a project me and my team were working on for quite some time: Smart Optometry app for eye care professionals. It includes 16 (Android 15) eye tests with an interactive spin. They are not simply static tests from the paper put on the screen, but rather...
  22. P

    Counting mobile app recommendation?

    I don't want this to be considered spam or advertising because I don't favor any specific product and I'll remove it immediately if it is, but I'm truly interested in others opinions. Recently I was asked about any apps that would help with counting and helping with stretches. They were having...
  23. RogueBanana

    Why did you choose medicine?

    Just wanted to share my reasoning for choosing to become a doc with someone. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to critique my reasons/motivations? I'm going back thru my app and looking for red flags after my recent waitlist .
  24. libertyyne

    Do ADCOMS recognize students on here?

    D0 adcoms sometimes read an application go through the numbers and say wait, this is @libertyyne!! Does this end poorly or well for the applicant?
  25. N

    NYU Dental Questionnaire

    Anyone submit the NYU questionnaire a week after their 2 week deadline and still get invited for an interview? Completely forgot to submit it so I'm just wondering if it's still worth it! Any advice is good advice! Thanks
  26. C

    premed mobile app

    If you could make any app that would help with application process/interview/motive you, what kind of app would you create?
  27. M

    ??do pre-requisites expire for MD??

    Hi everyone! I am currently calling schools to obtain school specific information but 1. did anyone encounter pre-requisite "expiration dates"? Ex. courses must be completed 10 years from matriculation to medical school. I took my pre-reqs in 2009-2013 and I am applying in 2017. [My...
  28. R

    Good social media blocking apps?

    I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that disables Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to be able to access these apps during the evening, but not during the day while I should be studying. I'm sure everyone agrees that these apps are distracting, and like it or not, we are all a bit...
  29. rockatiel

    2021 Personal Statement Readers!

    There's a slight demand for PS readers that I'm sure will only increase. I know it's early, but threads can always be bumped :) I'll use the instructions from last year. DO NOT ERASE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! 1) Click "quote" on the most recent post. 2) Add your SDN screen name, your credentials, and...
  30. PikaMeowMeow

    App and MCAT Timing: June MCAT too late? (TX resident)

    Hey all! I've kind of run into a dilemma here for applying this upcoming application cycle--especially for TMDSAS. The dilemma: After weighing my options and commitments realistically this semester (I'm a college student) I'm planning to take the MCAT on June 18th so that I can have some extra...
  31. K

    Question about MCAT and then Applying to school HELP

    Hi everyone, So im a sophomore and im making plans for the future. As of now I plan on taking my MCAT next summer (The summer after my junior year) as well as applying to med school. The thing is I want to take most of the summer to study for my MCAT and take it sometime in July. I think the...
  32. R

    General Admissions & OTCAS Will applying to a school directly without OTCAS put me at a disadvantage?

    I am only applying to one school, so I didn't bother using OTCAS. The admissions office said it was okay... but now I am getting paranoid though that this will put me at a disadvantage.
  33. D

    Is anybody willing to read my BS/MD Essay (Penn State/Jefferson)

    Please let me know ASAP. I am a long time lurker and I know members of this forum will be able to critique my essay.
  34. Mr.SoloDolo

    Scripps Post Bacc 2016

    Hey everybody. Anybody apply or interview at Scripps this year? :welcome:
  35. C

    Looking for vet student(s) to partner, build app idea in the NYC area

    Looking for young, hungry vet student(s) interested in thought partnering an idea I have - great application/resume building experience. Some brief context: I'm in the process of working through an app idea related to veterinary home visits in the New York City area. I'm looking for student(s)...
  36. I

    HELP ?!?

    I really need some help on where I should apply. AMCAS INFO: BCPM GPA: 3.66 (freshman 2.73/sophmore 4.00/junior 4.00) AO GPA: 3.81 (freshman 3.67/sophmore 3.73/junior 4.00) MCAT INFO: Test date Aug 21, 2015 Overall Score: 508 - 77th Percentile (ChemPhys 126/CARS 127/Bio 130/PsychSoc 125)...
  37. meow+or_never

    Could missing pre-req grade be hurting app?

    I took Orgo II over the summer and got a B in lecture, A in lab. I also took an upper level bio w/ lab that I got a B+ in (in addition to 12 credit hours of electives, all A's). I submitted my AMCAS app well before these grades were official. Will not having Orgo 2 on my transcript hurt me? My...
  38. AppCribba

    Advertisement Cribba for iPhone and iPad

    Hello everybody! Let me introduce my iPhone and iPad app Cribba! It allows to make crib sheets (aka cheat sheets) and cram for exams. Yes, there are no miracles - you should create the cribs by yourself (though Cribba contains some examples). Anyway, learning big volume of knowledge will...