Jun 6, 2019
Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship

Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD

Duration: 1 year

Description: Under the direction of Dr. Shawn Kwatra, the Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship is interviewing for a position starting in March 2021 (starting date flexible). The fellow will engage in translational work, clinical trials, and epidemiologic research. Stipend available. Past trainees have matched into top dermatology programs and averaged 10-20 publications. This is a very productive research group with > 70 publications in past 2 years. Opportunities to participate in review articles/original research before starting fellowship also possible as well as for exceptionally motivated individuals not taking a year off. Strong mentorship provided to trainees on dermatology residency application process.

Eligibility: Opportunities available for U.S. medical students taking a year off only at this time. As the fellowship is very competitive and there are limited slots, students with prior experience with statistics/STATA/R/epidemiologic research with utilization of large datasets or willingness to learn and/or bench/translational research are preferred. Please send USMLE Step 1 score if available.

Availability: Starting March 1, 2021 (flexible start date)

Qualifications: Preference for individuals with a statistics/STATA/R/epidemiologic research or bench research, but not required. Also preference for strong writers as fellows will aid in manuscript, grant, and IRB writing.

Application process: Please email Dr. Kwatra at [email protected] with CV and provide USMLE Step 1 score if available.
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2+ Year Member
Feb 15, 2017
  1. Medical Student
I participated in this research fellowship last year and had an amazing experience! Dr. Kwatra is extremely nice and very prolific author in the field of dermatology. This fellowship is one of the best possible ways you could spend a year off to help build your application for dermatology. I would highly recommend.


7+ Year Member
Oct 24, 2013
  1. Resident [Any Field]
As a derm resident I'll be honest. The number of people who do a year of research prior to application is insane. Lots of these people take a year at least between med school and undergrad as well. So we are looking at minimal two extra years just to get to residency. Just crazy. Sometimes its more. Training period keeps becoming longer and longer.

At my current program, of the medical students who are applying to derm, about 80%+ take a research year. Nationally i believe its about 50%+.
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