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  2. A

    Publication/pmid article

    I have recently graduated from my internal medicine residency, however for our scholarly activity requirement our program has stated we need some sort of PMID article publication in order to complete residency. Mine has been delayed in acceptance and technically I don’t have a pmid article, but...
  3. M

    How to List In-Progress Review Articles?

    I am looking for input on if/how I should be listing an in-progress review article in AMCAS Work and Activities section, writing about it in secondaries, etc. Some info: I am 4th author of 8 I created all the figures, did some editing, and filled in holes wherever more information or further...
  4. m1234res

    ERAS: Is it appropriate to include unpublished case reports under Research Experience

    Since they are not published or submitted, but completed case reports, can I include them under the research experience with a brief description since I cant include them under the publication section?
  5. H

    [Research Opportunity in Dermatology] Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship

    Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD Duration: 1 year Description: Under the direction of Dr. Shawn Kwatra, the Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship is interviewing for a position starting in March 2021 (starting date flexible). The fellow will engage in...
  6. A

    Navigating authorship?

    I know that having a publication looks great when applying to med schools, so I've made this desire clear to my PI. He already turned down one of my ideas for a paper (which was to expand my independent research poster) and gave it to a grad student to publish instead. Fine, I get that there's a...
  7. S

    How to properly cite publication

    Hey, y'all. Incoming dumb question. I was fortunate enough to recently receive notice that a co-author manuscript of mine was accepted and subsequently published. I'm currently crafting updates for my schools. My main question pertains to the authorship portion of the citation. I am a fourth...
  8. S

    Pre-II Publication Update?

    Hi all, Just had a few quick questions about updating schools. I was fortunate enough to have a co-author publication be accepted and published at a mid-high impact journal today. I also have already attended two MD IIs, and have two more in the coming weeks. For those schools, should I wait...
  9. B

    LOR advice needed: Weird relationship with PI and supervisor

    Hi SDN. I'm stuck with my situation and would appreciate your help. Reasons I should ask for a letter from this research experience: Mid-author on late breaking abstract published in high impact journal and a couple conferences The research supervisor, who is a DNP, and the PI said they wanted...
  10. D

    Non medical research on residency application

    Hey guys and gals, Quick rundown: I did some research my junior year of undergrad investigating the efficacy of robotics in K-12 STEM education. My old PI just emailed me out of the blue and said they are publishing the study in a top STEM education journal and I am second author. Does anyone...
  11. I

    Could this possibly constitute research experience?

    I'm fairly certain it's a "no," but I thought I'd at least double-check. I had a summer internship at the state department of health laboratory, where myself and two other interns were responsible for overseeing mosquito and tick surveillance programs. Duties included processing, counting, and...
  12. DoctorOrdinary

    What do medical schools look for in "research experience?"

    I'm currently a junior at a state university and just started doing research with a graduate student in a faculty's lab. The research itself is based on marine organic chemistry and I had an easy time getting in due to my fish keeping hobby, but it looks like I will just be working on small...
  13. S

    Co-first author on a paper, can you switch order on CV and ERAS?

    If you co-first author a paper, but the journal lists your name second on the official publication despite indicating co-author status, is it ethical to switch the order of their listing to put your name first on your CV or ERAS application? Of course, I would still indicate co-first author...
  14. M

    Include a publication from High School in app?

    I have a paper that was published in High School through a research internship where I am the 5th author. How does the "avoid things from high school" rule in the work/activities section apply here? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. B

    How should I enter publication in prep into AMCAS?

    Hello, I am in a bit of a dilemma as I am expecting the paper that I have been working on with my postdoc for 1.5 years is probably going to be submitted for reviews in early to mid-June. I was obviously hoping to have it published by now as I will be a co-author, but now that it is in the...
  16. K

    how to classify this copyright/thing on AMCAS

    I worked with my professor and his PI to use software to build models that would then be 3d printed and used to teach various biochemical concepts. His project is NIH funded and obviously not yet complete. But the models I helped with have already been printed and are on the NIH 3d print...
  17. I

    Paid Opportunity for writing research paper

    Hi there, I am looking for a medical expert particularly in Orthopaedics speciality who can conduct a retrospective study on one of our shoulder prosthesis (implant) based on post-market data and submit it to one of the Orthopaedics journals. Thanks and look forward to hearing from the expert...
  18. C

    How impressive is getting paid/published for research?

    So I met the PI whose lab I'm going to start working in and he mentioned that he would definitely pay me and if I wanted to do an independent project later on we could definitely talk about that, and he would support me in maybe getting it into something like PLoS. So I was super excited to hear...
  19. F


    Hello everyone! I am trying to get some research experience. I was wondering how publications work? Are publications rare when applying to medical school? Are they commonplace? Is there any data stating how many students that apply to medical school have research and publications? Please let me...
  20. F

    What's the best way to go about getting involved in research for publications?

    So I'm currently a first year osteopathic med student, and I am really looking for ways to boost my CV. My school has no direct research facilities, but I am really determined on finding a project to work on, especially this summer. Any tips on who I should contact or if anyone knows any...
  21. H

    MD Chances? Will lots of research balance out little clinical experience?

  22. TheRealBatmanMD

    Hepatology Publication

    Hi everyone. I just published a paper in Hepatology. The impact factor of the journal seems to be pretty high. However, does anyone know how reputable this journal is or how well known it is among physicians. Thank you!
  23. F

    Do people update Rad Onc programs they applied to with new info ?

    I'm currently co-authoring a review paper with 2 attendings at my home institution about a novel immunotherapy for pediatric leukemia. Not quite related to Radiation Oncology, but I'm interested in immunotherapy as a cancer treatment and wanted to get involved in research or publication with it...
  24. M

    Didn't really include my publication in my AMCAS

    Hey everyone, So a bit of neuroticism. When I submitted my AMCAS, I didn't make a separate activity for my publications but instead listed them (without a link, just the title and author list) under the description of my research activity on my amcas. Is this possibly going to now get...
  25. R

    New pubs

    Any new interesting/practice changing publications (not abstracts) that you guys can think of besides the PACIFIC trial?
  26. hubbsbubbs

    Can I send this as an update?

    I just got word that my manuscript has been accepted by a journal! The editor sent me a list of revisions including the following message: " I have decided that your manuscript can be accepted for publication after you have carried out major revisions as suggested by the reviewer(s)." If a...
  27. ehwatsupdoc

    Updating Medical Schools: Publication

    So I understand that it is important to update schools about a publication that has been accepted or in press. I am 2nd author in a case report that is to be published online sometime this month. I already mentioned to the schools that it was accepted in the primary app. Is there any merit to...
  28. kaymellow

    Pending publication(s)..how to tell PI to hurry???

    Soooo I'll be an author of two publications, both of which my PI says are "in the works" but have yet to be submitted.... I am applying this cycle with SUPER BORDERLINE stats and pretty good ECs and would LOVEEE to be able to add at least one publication as an update during this cycle.. How do I...
  29. neuroace

    Do you want your name on my research paper?

    Hey guys, I'm a 2nd year Med student doing a research paper on the topic of "Contemporary Management of atypical ECG readings", and am looking for others to cover the left over sections of the paper in return to getting their name on it. This is a trending topic in Cardiology as atypical...
  30. Babbitt4MVP

    Citing an article accepted for publication (but not yet published)

    I am an author in an article that was recently accepted for publication. However, the date of publication is TBD right now. One of my secondaries asks for any updated info and I thought this would be a good one to add. Does anyone know how I can cite this accepted but unpublished article?
  31. G

    Possible publication!

    Hello! I worked in a lab for over a year and didn't like it so much due to the work environment (very high expectations). Anyway, the PI promised me a publication (I know it's a great opportunity!!). The person I worked most closely with under the PI also talked about writing the paper, which...
  32. Y

    Number of Research Experiences for Residency

    How many research experiences does the average medical student has when applying for residency? For example, I currently am writing an article with an ortho surgeon, which we are hoping to publish by october this year and will be presented as a poster as well in september. I am also working on...
  33. libertyyne

    Efficient way to get Publications

    What is the best way to get >5 publications in medical school short of doing a research year. Should I be looking for PI's that are prolific prior to doing research? Yes, and make your intentions clear to the PI. Pubmed searches would be the way to go. Any tips for finding the labs/PI that...
  34. A

    How do you get a first author publication in a reputable American medical journal?

    I'm a medical student new to research. Just wanted to know what kind of criteria they look for when publishing in an American medical journal. I heard having a first author publication is really good for residency (also heard it is very difficult). So just wanted to get a little information...
  35. PB&Jam

    Has anyone done a more "theoretical" research project/senior thesis?

    I am currently a senior in my college's honors program, and need to complete a thesis to graduate with honors. Until recently, I thought that I would be performing the usual "traditional" research project. In fact, I got a portion of it completed last semester. However, my PI is suddenly facing...
  36. E

    Question about placing Honors Program on VMCAS Application

    Hello. In my freshman year of undergrad, I applied to the Honors program at my school and was accepted. I stayed in the program for 2 years and then left (by not completing the requirements of enrolling in 2 honors courses per year because the honors courses were not related to my major and took...
  37. S

    Just to clarify about ERAS publication listings...

    Just to clarify about ERAS publication listings, if you had an abstract accepted to, say ATS 2016, and presented the poster yourself at the conference, this abstract is inputted as both "Poster Presentations" AND "Peer-reviewed Journal Article/Abstracts" on myERAS? I've read at the ERAS FAQs...
  38. A

    Already submitted secondaries, but just got published...

    So as the title shows, I was just published in a major journal which is incredible news. However, I had indicated on my AMCAS app that we had on submitted it (which was true at the time) and I have already submitted some secondaries to schools. I am wondering if there are some schools that do...
  39. B

    Update for publication

    I submitted my AMCAS on June 10th, and just found out today (June 14th) I had a first author paper accepted for publishing to a major journal. I didn't make any reference to this in my app, so how do I update schools on this? And how early is too early? I imagine I can do it mostly in...